The 24-pound Brown Trout Caught By A Khancoban Local

Australia is known for some big things, either living or not. The country is not like Texas, having the biggest servings of food in the United States. Australia is about having the biggest objects and living animals found on the planet.

The cassowary, the great white sharks, red kangaroo, common wombats and salt water crocodiles are some of the biggest animals found in Australia. Also, the country boasts the “Big Things”. Australia’s Big Things are loosely related set of large structures, most of which are novelty structures, architectures, and sculptures. It’s estimated that there are about 150 such structures around Australia and have become a cult phenomenon.

Now adding to Australia’s biggest is a Brown Trout that was caught in the town of Khancoban, a small town in Snowy Valleys Council, New South Wales. A townie, Cale Browne caught the 24 pounds and 90-centimeter Brown Trout when he went fishing at around 4:30 am. Mr. Browne used a hand-tied fly and a 6-pound tippet on a 5-weight rod and took him an hour to finally catch the giant fish.

Image credit: Mrs Browne

Mr. Browne said that the fish was too big for his net but was able to grab the fish by the tail wrist. After fighting the fish for an hour,  there is no way that he could have released the fish. After fishing for 60 years, catching Marlin, giant Tuna, big Mullaway etc this is the most special fish he’s ever caught.

I’ve been fly fishing for over 30 years and one of the reasons I moved to Khancoban was to learn more about fly fishing and fish with great fishermen in the area. I never expected to land such a big fish.

According to Australian fish guru Russel Mason, it’s got to be one of the biggest trout ever caught on a fly in mainland Australia. He added that catching the fish is all about power management, specifically with a 6-pound line.  Although Mr. Browne has been very modest on the exact area in Khancoban where he caught the trout, Mason said that the whole area was likely to be a good place for trout fishing this season.

Image credit: Mrs Browne

Click here to listen to the Cale Browne ABC Radio Interview on The Big Fish

Cale Browne will have his bragging rights immortalised once the trout is back from the taxidermist in 12 months’ time, as it will be on display at the Khancoban Alpine Inn. The pub offers a wide range of beer on tap and is open 7 days a week. It serves hearty pub meals, buffet kids meals, and indoor and outdoor dining. It has 36 rooms that can accommodate you and your family and a family-friendly pool. The pub is also a good gateway to the Kosciuszko National Park and Australia’s High Country.

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The news of the giant Brown Trout will surely drive tourism and fishing expeditions this season. There are a number of good Airbnb in Khancoban with an average price for an entire home at around AUD$155 a night. If you want to be a bit outdoorsy for your fishing trip, you can opt for the Khancoban Caravan Park. The park offers different outdoor activities to suit everyone.

You can also check the Khancoban lakeside Caravan Park Facebook account about the story here.

Mr. Cale Browne, the man who caught possibly the biggest brown trout so far using a fly, may also help Khancoban’s economy and tourism. Cheers Mr. Cale Browne and may you have more to come your way.


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