Top 10 Tech Trends for 2015

This year we will be leaving behind some of the tech advances of 2014 and looking forward to more enhanced tech experiences. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing hover boards…

Let’s check out the tech trends that will be dominating the tech landscape in 2015.

#1 IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Lots of things today, home appliances especially, are now connected to the internet. From your smart watch, to refrigerators, ovens, doors, thermostat, and washing machines, everything now is hyper connected. In 2015, these innovations will be heightened. Samsung CEO BK Yoon sees IoT as the next big thing. Coming from the world’s number one Smartphone manufacturer, this tech trend is really “ready to go”.

We featured this trend in one of our earlier posts, Internet of Things Going Crazy.

#2 3D Printing

3d printer
Image Credit: memespp

We’ve seen a lot of sceptic arguments going mainstream over 3D printing. However, it seems like everybody’s been taken by this trend. By 2015, we expect to see an improvement in the distribution of these printers across users for commercial and private use.

We are banking on HP’s goal of bringing 3D printing to the masses.

#3 Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage

Cloud computing isn’t new, but 2015 may see this enhanced trend taking away the burden of data storage from our smartphones and bringing it to the cloud. Gartner, a US based research and advisory firm on technology topics, points out cloud computing as one of the ten strategic technology trends of 2015 and probably for another few years to come.

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#4 Smart Machines

smart car

Televisions that can talk? In this decade, it will become a commonplace aspect in everyone’s household or workplaces. Gartner predicts this trend will empower the next industrial evolution of the world.

Unconvinced of its onset? Check out Google, Audi and Mercedes Benz self-driving cars.

#5 Advanced Analytics

Image credit:
Image credit:

Gartner describes this trend as advanced, pervasive, and invisible analytics. Analytics are become more advanced as Big Data becomes more popular. How will Big Data and Cloud become valuable to business owners and their clients? Through analytics of course! It’s through the sifting, segmenting, and grouping of data that makes these other technologies useful.

#6 Content Marketing and Personalisation

Content marketing

Just as technology becomes our way of life, content and personalisation becomes a key strategic marketing campaign for most businesses. Content Personalisation and Marketing personalisation as a whole is the easiest and the surest way to create a direct relationship with consumers. The employment of technology to “get to know” customers in order to deliver the best possible service and product is the core of tech trends in the field of digital marketing in 2015.

How does it work? To be able to deliver the best content that suits the needs of the customer, companies start to use Big Data, segmenting customers based on user information like age, location, gender, product viewed and interest and bring them suggestions next time they visit a site.

#7 Contactless service

Contactless payment service

Over the past few years, finance companies have been contemplating the use of the most mainstream medium today, mobile and internet, to handle all kinds of payments. Although mobile wallets have been present for years, the technology did not take off successfully due to many factors. But then came the contactless payment service.

The contactless payment service is deemed to be unhackable, high tech and easy to use. Apple recently launched its own take of the service through Apple pay which is said to be a big thing this year. Its rivals in the industry (such as HTC, Samsung, Google and LG) have already manufactured NFC-enabled devices in the past. Contactless service payments are also available from some credit cards.

One problem posed by this technology is the issue of security if a phone is stolen. So, could a thief swipe for unlimited purchases? No. There’s a limit to most purchase amounts to safeguard from thieves.

#8 Wearables and Phablets

wearable technology
Image Credit: Flickr

It seems that Apple came out on top with both of these tech trends in the last quarter of 2014. Launching its iWatch, the world has been on the lookout for its release date. It’s smart communication attached to your wrist. Another wearable expected to be updated in 2015 is the Google glass. Its first mass release was last May 2014; its updated version will be available this year. Google glass is a wearable that allows users to direct their unique internet experience through voice commands and let it appear in a corner of our field of vision.

Together with the iWatch, Apples iPhone 6 hit the market in frenzy. This was Apple’s phablet to rival current phablets in the market (Samsung, LG and HTC). A cross between a regular sized smartphone and a tablet, this technology seems to be taking up permanent residence in lots of pockets and purses.

Aside from these major players though, other wearables in the market include the Metawatch, Motorola Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch, Samsung Gear, Vuzix smartglasses, Nike fuelbands and Fitbit among others.

#9 Branded Content

branded content

Advertising and marketing came to be one of the things to watch out for in the digital and tech world. Branded content will be plaguing the advertising world and the internet to draw in customers. This trend is often labelled as sponsored advertising.

It can come embedded in reality shows, broadcasts and even news segments. Remember the most retweeted selfie of all time by Ellen Degeneres in 2014? Turns out it was a marketing stunt from Samsung Galaxy. So this year, there will be ads in everything including your favourite television series or in popular songs. Well, what can we say, strategic commerce will continue to become innovative in this all-digital world.

#10 Drones

Parrot AR drone. Image courtesy of

Mashable predicted drone wars to be a major tech trend for 2014, and it still is in 2015 since most of today’s trends have been carried over from last year’s innovations.

Drones are being used in many different industries today. Usually, they are for the improvement of processes and services, and to increase safety measures. Drones can be used as cameras for aerial shots, viewing fire and crime scenes, searching for missing people or troops and even sending in destructive armaments across borders.


2015 seems to have some big things in store for us and we are very happy to welcome these trends with arms wide open. What innovations are you most excited to see this year? Let us know in the comments!


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