The Mini Food Trend

Ever been to an event where the food was to die for? Unsurprisingly, many caterers today are trying more innovative and creative trends to draw in customers. One of the most popular trends to emerge in catering this year is mini foods.

Mini Foods – what are they?

Mini foods are miniature versions of foods, usually served as canapés to guests at events. Ever heard of mini burgers? Mini desserts? This trend allows for variety and guests are able to sample everything without filling up. Mini cocktails can also be served as refreshments. This trend comes in handy for weddings, casual parties, corporate events and birthdays. For some scrumptious samples, check out these foods below.

#1 Mini burger and fries

IMG_8552_largeImage Credit: casadelindquist

These mini burgers and fries are great for any casual event you will be hosting. Adding some comfort food into the mix at your event may help guests feel more relaxed. These bite-sized burgers are guilt free and you can be as creative as you want. Instead of meat you could use a veggie burger and substitute the potato with sweet potato for the fries. The options are endless!

#2 Mini gougère

This one’s a little more gourmet. Mini gougères are perfect for any event you will be organising. Our sample below comes with bacon, aragula and pickled onions. It looks so inviting and so elegant, your guests will be excited to sink their teeth into this one! Los-Angeles-wedding-cocktail-hour-mini-sliders-organic

Image Credit: GreenWeddingShoes

#3 Mini taco

This mini taco paired with a mini cocktail is a great combination for your guests. Try to mix and match the drinks and add even more flavours to your tacos.


Image Credit: BridalGuide

#4 Mini warm risotto

This warm risotto is a good option for a first course. Why not skip the salad and go for this hearty risotto instead? This can be filling but not so worrisome for the diet. It’s a comfort food that everybody warms up to and while your guests are at it, you can add mini gourmet versions of mac-n-cheese and other comfort foods you may be fond of.


Image Credit: Parkavenue-events

#5 Mini treats

Who doesn’t love comfort foods that warm up the tummy? This is a great idea especially for events taking place during the colder months. You can set aside a sweet station full of these mini mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Also include mini mugs of hot cider, tea, coffee and eggnog to warm up your guests.


Image Credit: Parkavenue-events

#6 Mini Soup

Another winter warmer served in a mini coffee mug. This form of presentation is very appealing to guests; they look great and still contain quite a decent amount of food. These mugs are great to help warm up your guests while waiting for the main course or the entertainment and are perfect for a winter wedding reception! Screen-shot-2014-11-18-at-12.14.34-PM1

Image Credit: Parkavenue-events

#7 Mini grilled cheese with tomato soup

These tiny grilled cheese sandwiches are a great food to nibble on, while the tomato soup can also warm up your guests.


Image Credit: Parkavenue-events

#8 Mini scallops

These mini scallops may only take one bite to consume but they could be a favourite among your guests. These scallops are seared and marinated and served on Chinese spoons, making it easy for your guests to throw them back as they mingle around the event. It’s easy on the budget and it adds an Asian flair to your food table.

mini-by-design-01_detailImage Credit: colincowieweddings

#9 Mini meatball spaghetti

These hors d’oeuvres are an ultimate comfort food for anyone. The design is so delicate it makes you not want to eat it at all! However, it looks so delectable that your guests will finish it in one mouthful anyway. You won’t have to worry about messy pasta sauce going everywhere; in one pop, this mini spag and meatball combo will get your guests in the groove for the whole night. Start off the night well by serving this as your appetiser.

b54a4f_8e6b89991ed04f33705da8d5fe460558.jpg_srz_974_758_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzImage Credit: Peter Callahan

#10 Mini taco with mini drink

This assorted banquet is such an awesome idea and looks photo ready! You can mix and match your food choice and drink combinations to give guests the best possible combo to fit their tastes.


Image Credit: Peter Callahan

#11 Mini strawberry tart

Everybody loves desserts! It’s what everyone looks forward to at the end of their meal. For those with a serious sweet tooth, a good dessert can be the best part of the whole menu. Making sure that you still look for the healthy option for this part of the meal will make your guests very thankful. One trick is to add fresh fruit to your dessert choices. This mini strawberry tart is equally fulfilling and healthy. It adds a pop of color to the table plus it can be eaten in one go, or while walking around the venue. Strawberry is known to be filled with antioxidants and other nutrients, making it a great choice for desserts.

Assorted Deluxe Mini Fruit Tart

Image Credit: Dennis Wong

#12 Mini mac-n-cheese

Another mini serving of comfort food at your food station is a must. Who can say no to mac-n-cheese presented like the ones below? This mac-n-cheese idea is a one-bite wonder for the tastebuds. Add some fresh herbs like parsley or corriander as well as a crust on the outside, and you’ve got a mini meal to remember.


Image Credit: The Curvy Carrot

#13 Mini donuts

Mini donuts at your dessert station can be a great addition to your event. Donut ideas are limitless especially when they are in these cute mini sizes. You can have a selection of gourmet donuts, as well as colorful and fruity dessert donuts. Or, decorate the donuts to follow the theme of your event. Another great idea is to include a donut dipping sauce for extra flavour, as pictured below.

3-donuts-and-sauces-Peter-Callahan-Catering-American-style-DessertsImage Credit: Venuesafari

#14 Mini cocktail

Check out this ingenious cocktail served in a lemon skin! It looks so perfect and refreshing, guests will surely go back for more of this one. Pre-mix your favorite cocktails for the night in a large container and fill up lemon and lime skins whenever your guests are in need of a refill.

mini-lemonadeImage Credit: Peter Callahan

#15 Mini wedding cakes

These mini wedding cakes are a delicious idea for an engagement party, bridal shower or a wedding itself. It looks succulent and perfect for the event you will be hosting. It can be made to fit a variety of themes. In fact, they don’t even have to be wedding cakes; you could create individual birthday or dessert cakes for your guests instead of one big cake.

mini-succulent-wedding-cakesImage Credit: Weddings By Lilly

 #16  Mini banana split

It seems like mini foods are just a hit for desserts. This mini banana split topped with a sugar cherry looks so inviting that your guests may want to go for the dessert right away. They’re bite sized, easy to eat and so appealing!

mini-banana-splitsImage Credit: Kids Kubby

 #17 Mini veggie dips

Events and parties are usually a time to let go on the diet a bit, but the food need not be so unhealthy. These mini veggie dip additions can help alleviate the guilt of eating too many donuts or too much cake. Cook up some healthy dip to go with a variety of your favourite veggies and enjoy!

mini-veggie-dipsImage Credit: My Baking Addiction


If you’re thinking of hosting a catered event you might like to do some research about other food trends. Maybe your guests would enjoy trying some of these delicious mini foods! Send us some of your own food trend ideas in the comment section below.




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