Why Having A Pet Dog Is Good For Us

Dogs and humans have been together for a very long time, as in thousands of years. Almost every human in every country around the world has encountered dogs either as a household...

Why Do You Need To Prioritise And Take Control Of Your Life?

What are your priorities? It doesn't take much to figure out what's important to you and where things fall on your priorities list. When you were a teenager, your parents probably told you...

Quokkas: 20 Pics of the Happiest Animal on the Planet

#8 Will Make You Book a Plane to Australia... Well, move over Grumpy Cat, somebody’s going to take your throne! Quokkas, from the land down under, the complete antithesis of the grumpy internet...

Keep Calm: 10 Ways To Deal With Anxiety In Scary Times

This post originally appeared on A Chic Life and is reproduced here with permission. How do you keep calm when life is stressful – when the anxiety around you is high? With the coronavirus, it’s...

What is Managed Print Services?

Are you tired of having to micromanage printers, copiers, and other document-related solutions? From printer jams to spooler errors, it often seems as though printers contribute to a great majority of the IT trouble tickets in a business. Not only are printers expensive, but they're also time-consuming to manage and maintain. Luckily, there's a solution: managed print services.

You May Not Know It But The Bots Are Here!

There is a paradigm shift happening on how people get information over the internet and how they get fast and efficient customer service. This shift is a result of steady advancements in...

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