Body Odor And How To Get Rid Of It Permanently

“Slider, you stink!” No one wants to be told they stink (especially not by Maverick from Top Gun)!

Every human around the world is unique. Every person has their own distinct characteristics; skin color, hair color, the sound of their voice, their eye color and of course, body odor. Every boy, girl, man and woman has a distinct natural body odor. It might be pleasant or it might be bad. Interestingly, the only natural human smell that is pleasant for most of us is the smell of babies (unless it’s diaper changing time).

Grown men will have a distinct odor because of testosterone levels and women will have a distinct odor because of estrogen and other hormone levels. When men and women reach puberty, their body changes. Hair starts growing in areas where there was no hair before, voices become deeper, both men and women experience growth spurts, etc. Teenage boys and girls will start to become conscious about their looks and hygiene, but there are some that don’t really seem to care about how they smell, specifically boys.

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When a young man reaches adulthood, his body chemicals will undergo further change. The body structure will reach its full growth, and body odor will reach its full stench. If you’re a man on a mission, who wants to get a job, get a date with the most beautiful girl in town and be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue, you should make changes in your life starting with yourself, especially if you have body odor.

Men have the capacity to smell really bad. Most people know this because we have all inadvertently stepped into somebody’s stink zone at one point or another. Sometimes body odor can be so bad and overpowering, it will actually make you gag. Even flies and maggots will not dare go near man’s stink zone. Fortunately, male body odor can be mended, but first, let’s try to understand the cause of body odor.

Body Odor Defined

In general, body odor is considered an unpleasant odor among many cultures around the world. The formation and cause of body odor  is mainly due to skin gland excretions and bacteria. Naturally, sweat has no smell, but what causes the stench is the bacterial growth in the sweat regions of the body. Body odor in humans is the primary result of the apocrine sweat glands secreting most of the chemical compounds that are required by the “skin flora” to be metabolized into odorant substances. In other words, body odor is the smell of bacteria breaking down the chemical bonds.

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Causes of Body Odor 

There are many causes of body odor. The most common include:

1. Hygiene

This is one of the main reasons why both men and women stink. Some people don’t shower enough, or they use their clothes for days without changing. Good hygiene doesn’t stop at taking a bath regularly, but also involves regularly washing your clothes. There are certain fabrics, like cotton, that easily absorb sweat which results in bad odors. Overactive bacterial growth on the skin is also a possible cause of body odor. Some people attract more bacteria than others, but it all comes down to good hygiene.

2. Too Much Sweat

Sweating is a normal bodily function that helps regulate body temperature, but if you sweat too much either by doing sports, from stress or due to a medical condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), you have to take action. Stress is more prevalent today because of the fast paced activities in life. Stress causes anxiety which directly results in perspiration, making us stink. For men, the increase in production of apocrine during puberty is a direct result of increased testosterone levels.

3. Diet

There are certain foods that can also have an effect on how your body will smell. If food or certain spices are pungent or poignant enough, the smell of these foods can make it all the way through the body and out of the skin pores. Garlic, onion, cumin, ginger and curry are known to have this property. Zinc deficiency can also contribute to body odor. Zinc regulates detoxification and helps in controlling body waste. Sugar imbalance and too much caffeine can also alter the type and amount of perspiration.

4. Health Issues

Some odors may also point to certain health problems. Some people may smell like ammonia, which indicates liver disease or kidney disease. Some may smell like nail polish which is an indication of diabetes.

5. Bad Breath

There are many reasons for having bad breath and poor hygiene is one of the main reasons. If you don’t brush, floss, or gargle with a mouthwash enough, or if you have cavities, then your breath will surely stink. If you brush your teeth regularly and use the strongest mouth wash, but you still have bad breath, the problem may lie a little deeper. Mucus and bacteria can settle at the back of your tongue causing bad breath. Your breath can also smell if you haven’t had enough food for the day.

Men Tend To Smell More Than Women

Aside from the fact that men were born cavemen, it’s because men have higher testosterone levels that influence the production of apocrine sweat. However, some men simply stink because of bad hygiene. Women tend to be more clean, while men are more likely to be slobs.

7 Ways to Body Slam B.O. To The Ground

For any active male, smelling good might be just one step in reaching your goals. Eliminating body odor is not rocket science, it just takes some simple steps to making sure your stench stays in check.

1. Take A Bath Regularly

This is a no brainer. With so much pollution and dirt around, you need to clean up every day. Taking a bath is a great way to start your day. If you’re an active man, you can shower three times a day to make sure bacteria build up on your skin stays in check. Taking showers is a good way to wash bacteria, dirt and sweat off the body.

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2. Use A Deodorant Or Antiperspirant After You Shower          

Most deodorants in the market only mask bad odor, but some products actually fight bacteria growth. The most effective deodorants contain aluminum and zinc. Both of these elements are known for their odor fighting properties. Antiperspirants clog the sweat glands thus bacteria have nothing to burn or interact with. Antibacterial soaps are another good way of killing bacteria in the body.

3. Shaving Body Hair

If you’re as hairy as a Sasquatch and sweat a lot, then you might need to think about getting rid of some unwanted hair. Excess hair traps sweat and body oil which attracts bacteria, resulting in body odor. Shave with a good razor and shaving gel to prevent burns, irritation and redness.

4. Proper Nutrition

Cut down your intake of caffeine, cola and other caffeinated drinks or food. Caffeine stimulates the apocrine glands which bacteria love. Drinking plenty of water keeps the sweat glands active and helps calm apocrine perspiration resulting in reduced body odor.

5. Wear Loose Clothes            

Whenever you’re not in the office or any instance that doesn’t require tight clothes, wear something loose and breathable. Tight clothes make you sweat, and again, too much sweat and bacteria will result in body odor.

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6. Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the best chemicals to eliminate body odor, but possibly the least known of the lot. Its cheap and effective. You just apply it wherever you want the smell eliminated after taking a shower. Boric acid slows down the spread of bacteria, but if used too much it will cause skin irritation.

7.  Zinc And Magnesium

The best way to get these minerals is from your diet but you can also take daily supplements.

If you stink, you don’t have to worry too much because you’re definitely not the only one having this problem. However, if you want to get ahead, start by eliminating your body odor. Once you’ve done that and are starting to smell good, everything will fall into place. Make the change Sasquatch, it’s time to smell good!



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