You Know You’re a Child of the 1970s if …

A monster list of memories for Australians who grew up in the 1970s.

You know you’re a child of the ’70s if …

1. You had a Scalextrics set

ScalextricImage credit:


2. You can recite McDonald’s Big Mac song:  Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 2.37.57 PMImage credit:


3. You used Perkins Paste at school

Perkins PasteImage credit: Pinterest

4. You remember paper money

Paper notesImage credit:


5. Every home had a spider plant

Spider plantImage credit: Notes of Nature


6. Deciding between Redskins, Milkos or Choo Choo bars at the tuck shop was a daily problem


Image credit:


7. Your Mum had a glow mesh purse

PurseImage source: Etsy


8. You could make a cat’s cradle

Cat's Cradle

Image credit:


9. You challenged your friend to go around the world or to walk the dog 

YoyoImage credit:


10. Your soft drink can had a ring pull, until it was replaced by the push tab

Pull ring  Push Tab

Image source: eBay, Image source: Angel Fire


11. You chanted England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales while playing elastics

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 2.40.05 PMImage source: The Daily Edge


12. Your Dunlop Volleys always wore away in the same spot

Dunlop VolleysImage source: Wikipedia


13.  You got splinters from a wooden sea-saw

SeeSawImage source: playgroundology


14. You burnt your bum or the back of your legs on a metal slide

SlideImage source: Preservation in Pink


15. You loved getting creative with Fashion Plates 

fashion platesImage source: Etsy


16. You set Test Match up in your living room

Test MatchImage source: The Wasted Afternoons


17. You taped your favourite song off the radio

tape recorderImage source: Pinterest


18.  KB was in the fridge

KBImage source: Spakatak


19. You got up at 6am to watch The Thunderbirds on Saturday morning

VirgilImage source:


20. The Curiosity Show amazed you every Friday afternoon

CuriosityImage source: The Daily Telegraph


21. Golliwog Biscuits weren’t considered offensive

BiscuitsImage source: Museum Victoria


22. You watched Fat Albert during the Hey Hey It’s Saturday morning children’s program 

Fat Albert

Image source: Fotolog


23. Flower seats and baskets were normal bike accessories for girls

Sissy bars and floral seats

Image source: Gumtree


24. You know the relationship between these two

HB Pencil Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.40.28 pm

Image source:  Top Makeup Brushes Wal and WikiMedia


25. You held on for dear life when playing on this 


Image source: Strawberry Lemonade


26. You pegged a playing card to your bike spokes


Image source:


27. Your Funk & Wagnells filled a bookcase

Funk & Wagnells

Image Source: eBay


28. All the girls had rainbow coloured streamers hanging from their handlebars


Image source: Pinterest


29. You loved eating a Sunny-boy 

Sunny Boy

Image source: Pinterest


30. You licked your Paddle Pop stick to win a prize

Paddle Pop

Image source: island republic


31. You know someone who wore JC’s


Image source: Pinterest


32. You can still sing along to the closing tune on Young Talent Time 


Image source: Pinterest


33. You didn’t get to the shops before midday on Saturday then nothing was open again until Monday


Image source: Wikipedia


34. You made daisy chains your friends

Daisy chains

Image source: Attic 24


35. You always finished the chocolate strip first in the tub of Neapolitan ice cream

ice cream

Image source: Moxie Fab World


36. You hoped Miss Helena would say your name when she looked into the magic mirror


Image source: Linny J Creations


37. You nearly broke your neck with these

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 2.23.25 PM

Image source: Etsy


38. You impressed your friends with boot roller skates

Boot skates

Image source: Etsy


39. You had to go to the chemist to get your film developed and waited weeks to get them back


Image source: Daniel Bowen


40. You were the legend of your street if you had a green machine

Green machine

Image source: retro thing


41. The milkman delivered milk bottles to your front door


Image source:


42. The garbage man threw your rubbish into the truck


Image source:


43. You hated it when your record skipped

 record player

Source Image: kinta valley audio


44. Your Mum used olive oil to clean out your ears


Source Image: Pinterest


45. You marvelled as you watched Mrs Marsh get it in

Mrs Marsh

Image source:


