Marketing Lessons from the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

The fight of the century turned out to be much less “spectacular” than it ought to have been, but the marketing strategies it employed certainly raked in hundreds of millions for the organisers. Let’s discuss how the event organisers managed to utilise digital marketing strategies to the fullest and create immense hype for the boxing match in just a few months.

Applying some of these techniques to your marketing strategy might take longer than a few months (you’re not Mayweather or Pacquiao) but you can start building your own brand name and the results will be worth it.

#1 Get the best team you can organise


Who is behind the success of each boxer? Their team of course. Their team are experts in their field. They’ve gathered their years of experience and completed necessary training.

In a digital marketing strategy, the right team can make a huge difference. Choose an expert to handle each aspect of your campaign. The more experience the better. However, don’t focus on just the expertise; also remember flexibility is important. Remember how SEO was turned upside down after Google’s update? Gather a team that can be flexible in adverse times.

Organise your team with your company goal in mind. If you’re wanting to improve content strategy, hire a content writer. If you’re targeting social media campaign, hire someone with experience in that area and who has a good social media presence.

#2 Have a plan

The marketing team of the MayPac fight planned everything including the venue, the date and the possible earnings.

In digital marketing, a plan can be a guide for a long term or short term goal you are aiming for. For example, you plan to increase leads by 20% over the next three months with a revamped version of your website and more personalised ads.

#3 Practice your strategies


MayPac perfected their moves in the ring while their marketing teams also perfected their plans and strategies behind the scenes. It’s all about careful study and even some trial and error.

If you’re a smart strategist, you won’t implement a new plan unless you have the numbers. Analytics play a big role in determining and predicting what will work for your company. Lift numbers from your data. Know the right hour and the right day to implement a plan and know your target people. One very simple example of this is knowing the right time of day (or night) to share on social media in order to get the most views and likes. Know the peak hours of your followers and share during that time. Try a specific hour in the morning, the afternoon and at night. Note down possible differences in hits.

#4 Know your competitors

Be it boxing or marketing, knowing your competitors puts you in a strong position. Remember, no one broadcasts their strategies and their secrets, so it’s up to you to study your competitors. Follow their social media, keep up-to-date about their website changes and keep track of their techniques.

Learn from them after by integrating their strategies with yours to see what works. There are several tools available to help you track your competitors. Facebook Page Manager, for example, will help you to closely follow your competitor’s page activity for a price.

#5 Build excitement


Nothing built up excitement right around the world like the MayPac fight. The five year lead-up of fans running and chasing for the fight to happen was just part of the clever marketing strategy. When the fight was officially announced, even those who weren’t fans were excited.

Build excitement by promising the audience a once in a lifetime chance or an exclusive opportunity. In your strategy, announce the plan months before and outline the best possible benefits your audience can gain from it. Make it sensational but make sure to live up to the hype.

#6 Make it exclusive

The world responds well to the word “exclusive”. It has a ring of privilege to it. Exclusive pay-per-view of the MayPac fight produced millions from the audience. Build a sense of exclusivity among your audience, announcing your exclusive offering through emails and on social media.

#7 Be Bold


Both fighters claimed they would be bringing home the title. Why not? In marketing, being bold enough to speak your mind and what you want will help you draw an interested audience. Tell them your thoughts. Make bold, confident claims but don’t be flashy and boastful.

#8 Involve the audience

The audience is your lifeline. The MayPac fight would never have been so hyped up if there was no audience or fans. Always involve them in your decisions. One major move can affect your business as well as your ROI. Always prepare your audience before you do something to your strategy or business that will affect them.

#9 Use technology to your advantage


Remember how the MayPac fight exhausted every marketing avenue? From print ads, to television ads, to social media marketing, the fight certainly was the ultimate marketing dream.

The internet can spread information in a matter of seconds. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram among other social media sites can create the hype in no time at all. If your campaign has a rocky start, try to leverage paid advertisements on all social media platforms. From there, the power of viral content will work its magic.

#10 You don’t need to please everybody

You can’t please your entire audience. You can’t perfect every strategy you implement. There will always be someone who hates your banner design, your company logo, your free gifts or your blog posts. Remember, they’re a small percentage of the whole. Just nurture those who respond well to you.

#11 Have a back-up plan


If your previous campaign didn’t work, go to plan B. Learn from the mistakes you made in plan A and be more creative or more analytical in plan B.


The MayPac fight might not have been a perfect marketing plan, but the earnings it gathered in a span of just a few months is enough to explain its success. It’s not just the boxers who won something; the organisers also earned a huge amount during that time. Once your digital campaign becomes a success, it’s not just the website that will benefit but your whole company as well.

The above strategies are of course already known in the marketing world, but equating them to the fight gives us a refreshing understanding of their uses. Let’s keep posted for that next fight, we might learn something new again!


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