What’s Hot and What’s Not: The Latest Food and Catering Trends

Whether it’s a corporate, informal or family affair, you always need food and beverages! And if it’s an event that will be attended by a large number of people, there’s no other way to go but to look for able caterers.

In a world of competition where businesses and names are at stake, many catering companies are taking their ingenuity to new heights. This leads to more innovative way of catering events and of pleasing people.

In big events, say corporate ones, the menu, the arrangement of venue and other little tricks can make people remember said event. This is a great way to market a business.

Competition Spawns Innovative Tricks

Party organizers aren’t just look for the caterer that come up with the perfect menu, they’ll also be looking for that bang for their buck.

The trends we will be mentioning are new options that can spice up any event. They include blending of cultures, street and exotic foods, of fresh and healthy menus and even party variety tricks known to draw guests to the buffet tables.

The Top New Trends

#1 Hot Off the Grill

grillphoto: picjumbo

Grilling is one major way for caterers to cook. It’s a caterers primary cooking method.  This year, grilling will still be a trend.

#2 Dim Sum and Dumplings

dimsumphoto: chandramarson

Dim sum and Dumplings are now venerated in the catering world. These can be rolled out in cocktail party carts and are usually paired with sake shots. These two can be viable options for guests to pick from. Plus it adds a hint of uniqueness to the event.

These oriental inspired foods are very good for engagement parties and even bridal showers.

#3 Doughnut Bar

donut barphoto: huffingtonpost

There seems to be a new craze over doughnuts. For those who have a sweet tooth but don’t really feel like cake may find a bar of doughnuts arranged with different flavors and toppings to their liking.

If you think that doughnuts as part of the menu is only for simple parties then you’re wrong. Doughnuts can give you other options as well. You can serve them in much more formal events by making them fancy. It may include not so conventional ingredients like mango, almonds, good chocolate or coconut.

#4 Mini Foods

mini foodphoto: Waleed Alzuhair

Mini foods are definitely topping the new catering trends today. These miniaturized foods served in small portions are widely becoming a staple on most catering menus. It is good for any occasion; corporate, weddings and parties can choose to have this option.

Mini foods are a trend as well as a functional option. It can be good for stand-around parties. These can be carried around by someone who would like to roam and chat. You can make it available during cocktail hour when your guests want to mingle but you also want to feed your guests.

#5 Chocolate Fountains

choco fountainphoto: Micheal J

 Well chocolate fountains are never out of place at any event. It can spice up a wedding, it’s a fun addition to parties and it can be suited to a corporate event as well. There are several ways to revise this new trend.

One can have white chocolate or a very dark chocolate. For weddings and other parties, white chocolate can be personalized and turned into the wedding’s motif. It’s all about your ingenuity. Now after personalizing the chocolate, you can start to pair the right dippers to it.

The usual dippers for chocolate fondue are fresh fruits. Caterers can also provide dried fruits, cake pieces, marsh mallows, crackers, pretzels and cinnamon twists. Fresh baked breads are a viable option as well.

#6 Street Foods

12805395803_8fa7b60665_kphoto: Kurman

And not just ordinary street foods but street foods that are from around the world. It’s one of the hottest trends today and can be fused with all ethnic and exotic choices. Most common includes Churros, Tapas and many more.

These revised and remade street foods are a way to entice guests to have a taste of the world and to add a spice to ones event as well. These can be an addition to usual tiring menus served in most events.

#7 Gluten Free foods

freshphoto: picjumbo

There seems to be a fad for gluten-free food today. So to appease the needs of some of the guests, a gluten free food option on the table is a thoughtful gesture. There are many ways caterers can cater to the gluten-free need of guests, there are also many menus to experiment with.

#8 Mini Desserts

 Assorted Mini Thai Dessertphoto: Dennis Wong

So we have the miniaturized food above but it is fitting to include the mini desserts in a different point. These cute desserts may include bite sized desserts, mini wedding cakes and cute versions of the usual desserts.

#9 Fresh and Simple

foodiesfeed.com_DSC_0015-4-1300x866photo: picjumbo

As much as people love elaborate menus, everything still boils down to the freshness of food ingredients. Now the new trend is veering towards the fresh and simple yet tasty. More and more people are becoming aware of the health repercussions of eating unhealthy foods, fueling the need for a far healthier options in the buffet table.

This may include lighter condiments and leaner part of meats. Fresh vegetables grilled and skewered is an addition to this new trend, served with healthy options such as sweet potatoes and olive oil of course.

IMG_6387-1300x866photo: picjumbo

We mentioned the fresh and simple trend above. Now another trend in catering services includes seasonal and healthy salads fresh from the farm. Local ingredients and local produce is also big and may appeal to the clients. This is added whenever possible or whenever ingredients are available.

#11 Blend of Cultures

20140227-DSC_0465-1300x866photo: picjumbo

Many people are becoming daring and adventurous when it comes to pleasing their taste buds. Making your buffet table a hodgepodge of culture can be an altogether new experience among guests. According to chefs, these combinations can be a mix of Mexican, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese foods among others.

An example for this is a Quesadilla paired with Kimchi and Bolgogi. This variety blends up culture and food into an exciting combinations.

#12 Breakfast foods

14093349344_43c70f4421_zphoto: Tim reckman

Okay, so who says breakfast can’t be good for events? Breakfast foods can be re-made to belong to the event. These can be styled to look like they belong to a wedding, a birthday party or even anniversaries. There are lots of things that can be done with various breakfast menus like bacon, cheese sandwiches and blueberry pancakes. Ask caterers to get creative.

#13 Cheese Platters

7308583686_2edcdb38a5_zphoto: Andrea Goh

Many careers and event organizers now make sure that cheese platters are included in menus. It can be a separate table on your buffet complete with sides that will go with the various cheese platters.

Appetizers such as this that are easy to make can be made by chefs right in front of the guests themselves. Maybe a chef can prepare dim sum or sushi in front of your guests. This style has been around in some restaurants but can be incorporated in seated events.

#14 Mix and Match Beverage Bars

mojitophoto: picjumbo

Of course event organizers control this part of the party. You don’t want your guests dragged home drunk after a treat at your bar. A bar could include exotic offerings like ice cubes infused with ingredients like lemongrass or other leaves for blending. It may include non-alcoholic drinks and exotic teas and coffee.

A Filling Conclusion

A filling conclusion indeed. What we have seen are the perfect new trends which are very sought after at the moment. They are the tricks of today’s party world. Most of these are offered already by caterers. However, catering experts says that it’s more than menus and tricks that are needed to keep a party going.

Here’s a few small tips to check on (for clients) before the great event. What makes a good caterer?

  • Good cooking at large scale.
  • One who has regard for food safety.
  • With exceptional customer service.
  • Flexibility and creativity prior and during the time of the event.
  • One with good leadership.
  • One with real love for catering and an intrinsic motivation to serve and make people satisfied and happy with their service.
  • Has the knack for good financial planning and good business management.
  • Has attention to detail.

So there you go. With the tips outlined above and the new trends you can employ, are you ready for your next event?


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