Quokkas: 20 Pics of the Happiest Animal on the Planet

#8 Will Make You Book a Plane to Australia…

Well, move over Grumpy Cat, somebody’s going to take your throne! Quokkas, from the land down under, the complete antithesis of the grumpy internet sensation cat, are dubbed as the happiest animals on the planet. These little marsupials will coat you with sweetness and tug at your heartstrings until you swear your allegiance to them.

And with that, let’s check out 20 photographed Quokkas with some Quokka facts thrown in.

#1 This smiling quokka and its prized yellow leaf!

This Quokka seems only too happy to have its picture taken. Based on this cuteness overload, we wouldn’t be surprised if Quokkas end up starring in their own animated Disney film.

quokka 1

Fast Fact: Quokkas are marsupials and stand about half a metre tall, around the size of a cat.

#2 Cheeky smile on close up. Convinced now?

What can we say, these marsupials (they carry their young in a pouch in their belly just like Kangaroos and Wallabies do) are born happy and friendly and cuddly. Okay, we get it.

quokka 2

Fast Fact: Quokkas were once found all over the coastal regions (they love habitats close to water) of South-Western Australia but now has a concentrated population on Rottnest Island. Their population started to dwindle during the 1930s.

#3 And this really does deserve an animated series!

This furry and rotund creature also goes by the name of cute, adorable, cuddly, etc. And I’m predicting it’s awakened some nostalgic memories of furry and animated Disney characters in you. Admit it!

quokkas 3

Fast fact: When dingos, foxes, cats and humans found their way to Australia, Quokkas were reduced in number. They are now in the red list of  IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature.

#4 Managed to look cool despite those food bits in its nose.

Quokkas are regularly exposed to humans, and thus their penchant for close up and *fabulous* camera poses.

quokka 4

Fast fact: Quokkas are not territorial, they are sociable, friendly and live in overlapping ways with other Quokkas in the territory. But watch out during summer season, Quokas will fight for their shelter against other Quokkas.

#5 And this one deserves a movie contract!

Unlike other known wild animals in Australia, Quokkas pose no threats to humans.

quokka 5

Fast fact: Quokkas are not exclusive to Rottnest Island, they can be found on Bald Island too.

#6 And this looks like it’s straight from a magazine shoot.

Remember those nostalgic and vintage looking perfume and clothes magazine ads? This Quokka nailed it. And check out it’s resemblance to this wallpaper. Huh, told you! (Tweaked the color a bit to get to the point.)

quokka a6

Fast fact: Quokkas can climb a metre or so in a tree and they swallow their food instead of chewing it.

#7 Quokkas can steal your heart even when they’re asleep!

These creatures sleep adorably, making you wish you could dream what they’re dreaming too.

quokka 8Fast facts: Quokkas can live for around ten years.

#8 Stop! This Quokka selfie is amazing, but finish the article first before booking a flight to Western Australia!

And not surprisingly, both Quokkas and selfies are Aussie originals. Now you get the point.

quokkas 8Fast fact: In Quokka societies, males are more dominant.

#9 Son, those camera trotting humans think we’re fabulous. So act the part!

quokkas 9Fast fact: Quokkas eat young native grasses, leaves, bark and stems.

#10 This charming biker definitely had the time of his life after this Quokka kiss!

Australian cyclist Simon Clarke had his photo taken with this adorable Quokka after his training back in 2013.

quokkas 10

Fast fact: Quokkas suffer from a condition called muscular dystrophy, adding to the cause of their dwindling population.

#11 Forget it , I’m fabulous!

Quokka 11

Fast fact: Quokkas can survive in habitats devoid of freshwater.

#12 They’re cute, but they can be quirky too.

And what could a Quokka possibly want to do in there?

quokka 12

Fast fact: Quokkas are mostly nocturnal creatures. They spend the night looking for food while they rest in their shelter during the day.

#13 Let’s go biking!

quokka 13

Fast facts: Quokkas have powerful legs, they can hop on two hind legs and can walk on all four limbs.

#14 “Waiting for my prom date..”

And they can make this thoughtful and elegant pose.

quokka 14

#15 This one looks like it’s talking animatedly to somebody.

Or having his photo portrait taken professionally for his yearbook or for his company profile.  Nailed a Tom Cruise there.

quokka 15

Fast fact: Baby Quokkas are called Joeys (like Kangaroos) and stay there mostly for five months.

#16 Want to check my hideout? Follow me.

quokka 16

Fast fact: Quokkas becomes sexually mature at around day 389 of their existence.

#17 Stop it human, I’m eating.

Quokkas in the wild are forbidden to be fed with crackers since it may upset their stomach. I don’t know about this one but he seems fine with the crackers.

quokka 17

Fast fact: Quokka gestation and pregnancy lasts twenty-seven days. They give birth twice in one single season.

#18 Well, watch this Quokka fall in love with a toy Quokka.

Fast fact: Quokkas are Setonix brachyrus in scientific terms.

#19 Hmmm… This sunshine is awesome.

It’s cute when Quokkas smile at cameras but they’re even cuter when they smile with their eyes closed. Enjoying life much, aren’t they?


Fast facts: Average Quokka weighs between 2.7 to 4.2 kg.

#20 And to seal your holiday plans to Western Australia, here’s a video of awesomeness.

 Fast fact: A Quokkas tail, used for balance, can measure up to 14 inches long.

Don’t go blaming us now, we warned you that these marsupials, the happiest creatures in the planet, will steal your heart.

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