Menu Planning for Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the biggest event industries all over the world. In Australia alone, the wedding industry generates $2 billion annually with an estimate of 116, 000 weddings taking place in the country every year.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of weddings every year has continued to rise since 2007. This is despite the fact that more couples are marrying later and choosing to live together before marrying. The wedding industry in Australia has also witnessed a slight shift in the choice of wedding season; although March is the most chosen month for weddings, November and October have seemed to increase in popularity.

Although civil ceremonies are already popular in most cases, wedding-related industries did not experience any decline in profit. One such industry experiencing a profit boom from weddings is the catering industry.

Food and Weddings


Food is always part of the centrepiece of the wedding. Wedding food is done to perfection. The guests always remember the food they were served. Nowadays, caterers and planners are getting more and more creative when it comes to the serving of food in order to beat their competitors and give the bride and groom a special day.

Some couples who are brave enough venture into themed weddings with themed menus. More adventurous couples would go for something that is very unique. Popular wedding themes are usually oriental, based on movies, based on the couple does for work, colour-inspired or based on an important aspect of a bride and grooms life. Some may also base the food on their venue. Weddings being held near the port or yacht club may serve seafoods, for example.

Now, how are you going to treat your guests with the ultimate feasts? How do you include menu ideas in your wedding planning? Wedding menus take many different forms but what is important is how you present it and how it expresses your tastes.

Here are 9 tips to get you started:

#1 What you want vs. what is necessary


Your ideas are always the first thing to consider since your wedding menu suggests your tastes. Pick a planning style that suits who you are as a couple. You might have a special food you want to be prepared on that special day so you should take note of it. You should communicate with and have the same goals as your caterer – that is to serve what you like and make the experience a memorable one.

#2 What kind of guests go you have?


Decide on what menu will be best for the people you are inviting. Plan out what you want your tables will look like to figure out the perfect arrangement.

If you can’t decide what will be best for each of your guests, diversify the menu. Make sure there are options available to all kinds of people; kids, vegetarians, etc. Think about what most of your guests will enjoy since you cannot cater to each person’s taste individually. Explain to them beforehand what they will have during the occasion so they won’t be surprised or disappointed in case they have food preferences, allergies and the like.

#3 Don’t procrastinate; book a caterer early


Ensure your preparations go smoothly. Plan your wedding menu and start searching for caterers 12 months before your wedding. It is important that you don’t cram and take details for granted due to lack of time. In regards to booking your caterer, take note that there are a lot of them so make sure you do your research. When you pick a caterer, take into account your budget while looking at their example menus.

#4 Consider the season


Ask your caterer what food will be best during the season of your wedding. Choose local and fresh seasonal food products for your menu.

#5 Serve with style


Make every serving look interesting in the eyes of the guests. The way you serve is just as important as the food itself. A plated dinner is the most formal way to present the food, however, a buffet is another style that will involve a number of foods and is more favourable if you are to serve diversified guests. A buffet allows your guests to choose their own food. It’s less formal and less costly. Include a signature cocktail menu on each table.

#6 Please your guests


What better way to give your guests the best time of their lives than to please them with a fantastic menu? Include one of two exciting meal or dessert options to make your menu stand out.

#7 Prepare a budget and align your priorities


Understanding your priorities is a must so you don’t spend all your money on a few aspects of the wedding. There are a number of ways to save: slash your guest list, serve comfort foods, throw a brunch reception instead of dinner, etc.  Keep it cheap but delicious!

#8 Consider your venue


Your venue will also tell you about the availability of food. If the venue is not far from the coast, then it is might be possible to get the freshest seafood available for your wedding day. A venue near farmland will render you the freshest vegetables.

Most caterers today advocate localisation of menus and farm to table recipes. You can incorporate this in your menu as well.

#9 Other things to consider


You should always carefully consider the timings for your food service. You do not want to leave it too late as people will start to get hungry and grumpy and bored of waiting around; too early though and people will feel like they have not had enough time to mingle and chat following the service. Ask your caterer for their advice as they will know what works best for you and your venue.


Remember your food choice should be something close to your heart, easy to prepare, fit with your budget that still makes your guests happy.

In addition, plan your drinks well in advance. Will drinks be on the house or will you ask guests to bring their own? This will all depending on your setting! To save some money, instead of letting the champagne bubble all throughout the night, simply use it for the first toast and serve something else afterwards. You’ll save and your guests will be happy!

Before your wedding, make sure these things are already planned out. Never allow spur of the moment decisions since this will put you off track. Plan in advance and spend the days before your wedding in relaxing bliss. For more wedding ideas, hacks and tips, make sure you check our past wedding articles.


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