There are many things in life no one can ever replace and one of them is happiness. Babies and pets are the embodiment of happiness; whenever there’s a new baby in the house, no one can hide their joy. A baby’s laughter filling the house will always bring a smile to a bad day. This goes the same for pets; pets complete a family. You care for them and they will give unconditional love in return. Pets (specifically dogs) will be there for you every time. They will wait for you at the door, wag their tails when they see you and play with you non stop until they get hungry or tired.

A study reported in the journal Pediatrics states that babies who grow up at homes with pets are less likely to get sick as compared to kids who live without pets.

Prepare for an overload of cuteness as you check out the 25 pictures below!

1. “Curly, what do you think is out there?”, “I don’t know flowerpants. Probably lots of grass.”

2. “This burrito looks weird.”, “Oi brown face, I’m no burrito!”

Image credit: Reddit/Tacoking92

Image credit: Reddit/Tacoking92

3. “Ahhhh, luscious, golden, soft fur!”

4. “Eeeehhh what’s up doc?… er dog?… er rabbit?… rabbit dog?”

5. “Brothers, this baby pillow is really warm and comfy.”

6. “A blanket, a sofa and a baby. Yeah, I’ll sleep right here.”

7. “I love you buddy.”, “I love you too buddy.”

Image credit:

“Image credit:

8. “Let me give you a kiss!”

9. “Let me give you a hug!”

10. “You look beautiful today, Butch.”

11. “Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.”

12. “Curly, do you know what I’m thinking?”, “Nope, do you know what I’m thinking?”

13. “Look at all that snow outside. I wonder what it tastes like?”

14. “I love you, furball.”

15. “We almost escaped!”

16. “I’ll just stay here and watch you sleep.”

17. “My little princess needs some rest.”

18. “Smile for the camera!”

19. “We can do it! PUSH! PUSH!”

20. “Ahhh, this is the life. I have my big dog pillow, my toys, my thumb and my guard dog.”

21. “Who’s licking my head?”

22. “I’ll keep you safe and warm.”

Image credit:

Image credit:

23. “Let’s just take a little nap, ok?”

24. “I’ll just take a nap between you two.”

25. “We’re about to start a crawling race!”

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