46. You remember Madge the Manicurist soaking in it


Image source: You Tube


47. You rugged up for Cracker night every June long weekend and filled your pockets with Throw Downs


Image source: asampler


48. You wore a calculator watch

Calculator Watch

Image source: Gizmodo


49. You thought Ponch and Jon were cool


Image source: Soda Head


50. You had a Captain Marvel comic


Image source: My Comic Shop


51. You know what time of the day you saw this

Test Pattern

Image source: You Tube 


52. On the odd occasion you were up late enough you would hear God Save The Queen playing before the ABC channel stopped transmitting for the night


Image source: Archives QLD


53. You laughed along with the Banana Splits

Banana Split

Image source: eBay


54. You knew who your friend was when things got tough

HR Pufnstuf

Image source: Mikeys Puppetry Blog


55. You happily rode your bike with your friends, no helmets

no helmet

Image source: Business Insider Australia


56. Your family dressed in matching terry towelling clothes

Terry Toweling

Image source:


57. You had a bowl haircut and didn’t care, because everyone else had one too

Bowl hair cuts

Image source:


58. Your dragster bike with gear levers was your pride and joy


Image source:


59. You watched the Paul Hogan show and wondered what was wrong with Strop


Image source:


60. Big bubbles were no trouble with Hubba Bubba


Image source: Flickr


61. You knew someone with these


Image source: Etsy


62. Serious decision making was made with Eeny Meany Miny Moe – without thinking twice about who got caught by the toe

Eeny Meeny

Image source: Tumblr


63. You know who this is

Life Be In It

Image source: inthefrontroom.blogspot


64. It wasn’t unusual to walk through saloon or swinging doors in someone’s house

Saloon doors

Image source: Pinterest


56. You remember the bionic sound Steve Austin made


Image source: Christmas History


66. You wanted to pat Woodrow


Image source: YouTube


67. You wondered if other parts of Skylab’s debris were going to fall on your house


Image source:


68. You played tricks dialling 199 on the phone, making it call back


Image source: eBay


69. You got the best-selling Christmas gift for 1979


Image source:


70. Your Mum cooked meat and three veg 7 nights a week

Meat and Veg

Image source: Bake Bike Blog


71. You swapped football cards with your friends at school

Footy Cards

Image source: eBay


72. Every parent had a Bank Card


Image source: Wikipedia


73. You know who Starchild, The Demon, Space Ace and Catman are


Image source: Follow FM


74. All of the cool places had Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Image source: Arcade Museum


75. You thought the Fonz was cool and didn’t think it was weird that he hung out in the toilets with school kids


Image source: mike cronis blogspot


76. You remember bucket seat belts

Bucket seats

Image source:


77. Your Mum smoked Alpine Lights 

Alpine Lights

Image source: Blurbs from the Burbs


78. You jumped on your vinyl trampoline after squirting it with dish washing liquid

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 3.04.36 PM

Image source: Bateman’s Bay Post


79. You couldn’t wait to buy a 20c bag of lollies


Image source:


80. Ankle socks with pom poms stopped your socks getting sucked into your sandshoe


Image source: Pinterest


81. You think 1979 smells like this

Coconut Reef Oil

Image source:


82. You remember Oil of Ulan looking like this

Oil of Ulan

Image source: Suburban Jubilee


83. Your Mum’s favourite cologne was 4711


Image source: Etsy


84. This looks familiar 


Image source:


85. You cheered Skippy for knowing what to do when someone was in trouble


Image source:


86. Your first camera looked something like this


Image source:


87. You remember public telephones looking like this

phone box

Image source: Flickr


88. You spent hours clicking through your View-Master


Image source: Pinterest


89. Someone you know had a Holly Hobbie bedspread

holly hobble

Image source: Flickr


90. You styled Barbie’s hair and did her makeup


Image source: Pinterest


91. You saw Betsy Clark illustrations everywhere

Betsy Clark

Image source: Pinterest


92. You pretended to smoke a packet of fags


Image source: Murder By Media


93. You loved sitting in one of these

bean bag

Image source: Houzz


94. You know what these are


Image source: Indulgy

95. You carried around a lucky rabbit’s foot


Image source: Pinterest


96. You loved sitting in the booth at Pizza Hut

pizza hutImage source: Pinterest


97. You begged your parents for Crazy Foam

Crazy Foam

Image source: Tumblr


98. You took your leather hippie purse everywhere

Hippie Purse

Image source: Pinterest


99. You drank Tang

tangImage source: Cracker Night


100. You knew the Benny Hill Show theme song

The Benny Hill Show_cadre.jpg

Image source: dbsvantage

Have I missed one of your favourites? Join the conversation below!


