Top 23 Horror Movies for Halloween

We’ve all seen at least one horror movie flick that we couldn’t forget for the rest of the year. Since it’s Halloween today, it’s time to relive those screams!

Here at XenLife, we’ve compiled our top 23 favorite horror flicks. Maybe you’re up for a movie binge session, or maybe you can pick a favourite from this list to watch this Halloween.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

h08 house of 1000 corpses15Image Credit: MovieForums

House of 1000 Corpses is a movie about two couples kidnapped by a family on Halloween. You’ll be getting the right scare since its so timely! This one has gore as well as psychological scares to make you jump up from your seat.

Spoiler: there will be vivisecting, scalping, burning, mutilating and much more. I don’t relish in the scenes I mentioned, but this flick will surely make your Halloween this year one to remember.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

93112799Image credit: hdbitz

Aside from its crowd favorite cast, this movie seems to have captivated many with its supernatural scares and its killing plot. Yes, it’s scary but it also has a crime and fantasy side to it which makes it a lot more tolerable to watch and enjoy. Sleepy Hollow includes a couple of gross moments; a torture scene and a beheading.

Halloween (1978)

mike-myersImage credit: AIPT

This movie contains horror inflicted by a stalker-psycho-maniac. What appears to be another chilling factor in the movie is the maniac’s expressionless mask. Sometimes it’s more unnerving than blood and gore.

Changeling (1978)

The-Changeling-1980Image credit: Scare Tissue

1978 seems to be a good year for horror flicks with The Changeling and Halloween. The former is set in a haunted house (I know you’ve seen hundreds of haunted house plots but this one will keep you hearing creaking floarboards, wheelchair squeaks and your scream of course).

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

talwImage Credit: Modern Korean Cinema

If I want to avoid sleepless nights, I dtay far away from this Asian movie flick. This one will sit deep in your consciousness forever. This flick focuses on a family’s strange and unexplained past. Then some ghost appears out of nowhere, scaring you out of your wits. There are some very odd behaviors coming from characters of the film adding mystery and chill for us as viewers. In the end, you’ll be in for a rollercoaster of a twist.

The Omen (1976)

tumblr_mbv0udbAuH1r1er6oo1_500Image Credit: Journey In Classic Film

We can’t deny the fact that even old horror movies can still give us new and recurring chills. This film’s warning? Never adopt a child when you haven’t met this child’s parents or even seen their pictures. Damien, The Omen’s creepy child will give you the goosebumps. This one’s gory, the decapitation scenes will scare the daylight out of you.

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

 391Image Credit: JGCinema

Nightmare on Elm Street isn’t the goriest in this list, but it certainly is one of the scariest. I’m not watching this movie ever again! But if you’re looking for a good Halloween scare, best to watch it with friends and sleep with a group after. And be careful while you sleep; Freddy Krueger, with knives for fingernails, might appear in your dreams.

Saw (2004)

saw-2004--00Image Credit: Total Film

This movie and its succeeding parts have brought terror to everybody. I’ve tried to watch the movie and never finished it. There are so many horrible things that can happen to you, and Saw makes sure you can visualize them all.

The Ring (2002)

the-ring-samaraImage Credit: Movies Thriller Site

Whether it’s Ringu (the Japanese version) or The Ring that you watch, you’ll scream regardless. Ever heard of Sadako? It has become a popular household name. If you haven’t watched this one yet, maybe you should.

The Exorcist (1973)

exorcist2Image Credit: Reflection on film and Television

The child in this movie is so convincingly scary. The film talks of demons and exorcism of course. I advise you to watch it with a group with the lights on.

The Thing (1982)

ThingImage Credit: Millenium Point

The thing is, I just watched The Thing on cable two days ago. It offers a top fright and of course lots of scary moments. What added to the creepy feeling of this movie is the complete isolation of the group that is facing an invisible enemy. So, aside from the uncertainty in the midst of the sub-zero temperatures, there is still doubt as to who is a friend and who is an enemy. This one is a must see.

The Amityville Horror (1979)

the-amityville-horror-wallpapers_5Image Credit: Schmoeknow

There is nothing that can add to the scare-factor more than a movie that claims to be based on a true story. The movie retells the story of the Lutz family who lived in a mansion on Long Island. You’ve probably already guessed the house mentioned is the location of a brutal murder.

Pet Sematary (1989)

2010-03-05-pet_semataryImage Credit: HorrorHoneys

This one is based on the Stephen King book of the same title. The movie is about bringing pets (and even humans) back to life after death. The film shows some chilling scenes in the pet cemetery and is generally creepy. Well, you know how King novels are.

Poltergeist (1982)

1232975035020_fImage Credit: Fotolog

It’s another haunted house movie but it’s still worth the scare. Recommended among your friends and you’ll definitely get your Halloween movie fix out of this one.

Paranormal activity (2007)

paranormal-activity1-paranormal-activity-6-7-confirmedImage Credit: Movie Pilot

I must admit, I never watched the entire movie after hearing the story from my sister. I’ve watched a couple of scenes here and there and just plain skipped other scenes because all of my fears are bunched up in this movie. Shot by a single first-person camera, the movie certainly pays off for a scare in the end.

The Grudge (2004)

the-grudge-movie-rebootImage Credit: Screen Rant

Again, you might watch either the American or the Japanese version or check out both. This one packs a lot of good scare and story, and there’s a lot of stringing events that follow on from each other which will keep you guessing, giving you an uneasy feeling for the whole movie duration.

Evil Dead (1987)

bigEvilDeadImage Credit: Blastr

Again, some of our old movies still pack that new scare for the new generation. This one has the perfect combination of gore and humour. However, don’t be too calm after every humorous scene; the scares will come out of nowhere.

House (1986)

007_HouseImage Credit: ShadowLocked

Lesson from this movie: don’t live alone in a house you’ve just inherited from an aunt who commited suicide. There might be some strange creatures lurking in the crevices…

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Texas-Chainsaw3D-1Image Credit: SinfulCelluloid

There are a lot of movies that showcase psychological terror, but this one is on a level of its own. This movie is famous among its counterparts. We’re talking about chainsaws, meat hooks and Leatherface.

Panic Room (2002)

panicroomImage Credit: FIlm Journal

Unlike other movies on this list, Panic Room features no talk of ghosts or supernatural happenings, but the movie is worthy of a Halloween scare. Being hopeless and imprisoned adds to the fear factor of this flick.

The Conjuring (2013)

3221453-the_conjuring_movie-wideImage Credit: The Acid Skull

After watching this film, you’ll get a pretty good scare whenever you see dolls and music boxes. The story revolves around a house cursed by a witch. If you haven’t watched it yet, then I certainly won’t add any more details than that. Just watch it and get onto the bandwagon of Anabelle’s (although her story’s a side trip of the main story her) and Bathsheba’s scare victims.

The Shining (1980)

Shining-Nicholson_2381314bImage Credit: Telegraph

The Shining is another King novel-based movie. Well, if you know and follow King, then you”ll know that this one is Halloween worthy for its fright factors and maniacal madness.

Session 9 (2001)

SESSION9-003Image Credit: Death Rattle

This movie is set in a mental hospital! Did I mention it’s an abandoned mental hospital. This one will definitely satisfy your Halloween scare cravings.

There are certainly other horror flicks out there worthy of mention, so let us know of some more in the comments. Will you watch any of these movies today?



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