Cosmetic Surgery Trends For The Modern Man

Cosmetic surgery is commonly thought to be most popular with women in today’s society, so it’s not suprising that cosmetic surgery for men has been somewhat of a taboo subject in the past. However, today male cosmetic surgery is accepted by the public. In fact, in the United States 10% of all cosmetic plastic surgery performed last year was for male patients. This year, there has been an increase of 7%, as men are deciding to get cosmetic surgery; for both medical reasons and for appearance enhancement. As long as you make sure that the cosmetic surgeon is known for their experience, expertise and has good patient feedback, you are likely to have a good outcome.

If you’re still not totally convinced about the existence of male vanity, you only need to look at the rising number of glossy male magazines and the birth of marketing targeting meterosexuals and you will realize that male vanity is reaching new heights. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this but, just like female vanity, don’t overdo it.

We’ve rounded up some of the top trending male cosmetic surgery procedures:

1. Rhinoplasty

A procedure that corrects and reconstructs the form and function of the nose. It also enhances the aesthetics of the nose by fixing any damage or deformities caused by trauma, botched primary rhinoplasty, congenital defects or respiratory issues. Some men will pay between $3,000 to $8,000 for this nosy procedure.

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2. Liposuction

This is a popular procedure for women which is now being adopted by men (possibly to remove beer bellies). Also known as lipoplasty or Liposculpture, the procedure removes cellulite from different parts of the body including the abdomen, buttocks, neck, thigh and the back of the arms. A hollow metal instrument called the canulla is used to melt and suck the unwanted cellulite out of the body. Depending on how much fat you would like to remove the procedure can range from $2,000 to $12,000.

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 3. Beard Transplant

This is one of the most talked about procedures hitting the headlines right now. The procedure is not new but the publicity it’s getting is unbelievable. Many articles and news clips have featured this craze among men and the number of individuals undergoing beard implants has increased dramatically, specifically in the US and the UK within the last 5 years. It was reported that the main reason is because a number of male celebrities are sporting facial hair (David Beckhan, Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt). The process involves follicular unit extraction using a dense group of hairs, which are harvested from other areas of the body and then surgically inserted in the target area.

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4. Penis Enlargement

For some, size does matter. It was reported that plastic surgery procedures to make penises larger are increasing every year. In Italy this procedure was reported to have risen by 25%. Some say that the reasons are unknown, but again, the subject of size has been always an issue among men. It’s similar to when women worry over the size of their breasts. Some men can feel inadequate or embarrassed if their penis is not big enough. The majority of the surgeries seek to add girth rather than length.

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5. Scrotoplasty or Scrotum Lift

To put it simply, this procedure is performed to make the scrotum tighter. For most men, this doesn’t really matter unless there are some serious health issues involved that need to be corrected. The procedure may involve a plastic surgeon removing excess skin and tightening which will improve comfort in the crotch area and improve appearance while preserving the natural function of the testicles. The procedure can last up to 2 hours and may cost between $4500 – $8000.

We’ll save you from having to see an image of this one…

6. Gynecomastia

In two words, man boobs. In one word, moobs. Moobs often are a result of weight, age, health conditions, or genetics. In general, breast reduction is popular among women with overly large breasts, but there is an increasing number of men undergoing gynecomastia. This can be quite embarrassing for men especially if it appears that they have bigger boobs than their wife or girlfriend. Patients might be experiencing low esteem and lack of confidence. No man wants to be put down because of this, thus many are considering this surgery. For some, gynecomastia is a direct result of being overweight or simply having excess breast tissue, which can be fixed with regular exercise and diet. If it is genetic, exercise will not do and the only way to possibly reduce it is through surgery.

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7. Mustache Surgery

Do you idolize Tom Selleck or Ron Burgundy, but no matter what you do you can’t grow a mustache? Don’t fret because transplants are here! Mustache surgery, just like beard surgery involves follicular unit excitation where dense hair is implanted in the target area. This trend is very popular in the middle east, where having a thick mustache is a sign of masculinity, power and prestige. The way the mustache curls or drops can also determine a man’s political preference. Surgery can last up to 2 hours and can cost up to $7000. Plus, you need to have thick patches of hair from other parts of your body to make this transplant happen.

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8. Pectoral Implants or Pectoralis Plasty

There are times when no matter how hard you work out at the gym you just can’t achieve the muscle definition you’re after, specifically in the chest area. Damn you genetics! Well, you don’t have to be frustrated about it if you opt for pectoral implants instead. The procedure involves a plastic surgeon inserting soft silicone implants in the pectoral area. The silicone implants come in different sizes that will fit your body type and target physique. The procedure can last up to 2 hours, recovery time can be up to a month and it can cost you between $5000 to $9000.

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Cosmetic plastic surgery is not just for women anymore. Any man who wants to improve their appearance can do it with exercise and diet but if they want to further enhance their looks or need a helping hand to recover from physical trauma, they can opt for male cosmetic surgery.


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