  1. I remember the public phones were black and had an ‘A’ button and a ‘B’ button & you had to talk to someone in ‘the exchange’!!!!!!

  2. Trading cars, platform shoes and Chopper bikes!
    Looking inside your Sunny Boy for the yellow writing that meant you won a free one.
    Lee jeans, and ripping off the leather Lee tag from your friend jeans.

  3. Just discovered this. Brilliant list Kylie. It’s like you walked into my house with its mission brown fence and orange tiles.

  4. These first sandals are more like JC’s I think this was short for Jesus Christ sandals (Jesus Christ Superstar was just released)
    The second sandals were toe sandals third picture in the late 70’s we had to have Slaps (bamboo and velvet straps)

  5. Thanks for the lovely memories I loved sunny boys me and my sister used to open them carefully and after the pack was empty we would fill them with cordial and freeze them so we could do that repeatedly until the pack became unusable.(only cause mum wouldn’t let us buy more)
    How about:
    Louie the Fly
    Twister Game
    and those jumping poles with springs on the bottom forgot what they were called

  6. Golly gosh, if that don’t bring back some memories, i’ll be 74 next month and experienced nearly 97% of those things xceptin for the girly things of course.

  7. Simon. I didn’t have one, my neighbour did. But I had Merlin. Also you might have mentioned cricket, not that I was a fan, but it was unavoidable. Lilley, Chappel, Marsh… who else?
    Mum used to sew clothes, we had matching dresses, and a one shoulder top.

  8. Great to read through this list of memories. I remember collecting the plastic toys in cereal boxes, woodley field green apple shampoo, skinny dip perfume, bread costing 24cents wrapped in waxed paper, chrissy dolls whose hair grew by pressing a button on her back, SOS cough lollies, Perkins paste fights the loser would end up with a mouthful, globite school cases, having to do marching at primary school to distorted old recorded band music, white sandshoes on sport day and having to keep painting them with kiwi white, the school canteen selling cream buns, vanilla slice, chocolate match and soft drinks, watching the banana splits, the monkees, black and white tv, the lemon fab ad, high school kids smoking down the back of the school bus. Crazy maze chocolate bars, scorched peanut bars, chocolate frogs shaped like a real frog wrapped in foil, caramello bears, ..this could go on forever..happy times!

    • I think the Lemon Fab ad was the most memorable 70s ad of all. I also loved the Lime Fresh ad and Uncle Sam deodorant, very 70s! I loved Crazy Mazes too!

  9. I remember all of these except fashion plates, and I was never allowed to have a bike as the roads were too dangerous! I got to ride my friends bikes though without dad and mum knowing (how bad was I).

  10. I feel as though considering I am only 18 can relate to 60/100 of these that most off these didn’t change until a lot more recently, either that or I grew up in a super old fashioned country town…

  11. Wow . Great list.
    Vellour jumpers, cords, midi skirts, maxi skirts, clogs, smocks, body shirts, skinny rib jumpers, baggies, wrap around skirts, furry jackets, chemise’, miller shirts, Levi sneakers , beachcombers, kickers or strikers, db’s aka desert boots, floral skirts, treads, polo neck jumpers, windcheaters, army pants.

    I.d bracelets, Sun Up hair peroxide, Jean Nate powder and cologne, Babe powder, Spiritual Sky perfumes, pukka shells, Black and White cigarettes, Wills super mild,
    Blackberry Nip, Brandevino , Fleur Velour lounges, full gloss paint in apple green on the kitchen walls, glugs, razz’, Black Cat gum, Bug Charlie bubble gum , swap cards, Clark pools.

    Good times.

  12. Love Italian Style or Love Greek Style was a show on telly showing songs food segments and travel scenes for the particular Country . You went to the movies and there was a short film and intermission before the main feature

  13. Douglas HiFi cassette players – the spherical ones in burnt orange, avocado or white. Treads, Connies, Ugg Boots, Scoops, World Series Cricket, Frankenstein Jr & The Impossibles, Number 96, K-Tel/Majestic Records compilations, K-Tel Record Selector.


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