Nail Art Ideas

Ever feel that need for a unique manicure but don’t really want to go out of the house or spend too much money to get it? We gathered the best and easiest nail art designs for you to feast your eyes on. So, gather your nail polish and get ready!

#1 Thread and Lights

All you need for this one is cotton thread and some colourful polish. You can either turn it into Christmas lights or some vines with cute flowers or leaves. Make sure that the polish you have highly contrasts the colour of your thread. For example, use black thread over a white base as in the photo below. Position the thread straight across or looped over your nails. Varnish it with topcoat, add other colours and you’re done!

Image Credit: TheBeautyDepartment

#2 Splatter Paint Nails 1

This one’s easy to do but can be a bit messy. But believe me, it’s worth it. Like our first sample, you may want to use a white base coat. Prepare an angling eye shadow brush for the splatter. Pour nail polish remover in a container where you can dip your brush freely. Put on the basecoat and let it dry a bit. Then choose the colours you want for the splatter. You can go for a single colour or for a multicoloured splatter. Dip the angled brush in the polish, and then wet it in the remover to make it drippy. Position the brush near your target nails, pull back the bristles, let go and see your nails adorned with artful splatter. Top with other colours and finish with a clear topcoat.


Image Credit: SheKnows

#3 Splatter Paint Nails 2

Similar to #2 but this uses a different method. You will need a light basecoat, some cut off drinking straws and the nail polishes for your splatter. To avoid mess, cover your fingers with some tape. Dip the straw in a small amount of nail polish, position it atop the nails and blow at the other end of the straw. Repeat on all other nails in other colours. To clean up afterwards, dip cotton buds in nail polish remover and clean up the splatters that have gone astray.


Image Credit: PrettyGossip

#4 Screen Nails

You can choose whatever colour your heart desires for this one. All you need is some polish and a thin mesh sheet. Do your nails in your target base colour. Let it dry completely before starting the next step. Take out your mesh, hold and wrap it over your nails tightly and finish with a different coloured polish. Remove the mesh and add a clear top coat to set the art in place and make it last longer.


Image Credit: ConfessionsAndCreations

#5 Velvet Nails

These gorgeous nails are too easy! You will need blue nail polish, blue flocking powder (you can use a blue pigmented eyeshadow as an alternative), and a soft make-up brush and paper towel. Paint your nails with the polish, then prepare for the second coat. As you are doing the second coat, dust a pinch of flocking powder over the wet polish and let it set. When set, pat it dry and use a brush to remove excess powder. Repeat for all other nails.


Image Credit:

#6 Monochrome Nails

Use simple colours like black and white. This one’s classic and easy but looks amazing! Like our sample below, cover your nails with a white base. Then start to outline your nails with black using a thin brush or a nail art tool. Top it with a clear coat to make it last longer.


Image Credit: freshnaildesign

#7 Geometric Nails

These geometric nails may seem hard but it’s actually one of the easiest tricks in the nail art world. You will only need a few different coloured polishes, some tape and your creativity. Cover parts of your nails with the tape to make shapes avoid smears. Be as creative as you can. Vary the shapes as much as you want.


Image Credit: _amy

#8 Watercolour nails

You don’t necessarily need to use watercolour for this one. To achieve this cool effect, you just need varied colours of polish, thinned out with nail polish remover, and applied one at a time. Brush them out after every drop and blend them well. Top you nails with a clear polish after. See our example below.LmqQiO0

Image Credit: semantic_diva

#9 Odd One Style

Why go for the complicated process when you can have an eye catching nails with this one? Simply choose your base polish colour and one contrasting glitter colour. When you coat your nails, leave your ring finger unpainted. Paint it with the glittered polish later. You see, the contrast the odd one creates is mysterious yet alluring.


Image Credit: bassoon437

#10 Lace Nails

This one’s perfect for weddings! What you need is clear and white polish and a lace cloth. You can also change the colour if you want. To start, paint your nails with clear coat or some light coloured polish. After it has dried, cover it with the lace cloth. Prepare a spray of thinned out white nail polish and spray over the covered nail. Remove the lace and you can add an additional top coat of clear polish.


Image Credit: Pinterest

#11 Sheared details

Instead of doing a straight-cut with tape, you can choose to use pinking shears to cut designs. Use the tape to make incredible nail art like below.


Image Credit: Kaewee

#12 Fruit Details

Ever felt that you need to perk up your nails? Why not get inspiration from a platter of fruit. This nail art idea is just so awesome, you’ll be dreaming of a healthy and fruity diet afterwards! Our example below has strawberry, lemon, kiwi, some pomegranate and watermelon on every nails. It’s perfect for summer and requires a bit of creativity.


Image Credit: Micho_Caine

#13 DIY Leopard Print

Leopard and other animal prints are just so gorgeous when it comes to nails. But it looks like only professional manicurists can achieve the look. However, all you need to create your own leopard print is a pencil with an eraser. Gather your old or new pencils and carve out these cute patterns in the erasers. Create 4 to 5 patterns. Paint your nails with your base colour, let it dry and stamp them in another colour.


Image Credit: Flickr


Did that satisfy your artsy cravings? Nail art possibilities are endless! Aside from prettying up your nails, it also helps to channel your creativity. Share your nail art ideas with us!