Top Instagrammable Places in Australia

Today, the millennials are equating the enjoyment level or success of their vacations and adventures into whether or not it can impact social media. The more “likes” it gets on the internet, the higher it is valued. Thus the term “instagramable” became a mainstream word used to describe the raddest, most luxurious, most awesome places or events that the whole world can appreciate (even envy) via Instagram.

In light of this, we present to you: Australia, the land down under and its most Instagramable places. Although all these locations are perfect on their own (minus the glorification from social media), the internet is a source that paves the way for vacation planning for people around the world.

Let’s get started:

Lord Howe Island, NSW

Lorde Howe Island is located in between Australia and New Zealand. It’s an oceanic island with volcanic origin and with dramatic scenery. It’s pristine beaches alone will make you want to stay there forever. It also offers a trek to the summit of Mount Gower. You can go swimming, diving, surfing and kayaking at this destination. And of course, you can snap a photo or two for your Instagram, that is if you have time to take some photos! For added information, it’s also included in the World Heritage list. From Sydney, it can be reached on a less than two hour flight.

LordHowe_crLouiseSoutherden_mainPhoto Credit: AustralianGeographic

Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is located in Northern South Australia and is the 13th largest lake in the world. What does it hold for tourists? There are many things you can do, including explore the lake and the places surrounding it.

NEO_lake_eyre_bigPhoto Credits: Wikipedia

Hamilton Island, QLD

Hamilton is part of the Whitsunday islands and is located in Queensland Australia. Again, this island boasts of pristine beaches and a tropical experience. You’ll want to pack your bags and head there right now. The island is a haven water activities but can be a serene getaway too. Check out the beautiful photos below.hamilton_top homePhoto Credits: ATN, Qualia

Painted Desert, South Australia

Snap a shot of this dessert and you’ll certainly pique everybody’s interest on Instagram. It’s also one amazing outback experience for the adventurers at heart. It boasts great sunrises and sunsets plus the gorgeously blended dessert colors. One word: breathtaking.

Painted_Desert_NationBuilder the-painted-desert_south-australia_9Photo Credit: NationBuilder, BlueSkyPhotograpy

 Kangaroo Island, SA

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island. It’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations and has been attracting more than 140, 000 visitors annually, both local and foreign. The island’s attractions include camping and trails, sand dunes in Little Sahara and beaches.

131779-kangaroo-island kangarooPhoto Credits: News, RedBubble

Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Kadaku National Park is a World Heritage-listed location. It’s most famous location is the Twin falls that tumble from 100 feet high. Check this photo and add this to the bucket list.

kakaduPhoto Credit: AustralianTraveller

Moreton Island, Qld

Located in Southeast Queensland, Moreton is called the The Gem of South East Queensland. It’s the third largest sand island in the world and is home to crystal clear lakes, lagoons, sand dunes and wildflowers. Plus you get to feed some wild dolphin here and go tobogganing in the sand dunes! sand-tobogganing-823 033dolphin01 Photo Credits: MoretonIslandHolidays, Australian Traveller

Daydream Island, Qld

What’s a more apt name for an island paradise than Daydream? This island is a part of the Whitsundays and is a small one. You can either go snorkel in the famed Great Barrier Reef or check out some Australian wildlife. Kangaroos, anyone?


Photo Credits: Whitsunday-Sailing, Francisco Martins

Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

The Katherine Gorge boasts of various gorges where an adventure may await for you. Tourists frequent the place for trail walks, cruising, paddling and swimming adventures. You can also explore the aboriginal rock art paintings which are a thousand year old.

katherine_gorge_kat_sur_u_Y0H5705CAS_540x304 ntc25Photo redit: TravelNT, Spiritland

Photo Credits: RottnestIsland, MArcRusso, GoPixPic

Flinders Island, Tas.

Flinders is located in Bass Strait and is a one of the most remote locations in Australia. It offers fishing tours and diving in its sapphire waters with abundant wildlife to spot.

1Photo Credit: FlindersIsland

Kata Tjutja, Northern Territory

Well here’s another one for your outback adventure, the awesome view of Kata Tjutja. You can hike around it and hold your breath for its spontaneous natural architecture. Here’s a small sample for you.

as 681x454Photo Credits: travelandtourworld, architecture

Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell beach is home to billions of tiny coquina bivalve shells. It’s certainly one unique destination that your Instagram followers will envy.

grid-cell-6700-1396409264-8grid-cell-6700-1396409262-3Photo Credits: grantmatthews, youngestchild

Jenolan Caves, NSW

The Jenolan caves can certainly pique your interest and heighten your visual sense. It’s Instagramable and certainly best for family or friend adventures.



New-South-Wales-Jenolan-CavesPhoto Credit: VisitNSW, TrolleyTours, TravelAllTogether

Fraser Island, Qld

Fraser Island is another World heritage-listed place. It stretches for 123 km in the southern coast of Queensland. It’s one place to embrace nature and to experience outstanding adventures. It’s the largest sand island in the world, home to complex sand dune systems and is a tourist favorite. Here’s a few of its inviting photos.


Regions_Fraser Island_2  mainbg2Photo Credits: MostBeautifulPlaces, NomadsFraserIsland, HireHut

Uluru, Northern Territory

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, has a rich red color but it has turned violet temporarily due to water fall in 2004. This great view is one of the most recognizable natural structures of Australia. Ayres Rock is part of the Kata Tjuta National Park.

capture-20141109-161607Photo Credit: hrisschoenbohm, apurdam, the_guenni via Buzzfeed

Whitsunday Islands

We’ve already mentioned a few of the islands that are part of Whitsunday’s. Since we can’t include all of them, here’s an overall feature of Whitsunday. This group of islands are a popular yachting destination and also sought for kayaking, sailing and powerboating adventures. Some of its islands have big resorts and hotels. All in all, there are 74 islands in the Whitsunday’s group.

2013.05.29. Whitsunday Islands - Segeltour 025 whitsunday-islands-whitehaven-beach Whitsunday-IslandsWHITSUNDAY ISLANDS SAILING ADVENTURE.jpg Photo Credits: andyschaible, houseoftravel, gloholiday, iaaam

So, have you made a decision about your next holiday? Why not plan one grand adventure and explore them all? These destinations we mentioned above are just a little taste of what Australia can offer. Meaning, more breathtaking and Instagramable places are still waiting to be explored. For now, you can opt for these pristine beaches, the outback adventures and the nature trek you would certainly be proud to broadcast all throughout your social networks. That is if you still have the time to snap pictures!


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