Why Do You Need To Prioritise And Take Control Of Your Life?

What are your priorities? It doesn’t take much to figure out what’s important to you and where things fall on your priorities list.

When you were a teenager, your parents probably told you to get your priorities straight. School or university taught you to balance priorities between school and social life. While some people think they are prioritising, they are actually multitasking, which isn’t efficient.

As an adult, you already know that multitasking is a big lie and it doesn’t work. You start to see the big picture and you realise that chaos is not productive. As an adult, there are everyday things that need your attention like projects that are due in just a few days, office developments and last-minute changes before your work ends. Some other days, you may receive unexpected calls from clients, office mates, your boss, your mum, kids or your better half asking you to get a litre of milk before going home.

A sample weekly to-do list. Image credit: Get Organized Wizard

Every day at home and at work, there’s a constant stream of information, demands, updates and unexpected requests that you have to handle. You don’t even have any time to take a breather because you are overwhelmed by all the tasks that you need to do at home and at work.

How Can You Declutter Your Work And Home Life?

Multitasking is out of the equation.  Trying to manage everything at once as it presents itself is like controlling a battleship all by yourself. For everything to work and fall into their proper place, you need to prioritise. Why? Because prioritising will allow you to use time and energy in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Prioritising will help you focus on the most important task first, make better choices and decisions and get more work done. There will be less stress because you know everything is in order according to their importance and will be accomplished in time.

How To Be In Control And Manage Your Daily Life

In some cases, a priority is dictated by the situation, but knowing how to prioritise can help you gain control, help you know when to say “yes” and when to say a hard “no” to some request or tasks. These are the things that you can do to get control and to have balance between your work and family life.

1. Make A List

Write down the tasks that you need to do and rank them in order of importance or priority. You can divide these tasks as important/not important or urgent/not urgent. The important and urgent obviously should be listed first and the not important and not urgent can be placed last. Anything that falls between can be written in the middle.

A sample blank, free and interactive weekly to-do list. Image credit: Get Organized Wizard

A sample Weekly to-do list with entries on each hour on each day. Image credit: Get Organized Wizard

2. Evaluate The List and Know The Value of Each Listed Priority

Once you have categorised each item on the list based on importance, check the task that has the highest value and estimate the amount of time and energy needed to accomplish them. After that try to reset the order.

3. Expect Some Unexpected Things To Happen

There will be some unavoidable things that you need to do even if you’re in the middle of something importantAlthough this may seem unproductive, you have to be flexible to focus on another task that has greater potential; either work-related or home-related.

4. Not Everything Can Be Done

Your priority list should be realistic and you need to focus on the priorities that you must do and can complete in the shortest amount of time. You must also accept that some priorities cannot be done in the amount of time that you have set. You may have to extend the timeframe or totally abandon that project so that you can focus on other important things on your list.

Now, once you’ve made your priorities for the day, the week or for the month, you have to plan the steps that will lead you in the right direction. Focus and do not multitask or else, it will just derail your plans and put you out of control.

To get started with your priority and goal setting, click here to read more on how to download and use the free and interactive to-do lists for work and for home.

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