Quick Cosmetic Procedures with Fast Recovery Time

“Lunch break procedures” are the new trend in the cosmetic surgery industry. Instead of getting that sandwich, people in the UK and other parts of the world are opting instead for a fast cosmetic procedure. These procedures are designed to be quick and so are obviously more popular than other procedures which may take days to heal.

Although most are non-invasive procedures, they are still believed to work. They are far less costly, involve much less downtime and don’t hurt that much. However, most of these procedures will need to be re-done after 6 or so months.

Cosmetic Surgery Rise


The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery yielded data on the rise of cosmetic procedures in a 2013 survey. A total of 23 million procedures were performed around the world in 2013, with Brazil having the highest total surgeries followed by the US. The survey found Botox was the number one procedure on the list.

Overall, with the non-surgical procedures included, the United States leads the world for most surgeries to date, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Spain. However, if cosmetic surgeries and procedures are counted per capita, South Korea takes the top spot.

Now, despite the reliability and popularity of invasive procedures, many are now turning to non-invasive. Although this basically means patients have to have the work “retouched” after a certain period of time, it entails other benefits.

13 Top Quick Cosmetic Procedures


#1 Facelift – One-stitch facelift

For those who dislike the results of Botox, facelifts are the next best thing for saggy skin on the face and neck. Traditional facelift procedures are long and require lots of downtime for recovery. The one-stitch facelift is said to be minimally invasive. It requires only one stitch at each side of the head. These stitches are then hidden by the hairline. The procedure lifts the cheeks and jowls while also reducing double chins. It makes use of a thread to anchor in the deep skin layers to be pulled upwards.

After 40 minutes the result can already be seen. Although there will be no pain, there can be mild discomfort from the procedure. Patients might feel a tenderness in the cheeks for the next three days. The result will last for about five years before you opt for another treatment.

#2 Brighter skin – Silkpeel

Brightening the skin and removing impurities isn’t new in cosmetic procedures. To be exact, there are hundreds of procedures that are purported to show this result. Silkpeel, a microdermabrasion procedure, may assist in exfoliation and smoothing of the skin.

The treatment promises to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and age and acne spots. It can be done in 30 minutes and patients can go right back to work. Maintenance of the treatment is required to retain the benefits.

#3 Male breast reduction – Moob reduction

“Moobs” can often cause embarrassment and uneasiness. Moob reduction is now one of the most common procedures chosen by men. There are various types of moob reduction. The fastest one includes the suction of fats from under the breast.

#4 Wrinkles – Botox

When it comes to wrinkles, Botox is the go-to treatment. It is fast, easy and requires a short amount of downtime. It can be done in under an hour.

#5 Troubled fat spots – Coolsculpting

One cannot go from fat to thin with this procedure, but it certainly can help reduce trouble spots for those who are trying to lose weight. Coolsculpting can be done in less than 30 minutes and may require more treatments before the full effect is seen.

The treatment makes use of a vacuum pressure that targets fat cells, sending in cooling sensation for the first five minutes. After cooling, patients experience a numbing sensation. The fats get frozen while the body eliminates it naturally.

#6 Hair growing – Illumiwave

Hair balding is always a touchy subject among adults, especially among middle aged men. Other treatments for this problem include transplants and other follicle stimulating treatments.

Illumiwave is new in the market. It uses a low level light therapy to slow down hair loss while increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This reduces hair loss while new hair grows at the same time. The treatment requires visits to a clinic three times a week for the first couple of months, twice weekly for next two months and weekly afterwards for maintenance. Treatments last for 20-30 minute per session.

#7 Facial redness – Excel Vlaser

Redness is a fairly common condition in the face. It is usually caused by pink discoloration and dilated capillaries. Laser treatments such as Excel Vlaser target the superficial vessels and close them off, reducing redness. The procedure can be done in 10 minutes but may require more treatments for the best results.

#8 Veiny hands – Radiesse

Over time our hands lose volume as well as elasticity resulting in prominent veins. The way to combat this is through the injection of Radiesse, a know volumising filler widely used in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Radiesse is injected in the top of the hand while being massaged. The treatment can last up to 18 months and only takes 10 minutes.

#9 Sweaty underarms – Botox

Botox is safe for underarm injections and helps those who are over-perspiring or are too sensitive for deodorants. It blocks nerve signals resulting in no sweating. One injection can last up to eight months while one treatment can be done in 20 minutes.

#10 Hollow eye bags – Filler

The quickest way to fill in hollow eye bags is using the injectable filler juvederm. The filler is made up of hyalaurunic acid and results in smooth and plump skin, eliminating the tried and aged look.

It can last up to 10 minutes and is commonly practiced among dermatologists despite being not approved by the FDA yet.

#11 Sagging jaw line – RF technology

Sagging jawline or turtle neck may make you look older. The slack skin in the neck can be tightened through radio frequency technology. The procedure heats up deep layers of the skin, tightening the collagen in the process while stimulating new growth of collagen.

For optimal results, the 15-20 minute treatment needs to be repeated every year.

#12 Teeth whitening – LED

Teeth are always a part of your overall look. Today, the market contains various products that promote teeth whitening from toothpaste to home whitening kits. Others prefer to undergo laser treatment for whitening. Laser may result in some discomfort and restricted diet. No coffee after this one! LED teeth whitening is far cheaper than other procedures and can be done in 20 minutes. It doesn’t also restrict food choice.

#13 Varicose veins – RF tech

An estimate of 35% of adults suffer from varicose veins. Aside from the fact that they are unsightly, some may be painful. The most common solution is invasive surgery which may incur a hospital stay. This treatment makes use of radio frequency technology that inserts a tiny catheter to seals the veins and shut them without pain. The catheter sends radio frequencies to the veins. This treatment can be also considered under insurance plans.

Cosmetic Surgery Caution


Although most of these procedures are approved (except for Juvederm), one must still exercise necessary caution when requesting a quick cosmetic procedure. Despite the fact they don’t require invasive operations, they still involve alteration of the body through machines or synthetic materials. If you are unsure of your health condition, it pays to wait and ask your GP for more information. Remember to always check for credentials.

If you’ve done extensive research, grab your lunch and head to your clinic of choice!


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