Men and Cosmetic Surgery

If you think it’s only women who are seeking cosmetic surgery, think again. According to ISAPS, the number of male cosmetic procedures worldwide in 2013 amounted to 3 million. The numbers have certainly risen over the years with men becoming more open to the idea of cosmetic surgery.

In the American market, cosmetic surgery among men has increased by 43 percent in the last five years according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This has been triggered by various factors; aesthetics and self-improvement included.

4 Types of Guys Who are Opting for Surgery


According to Business Insider, there are four types of men who are most likely to seek cosmetic surgery. They include the following:


The first type of guy is one who is hoping for a model-like look. Often, they will opt for surgeries that would make them appear more photogenic. Typical surgery choices include jaw line augmentation and nose jobs. This enables them to have a more defined jaw line and a stronger chin. They might also request abdominal procedures like hi-def liposuction which helps define the abs or pectoral implants (this defines the chest) and gluteal implants (defines the buttocks).

This type of customer often wants an elongated chin, enhanced cheekbones andthe  perfect nose for that magazine cover look.

Body Builder

A body builder type customer may also desire similar procedures. However, these customers will often request to become more muscular.

The surgeries often include chest and gluteal implants. Another procedure performed for this type of customer is the Gynecomastia surgery, or the removal of the extra fatty tissues in the breast tissue which is naturally occurring in certain body types or is caused by steroid intake.

Athletic Dad

The athletic dad customer is one whose choice to get surgery is not highly influenced by their career. This is sometimes called the “daddy makeover”.

Common surgeries for this type of customer include jaw line surgery or recontouring, liposuction, facelift and eyelift.


This type of cosmetic surgery goer is one who wishes to enhance his looks in order to enhance his career. Often, they opt for surgery to look and feel younger and more confident.

These men opt for facelifts, definition in jaw line and removal of wrinkles.

Top Five Male Surgeries


The top five cosmetic surgery procedures for males include the following:

  • Nose reshaping
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Breast reduction
  • Facelift

Nose reshaping

Nose reshaping is possibly one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for both men and women. This surgery can be done in many different ways and is commonly known as a “nose job” or Rhinoplasty. The basic outcome of this surgery is a change in shape or form of the nose.

Rhinoplasty may address problems with the nose bridge or trim the nose tip. Nose jobs are often performed using general anaesthetic. Some men may also opt for non-invasive alternatives like injections, although this might not be as permanent as surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

There are several reasons why men might opt for eyelid surgery. Some men might get this procedure done to help ease problems with vision or to reduce wrinkles in the eye area. Since the eyes are the most noticeable feature of the face, they are always criticised first. Eyes are also most affected by the aging process of the body.

Eyelid surgery aims to lift the “tired” look from the eyes. Sometimes, it is also the “cure” for dark circles. The surgery aims to reduce excess skin, remedy droopiness and even help those who seek a double lid. Sometimes this procedure is completed with a brow lift.


Liposuction is one popular surgery that aims to reduce fat in the body and give it some shape. Depending on the body part targeted, liposuction can be expensive. the most commonly targeted areas of liposuction include the thighs, buttocks, abs, arms, back, chin and neck.

Liposuction is not a substitute for exercise. It is just a treatment that can jumpstart a patient’s weight loss goals. The treatment sucks off the fat in certain areas and may also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Breast Reduction

There are a few factors that can cause larger breast tissue in men. Factors can include genes, use of steroids, obesity or recent weight loss as well as hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia is the medical term for breast swelling among men.

Among men, it can be the cause of low self esteem and this is why it has risen to the top of the list of most requested surgery for men young and old. Reduction of the breasts includes the removal of extra fat and cutting the excess skin.


Facelift is the common name for Rhytidectomy. This procedure often aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. It also results in an improvement of overall appearance. Surgery often lifts and tightens the skin to remove signs of wrinkles.

The excess skin is often trimmed out and the scar is hidden in the hairline or behind the ears. On the other hand, some facelifting effects can also be achieved with other non-invasive techniques.

Facelift is the fastest way to refresh the face which is why it is often chosen by men who want to achieve more in their careers and social life.

Other Surgeries Requested by Men


Cosmetic surgeries for men may not be limited to those mentioned above. Some men, just like some women, have sensitive skin and may opt to receive skin smoothening treatments which may be non-invasive. For acne scarring and sun spots, the most common and available treatments includes microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

Botox isn’t just for women; men also choose to be injected by this muscle relaxing toxin. The procedure can be done in an hour and is very popular. Tummy tucks are also fairly common, while chin reductions or chin enhancements are also popular.

New Cosmetic Procedure Trends

The new trend that has been on the news in the last few weeks is the new drug that is said to help erase double chins. Kybella, a fat dissolving injection administered in the chin, has been approved by USFDA.

In the near future, doctors are predicting a rise of procedures adding fat to certain parts of the body. As we get older we lose volume in the face; adding fat in these key areas may help restore a youthfull look. It is called fat grafting as well as volumetric restoration. This procedure has been available for years and is widely requested.

Cosmetic Surgery Hype and Safety


Surgery hype is influenced a great deal by celebrity news. This hype often leads to people seeking illegal procedures by unlicensed practitioners in order to look like their favourite celebrities for a cheaper cost. This is why caution must be exercised when thinking about undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. Always consult a licensed surgeon. The rise of accredited clinics all over the world has also meant an increase in the number of men who opt for cosmetic surgeries.

Most men today would visit clinics, throwing away the age old misconception that cosmetic procedures are just for women. As Business Insider puts it, “We live in a culture where youth and beauty are prized — even for men”.


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