More Things Only Introverts Will Understand

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Introverts around the world are always getting a bad reputation. Extroverts are always celebrated while introverts are being labeled as anti-social, weird, geeky or depressed. Introverts are just misunderstood; they find happiness in reading a book, writing, watching TV or just having thoughts to themselves. Introverts do have friends, but not that many, and these friends are considered their closest friends next to family. Introverts are not always shy or timid, nor loners. Introverts are not sad or depressed people, they are happy spending time with themselves or with their closest friends. Although, a little bit of danger could definitely bring some excitement to an introvert’s life, don’t you think? You know… the danger of going out and meeting new people! 🙂

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Shy People, Introverts And Extroverts

Let’s try to understand the differences between a shy person, an introvert and an extrovert.

A shy person and an introvert may look the same, but there are key differences. A shy person doesn’t necessarily want to be alone, but is afraid or hesitant to interact with other people. For example, a person was invited to an awesome party and that person wants to go to a party, but is hesitant or afraid to interact with other party goers and ultimately decides to just stay at home. This is a shy person. A shy person can have some issues with social skills.

An introvert is a person who enjoys spending time alone and usually gets emotionally and physically drained after spending lots of time with other people, no matter how close they are. An introvert gets invited to the party, but decides to stay at home because there will be too many people at the party. An introvert is not afraid or hesitant to interact with people, it’s just that a large crowd is too draining. Most introverts have excellent social skills, but they need to have alone time to recharge.

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An extrovert is a people person. Extroverts draw energy from a group of people. They are happiest when surrounded by people and will find it really boring to just stay at home, read a book or do nothing. They tend to hang out with as many friends as they can. Extroverts are usually the host of the party. Extroverts find it easy to talk and interact with other people. Extroverts need stimulation and if something they do is repetitive, they will find it boring and lose interest really fast.

More Thins Only Introverts Will Understand

These are the things only introverts will understand. Some of you may find them weird, but introverts will not care what you think. Although some introverts may seem like killjoys to you, they are just happy celebrating their individuality without any complications. Introverts, rejoice! And if you’re an introvert, you can surely relate to some of these:

  1. Rehearsing a conversation between yourself and a person or a group of people that you will probably never talk to.
  2. You really need downtime to recharge after long hours of socialising.
  3. You love to hang out with your friends, but it gives you more pleasure just to sit inside the house to think of world domination or catching up on your favourite TV shows.
  4. You don’t know how to stop an extrovert form talking when you want to end a conversation.
  5. You like to write things out or email your friends to answer close-ended questions.
  6. Introverts need some quiet time with the ones they love, without doing anything draining or that needs to much effort.
  7. Your parents want to invite more people to your birthday and you want to say no without sounding like a bad friend.
  8. You don’t know how to deal with too many visitors in the house and just lock yourself up in your room reading The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
  9. When someone barges in your room un-announced you want to kill them but you really can’t.
  10. A party that you’re invited to get’s cancelled, and you laugh out loud from relief and happiness.
  11. When someone attractive flirts with you, you freeze like an iceberg in the north pole during winter.
  12. If you decide to go to a party, it’s not to meet people but to hang around people that you’re really close with.
  13. You get easily distracted or confused when there is too much happening around you. You like to be focused and finish whatever you’re doing.
  14. You get slightly annoyed when people utter the words “be more social”… You are social, just not with everybody.
  15. Introverts will only open their hearts to the most special people.
  16. Introverts can do anything extroverts can do and really enjoy it, but sometimes it will take days for them to get fully recharged and mingle again.
  17. When your office mates invite you out for a pub crawl, you politely decline and just spend the night at home with a beer and your favourite loud music playing.
  18. When you realise that you’re slowly turning into a hermit with a very pale skin… You need to get out and get some sun, son!
  19. When you have visitors for a couple of days, which is a nightmare to you because you will be required to be present all the time.
  20. It is total bliss when you have a clear schedule during weekends. It means more time for you to be alone and enjoying your “me time”.
  21. When people try to make small talk with you, you just can’t do it. You either smile, nod or just leave.
  22. Talking to another introvert can either be a wonderful experience or such a hassle, depending on your moods.
  23. Your downtime is not as unproductive as some people think. You can get a lot of stuff done when you’re alone!
  24. Sometimes you’re silent and have nothing to say… but it doesn’t mean that you can’t say anything worthy or funny.
  25. You tend to stay up late, especially on weekends, to have more alone time.
  26. If you’re in a relationship with an extrovert, you know it’s a good way to balance things out in your life. Even if they are a little loud sometimes.
  27. When someone asks you if you’re ok because you’re being too quiet. You just nod or give a thumbs up and then go back you what you were thinking.
  28. Introverts value listening over talking.
  29. Introverts like to think and strategise first before getting into an argument.
  30. If another introvert chooses to be with you and spend quality time with you, you value it! You’re in this together.

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Introverts: celebrate your uniqueness because being different makes you stand out from everybody else!… In the privacy of your own home, of course.



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