Shake Your Money Maker: Rise Of The Butt Selfie

The internet is a very good source for useful information and nonsense entertainment. While the internet has helped many researchers spread factual and science-based information, others have exploited it to make themselves famous. We’ve seen countless people spread gossip and post pictures on the internet, portraying themselves as above others. Some have used the internet to develop trends that are, in most people’s opinions, totally worthless and extremely narcissistic. Take for example the annoying trend of the “duckface”. At present, a new internet buzzword called the “belfie” or “butt selfie” is floating around. The internet is already full of trash, but a belfie can be considered a breath of fresh air.

Butt Selfie Defined

A butt selfie, booty selfie or a belfie is defined as a photographic self-portrait which features or highlights the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities and other women on social media networks. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are well-known for this trend.

There was also a tweet by Booty Selfie (@BootySelfie) that states “any guy that tells you he doesn’t like a woman with a big butt is either lying or a queer”. But men also appreciate a woman who’s funny, intelligent and who has a good overall character. It doesn’t make a man gay just because he doesn’t like a woman’s butt. Anyone who is bombarded by hundreds of butt pictures every day in the news, magazines, the internet and on entertainment shows will surely become tired of the trend, especially if Kim’s and Nicki’s caboose are the only two featured. Men are not complaining, but it’s not all about butts.

Kim Kardashian's fanny pack. Image credit:
Kim Kardashian’s fanny pack. Image credit:

Duckface Is Out, Belfie Is In

Many female celebrities are bending over, backwards or forward to display their caboose for social media sites. Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Brook, Lady Gaga, CoCo and Kim Kardashian are all participating in the belfie trend. It’s possible to argue that the rise of the butt selfie shows that people are becoming so shallow that these women are to be the role models of today just because of their butts. Despite this, many believe the belfie is an empowering sign of women taking advantage of their assets, controlling how they want to be seen, knowing how they want to look and getting all the benefits for themselves.

Duckface is out. Image credit:
Duckface is out. Image credit:

The counter argument behind the rise of the belfie is that women are perhaps trying to satisfy a male’s sexual fulfillment above their own. For women who don’t want to go under the knife, there are many enhanced underwear options like the US air “Bubbles Bodywear” which offers the “Foxy Fanny Silicone Padded Panty Collection” and the “Double-O Butt Lifters”. Although no one really believes Kim Kardashian to be the official cover girl of the butt selfie, some people do feel that it’s not just a coincidence that this recent butt obsession sweeping across Hollywood is synonymous with Kardashian’s fame. However, it’s not just famous women who are embracing this trend.

Booty shot is in. Image credit:
Booty shot is in. Image credit:

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic surgeons, there was a 58% increase in buttock enhancement procedures in 2013 as compared to 2012. This type of procedure had the largest rate of rise among all cosmetic procedures from 2012. From 2000 to 2013, there’s been an 80% rise in butt implant surgeries and the word “belfie” produces around 3 million results on Google. The rise in these numbers can be attributed to the media, both social and broadcast. Plastic surgeons are seeing more and more women asking for the backsides of Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez or even Beyonce.

Social Impact

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike are mostly using Instagram to post their butt photos for everyone to see. A 21 year old gym receptionist from New York made it a habit to post belfies on her Instagram account and has since gained 4.5 million followers and even a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Along with this new fame of the belfie comes twerking, made famous by Miley Cyrus. Her performance at the VMAs comes to mind.

Butt appreciation is not new and it has been noted that in many cultures around the world, a bubble butt is considered a sign of beauty. Black and Latina women have long embraced their well-rounded buttocks, but have been scorned by Western culture – until today. According to Professor Myra Mendible of the Florida Gulf Coast University and author of the book “From Bananas to Buttocks”, a woman’s failure to command an unruly behind is seen as a lack of self-control. Mendible also discusses this in association with a woman’s apparent inferior moral character. Before, it was considered that “high class” women did not carry any excess baggage in their trunk, but today, curvaceous buttocks are one of the most popularized signs of real beauty and authenticity.

Riri's money maker. Image credit:
Riri’s money maker. Image credit:

In saying all this, you have to remember that there have been reported deaths due to back alley silicone butt procedures. Nobody should be taking that risk in the name of beauty. If you want to enhance your buttocks, go to a certified and experienced plastic surgeon. It’s not worth losing your life just to have a Beyonce butt.


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