Event Planning Hacks for a No-Stress, All Fun Party

Why make your planning stressful when you can instead try some of these fun hacks?

Event planning, whether it’s for a corporate event, a party or a wedding, can be a strenuous job for a planner. But then that’s the role of planners isn’t it? To make sure that the event goes smoothly.

#1 Use a digital planner


With technology the way it is today, why not use a digital planner? Digital planners are easy to use, you can take them anywhere and they are easily customisable. Plus, they also offer other insights and suggestions for planning.

Both iOS and Android phones have a variety of digital planners to choose from. They may even offer you reminders timed for your own convenience.

Today, most planners don’t want to have to carry huge folders. Due to the capacity of smartphones and tablets to hold everything you need, one single phone can now hold a month’s worth or more of planning. Digital planners can also be installed on laptops through apps.

Many developers today bank on the idea that most people live an on-the-go lifestyle and want to keep things organised without lugging around a notebook or large diary.

Although writing down things is still a good idea, those who want a bit of a change can settle for this. Plus it makes it so much easier to send plans to clients or guests. Apps offer this shareability.

#2 Start planning early


Some events can be pulled off in an instant. However, nothing can beat long-time planning and careful analysis of all aspects of an event. If the event is big, planning ahead of time will save you a great amount of effort and stress, ensuring you remain stress-free throughout the planning process.

Big events like a company-wide corporate event, a debut or a wedding requires months of planning. The work will include the choice of venue, food choices, entertainment and favours among other things. Planning and choosing the best for these elements of an event may take time and lots of consultation. As a planner, you may need to consult your client on every single detail to get approval. Unless you were given free rein to do everything, you cannot get everything done in a day.

#3 Create a theme


Using a theme for an event makes everything easy and fun and there are plenty of themes to choose from. Movie-themed events are popular, but others include a country theme or a cultural theme.

Themes can also dictate what food is served and what entertainment will be at the event. Most caterers are already aware of themed events and will already be prepared for the request. Just make sure that you explain everything to your clients before you have a go at it.

#4 Offer a mix bar


Drinks can get an event going, so offer a mix bar where guests can make and mix the drinks they want. It can help them discover new drinks and it’s quite fun!

This should only be done if the event is small and you know your guests well. If you think the crowd is too large for it, go with the traditional drink catering setup where guests can order at a bar.

If you like this idea, however, you can use local drinks with local mixers or even accept drinks brought by the guests. But of course offer glasses of champagne or wine to keep the guests mingling at the beginning and end of the event.

#5 Create a specialty cocktail


Your specialty cocktail will distinguishing your event from others. By creating a specialty cocktail your guests will be sure to remember your event for years to come. Try to create a drink which fits with the theme of your event.

#6 Designate a kids table


Kids will always find a way to disrupt an event. Planners are usually at the receiving ends of problem kids at their events. To avoid any major issues, why not set up a kids table? Fill it with art materials like crayons, papers, colouring books and a variety of toys as well. But make sure that these toys will stay on that table all throughout the event and not be hurled across the room.

#7 Plan the favours well


The favours will be the memorabilia of the event. Of course, favours will depend on the type of event. Never make hasty decisions at the last minute. Note that party favours should be the last of your concerns during the event proper; they should be planned well in advance.

Also, keep the favours where guests will be passing through before calling it a night. Or, you can distribute them or place them on each table next to the name card of each guest. If your clients are asking for a discount on the favours, you may seek the supplier and ask what kind of deal they can make.

#8 Use social media


Leverage social media. You can advertise the events through invitations on Facebook, or create an event group and simply use it to inform guests of any changes or information. When used to your advantage, social media can help planners in many ways.

#9 Walk in as a guest a day before


To make sure everything will go right during the event, put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Enter the venue as a guest and try as much as possible to imagine the experience.

After your simulation, you may list down the possible things that may cause delay or things that could go wrong. Bring someone else along for a fresh perspective too.

#10 Secure the venue months before


Good venues are usually hard to book on special days. However booking in advance will help you keep your options open. As a planner, you might want to look at some government-owned halls, which tend to have a smaller renting amount as opposed to big venues designed and advertised for particular events.

And also, when planning for big events, advise clients to choose a weekday over a weekend. Hotels and function halls usually offer event halls at a lower rate during weekdays due to lack of demand.

#11 Plan the menu in advance


Your menu can make or break the event. Use the time you have to scout for possible menus to be served and suggest a few to clients. Advise clients about the choices of meals and meal types and also listen to their ideas.

When planning, keep in mind the number of participants and what kind of food they would normally eat.

#12 Freshen up


Since you’ve planned everything to perfection, there will be no major problems on the day. So after the pre-party management and some last minute fixes, freshen yourself up. Dress your best and be ready to rock the party you planned.


An event need not stress you out. Just make sure that you did everything on your list and finish them all in advance. Happy planning and we hope you can use some of these hacks!


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