Why is it that most people around the world go weak at the knees whenever something cute is in front of them?

Pretend you’re sitting comfortably on your couch and someone puts a mewling, pooping, annoying small thing in your lap and it needs constant attention from you. Before long, you find yourself giving your full attention to this animal and talking to it with googly eyes. You can’t help but be protective of this cute little puppy and you want to look after it all the time. Why do small and helpless creatures turn even the most tough and cynical humans into marshmallows?

Because we know you can’t get enough of the cuteness, here’s 20 cute and adorable puppy pictures sure to make your day.

1. Who can resist this wrinkly bundle of happiness?

2. Those wanting eyes, small ears and that small dot of a nose. You just died.

3. Of course you want to rub those cute, round bellies.

4. Can someone walk me to the park?

5. I hope my other husky friends don’t see this.

6. Cry, human, cry.

7. I’m too cute in this shirt!

8. Ok, so I’m lying here. Now what?

9. Your girlfriend convinced you to get me instead of a pit bull, huh?

10. Aaaahhhh, I’ll just rest here in this blanket with my brothers and sisters. Being a puppy is the life!

11. One day, I’ll have my own bone to gnaw on. One day…

 12. Where is that mailman? He’s late!

13. You like my dress?

14. I’m going out for some cocktails, you wanna come with me?

15. Brown is the new black, mate!

16. Beh!

17. When I grow up, I’ll be famous, have my own comic strip. They’ll call me The Red Baron.

18. If I can make it in time for lunch with these small legs and my tummy dragging on the ground, I’ll be good.

19. I am soooo tired. I’ll just sleep right here.

20. Time for some sunbathing.

Some people believe puppies get less cute when they grow up. Please do not lose your love and affection for these dogs once they grow. Give them the same attention and love as if they’re still small, cute and helpless. They’ll love you for it!

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