What To Do with Unwanted Gifts after The Holidays

Everybody knows the unsettling moment when you have just unwrapped something you have never wanted while pretending that you always have. Hundreds of gifts will be given away and received during the holidays and nearly half of them will be unwanted.

We all have been there, whether you’re sitting around the Christmas tree with a forced smile when you were a kid and opening a present of furry granny slippers, or receiving a sweater that will never match any outfit you have or a toy that was out of season, 4 years ago.

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It’s easy to sound enthusiastic and happy, but inside, you secretly cringe and feeling disappointed. You’re left feeling underwhelmed by the experience but, you don’t have to despair because you have options to dispose of your unwanted gifts or probably get a refund without causing any offense. It doesn’t mean that you will literally throw them out, but there are probably people who will find value in them.

Below are some tips to help you deal with unwanted gifts.

Get A Refund

If you know where your gift was purchased, getting a refund is the first you can do. Legally, retailers are not obliged to offer refunds or exchange items just because you do not want them. However, most large retail stores have flexible return policies, specifically during the holidays.

To get your money back rather than an exchange or credit note, then you need to have the receipt. A receipt will also ensure that you will get the full value that the goods were sold for. Without any receipt, the current value will be a lot less or you will not get the refund at all.

If the relatives bought them even with a receipt, the credit will be back to their credit card, so it’s best to opt for an exchange.

Sell The Unwanted Items

Sell your unwanted gifts if you want to make money out of them and then buy something you really like. You can post it on eBay or Amazon, on Facebook, Instagram or twitter or any other social account that you have. There will be thousands of items posted by the end of Boxing Day.

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Regift your Unwanted Items

You can put your unwanted items in a cupboard with the rest of the other unwanted family gifts and save them to give to other people in the future. Some people may love it, just make sure not to give the gift back to the person who gave it to you in the first place.

Donate the Unwanted Items to Charity

Again, some people may need your unwanted items, and if you’re still in the jolly spirit, you can donate your unwanted presents to charity. Charity shops commonly see a significant increase in donations at this time of year.

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Find Another use for your Unwanted Items

You may not want to use your gift for the purpose it was given, but you can use it for something else instead. That unwanted mug can be used to hold your pens or paint brushes, or that floral shirt can be used for a kid’s dress-up or you can convert it into sleepwear.

Donate to Foodbanks and Clothesbanks

Homeless people and anyone struggling to afford a good Christmas badly need donations of unwanted food like tinned and dried goods. There are also a number of free clothing shops where you can donate clothes. Give any excess items that you know you will not need because there are people who really need them.

Swap The Items

There are hundreds of swapping websites where you can trade or swap unwanted items. You can also organize a swap meet with your friends and peers.

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These are just some ideas to help you take care of unwanted gifts. If you have other ideas, share them with us. Happy holidays and remember: it’s the thought that counts!


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