Whenever a person gets drunk there are 3 things that can happen: 1. you go home and sleep it off, 2. you get too plastered and end up falling asleep anywhere and 3. you crave food. Why do people crave whenever they get drunk? One explanation involves alcohol’s attachment to the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain. When a person drinks alcohol, the neurotransmitter slows down and relaxes. This causes you to feel less guilty about chowing down on a whole pizza in one sitting. Another explanation involves the hypothalamus which controls hunger. When alcohol is ingested, the hypothalamus is triggered which will result in being hungry at a time when you usually wouldn’t feel hungry.

Almost everyone knows that having the munchies is not a healthy habit, but it can have some benefits. Whatever the reason for your munchies, this article will present some of the world’s best drunk foods. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

Image credit: www.feeldesain.com

Image credit: www.feeldesain.com

1. Pizza

Pizza is known all over the world and most countries have their own version. It originated in Italy and has since conquered the world and our tastebuds.

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

2. Fish and Chips

Nothing says United Kingdom like fish and chips. The crispy, large cut chips and the delicious cod with crispy beer batter will really hit the spot after hitting the pubs. Traditionally eaten with malt vinegar, other countries use tartar sauce or ketchup. But if you want the full on experience, eat it like the Brits do, served in a newspaper and soaked with vinegar.

3. Chuan’r

Grilled skewered meat is the choice of many Beijing locals.

4. Pastel

Deep fried? Check. Carbohydrates? Check. Something sweet? Check. This is Brazil’s number one midnight snack and is a favourite of drinkers all over the country. It’s usually sold at small stalls, and filled with savoury fillings like minced meat, mozzarella, cream cheese, chocolate or fruits.

5. Fried Chicken

It doesn’t matter if it’s KFC, home-made or just leftovers from dinner, fried chicken is still one of the best drunk munchies out there. You can pair it with a roll, mashed potatoes, fries or rice. Drown it with gravy and you’ll be in munchies heaven. Hooray for the USA!

Image credit: articles.latimes.com

Image credit: articles.latimes.com

6. Bhurji-pav

Mumbai’s favourite alcohol soaker and a drunk’s comfort food. It’s spiced scrambled egg and vegetables eaten with a pita or bread roll. Add a bowl of lentil soup and sour cream or yogurt to complete the meal.

7. Làngos

A simple deep-fried flatbread eaten with lots of grated cheese on top. It also tastes great with ham and sausages or jam and sugar. Best eaten while hot and when you’re hammered.

Image credits: www.globeholidays.net

Image credits: www.globeholidays.net

8. Philly Cheesesteak

Prepare yourself for Philadelphia’s contribution to the world. After a few drinks, enjoy these sirloin strips with provolone or cheez whiz. Cheesesteak is sure to soak your drunken crying episode at the bar.

9. Curry Wurst

In almost every part of Germany, the smell of fried sausages is wafting through the air. The sausages are first boiled and then fried. There are no special sauces except ketchup, curry powder and other spices. Add some fries and top with mayo for the ultimate drunk treat.

10. Tapsilog

Filipinos love rice. A meal is not complete without it, even after downing several cases of San Miguel beer. The last stop on a night out before going home is to have a serving of tapsilog. Garlic fried rice, fried cured beef strips, fried eggs and pickled papaya will definitely soak up all the alcohol.

11. Churros con Chocolate

Spanish dinner starts late. They usually have their dinner at around 10 pm and hit the bars after 11pm. One of the great drunk foods they enjoy is churros. This delectable snack can be eaten any time of the day, but its delicious level goes up 10 times when you’ve got the munchies after a few drinks. Dunk the fried bread into the melted chocolate and enjoy the taste of heaven!

12. Papa Rellena

Miami is famous for beaches and beautiful ladies, but these deep fried potato balls with minced meat will surely hit the spot after spending the night club hopping.

Image credit: www.foodspotting.com

Image credit: www.foodspotting.com

13. Kebab Pizza

Sweden is famous for Volvo, ABBA and IKEA, but the Swedes have another treasure up their drunken sleeves: kebab pizza! You can eat it as is or you can roll it into a huge kebab.

14. Meat Pie

An iconic snack in Australia and New Zealand, the meat pie is a good way to finishing up a night of boozing with friends. Minced meat with mushroom, onions, gravy and other fillings makes it a work of art ready to enjoy.

15. Poutine

Poutine is a Quebec original and this popular Canadian dish is a drunk fantasy made into reality. Cheese curds and fries smothered with brown gravy is the basic combination, but there are different versions with bacon or pulled pork. It’s so beautiful, you’ll want to bury your face in a plate of poutine.

Image credit: poutinewar.com

Image credit: poutinewar.com

These are just some of the favourites! Share your favourite drunk food with the world and remember to drink responsibly.

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