How to Practice a Positive Outlook and be Happy

There is no perfect way to achieve happiness. However, staying positive can contribute to your overall outlook on life. Plus, studies show that happier people tend to live longer!

According to Harvard School of Public Health, happiness and health are greatly correlated. Happier people live longer. How? Having a very serious outlook and constant feelings of stress may alter a person’s biological system. This can contribute to the wear and tear of the body which later on can increase the likelihood of acquiring diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes among others. According to the same newsletter, chronic anger can lead to the same diseases.

The article provided information on the 4 personal attributes that may help regulate negative thoughts and turn them into positive one. These attributes include emotional vitality, optimism, social support and self regulation. We will discuss these in detail later.

Note: Although these tips and practices are very beneficial, there is a varied satisfactory response among individuals. The practice that works well for one person may not work so well for you. But don’t be deterred, we have a long list of practices for you to try!



Meditation can bring some clearance to what’s causing stress in your mind. Regular meditation can keep your life in balance. This practice can help strengthen the mind and can let you discover your inner self while you traverse your thoughts.

Yoga is one great practice to start your journey to happiness. It helps you focus your breathing and live in the present.



It is a known fact that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. So why work yourself to death with frowning? Biochemically, smiling can release endorphins and serotonins, the happy hormones. Psychologically, smiling can help you relieve stress and impact your mood for the better.

Surround yourself with happy people


When you’re with happy people, chances are you’ll be happy too. But it isn’t just that. Happy people may encourage you to feel the same. They will make you smile, they will try to navigate you away from your negative outlook and even offer you helpful answers when you’re in need.

Keep away form negative people as much as possible. They may feed off your happy thoughts and keep you feeling negative as well.

Eliminate negativity


This can be hard but it is possible. It’s possible through the substitution of negative words and thoughts with positive ones. For example, instead of thinking that you are facing a problem, think that you are being challenged and if you pass it, you’ll get some personal reward. You’ll also feel like a stronger person afterwards. Smile all throughout your day and think of solutions in a light way. If it’s hard, you have people around you to ask for help and opinions.

Help Someone Out


Helping someone (no matter how big or small the deed) may give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction. It takes your mind away from negative things plus the positive energy and thought that you have made someone else happy can feed into your happy thoughts as well. Good karma is just around the corner!

You are not perfect


Maybe you’re a perfectionist but you cannot be perfect at everything. It’s an assumption that you can just wallow in depression since you can’t perfect your work. Remember, no one’s perfect. We can give 100% but we can’t control outside forces. If you fail at a task, then view the next task as a redeemer. You’ll always make mistakes but there will also always be second chances.

Make a list of “things I’m grateful for”


When you’re feeling down, try to think of all the things you’re grateful for. When you are grateful for something, it might mean it makes you happy and relived. List them down and look at them from time to time. Add to it every time you are thankful for something. This can include your family, having a friend, getting a new dress, getting a promotion, patching things up with a friend, you’re pet, getting through an illness, etc.

Stack up positive quotes


Write them on post-it notes. And if possible, you can post them wherever necessary. In your locker, in your car, in your closet, in your notebook, on your office desk, etc. Put them where you can see them and they may give you a boost.

Believe in yourself


Be your own number one fan. If others don’t believe in you, you should. You can achieve anything you want by staying positive.

Set clear goals


Clear goals get you to focus on things you need to achieve. These goals should also help you navigate the way towards your achievement, so all obstacles can be surpassed.

Picture your success


Picturing success will help you focus your mind. Sometimes people are afraid to do this for fear of being disappointed at the end. However, there is power in positive thinking. Optimism can empower your being and can help you achieve your goals.

Be responsible of your life


You live your own life, other people are not responsible for any of it. Although the people you deemed to matter can directly or indirectly affect you, you are still in control of the steering wheel. They’re just your support.

Talk to yourself


Just make sure you don’t do it aloud in public. OR you can do it in public, but silently. OR go face a mirror and analyze your problems and offer yourself solutions.

Stay cool


Amidst a hot situation, keep your head cool and don’t plunge into the tub yet. Make your point clear without losing yourself and without triggering your anger.

Love yourself


Loving yourself will help you have a positive outlook in life. It means that there is no way you will hurt yourself with any negative thoughts. Loving yourself will help you understand people plus you are allowing yourself to accept your shortcomings positively.

Don’t end the day angry


Whenever you’ve had a bad day, try to make it better before the sun sets. There’s nothing as poisonous as sleeping off your anger. It ruins your sleep and it extends into the next day. Talk it out and settle things before the next day.



Don’t you know that exercise releases happy hormones? So making sure you do some kind of exercise everyday. This can also help alleviate any of your moodiness.

Fake it till you feel it


Sometimes faking it can help turn things into real thoughts and emotions. Smile and fake your happiness and you’ll realize you feel a little lighter in the end.

Stop nagging


When you nag, you create anger within yourself. Then all other negative things will start to keep you preoccupied. The toxicity will prey on your thoughts the whole time until your mood starts to go sour. If this happens in a cycle, then these negative thoughts will keep repeating. So stop nagging in the first place.

Relax and enjoy life


Take time to relax and see something different. Go to the beach, go visit another state or country. Take a vacation and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Take up a new hobby too.

A Positive Conclusion


You see, everything in life can be managed with a smile and with a healthy positive outlook. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problems are, what matters is how big your heart is and how big your resolve is to stay positive and radiate the same optimism for everyone surrounding you.

So why not try some of the things above? It won’t hurt you!

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