A monster list of memories for Australians who grew up in the 1970s.

You know you’re a child of the ’70s if …

1. You had a Scalextrics set

ScalextricImage credit: fs-collectibles.com


2. You can recite McDonald’s Big Mac song:  Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 2.37.57 PMImage credit: meandmybigmouth.com.au


3. You used Perkins Paste at school

Perkins PasteImage credit: Pinterest

4. You remember paper money

Paper notesImage credit: http://www.vision.net.au/


5. Every home had a spider plant

Spider plantImage credit: Notes of Nature


6. Deciding between Redskins, Milkos or Choo Choo bars at the tuck shop was a daily problem


Image credit: shopify.com


7. Your Mum had a glow mesh purse

PurseImage source: Etsy


8. You could make a cat’s cradle

Cat's Cradle

Image credit: ifyoulovetoread.com


9. You challenged your friend to go around the world or to walk the dog 

YoyoImage credit: vintageculture.net


10. Your soft drink can had a ring pull, until it was replaced by the push tab

Pull ring  Push Tab

Image source: eBay, Image source: Angel Fire


11. You chanted England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales while playing elastics

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 2.40.05 PMImage source: The Daily Edge


12. Your Dunlop Volleys always wore away in the same spot

Dunlop VolleysImage source: Wikipedia


13.  You got splinters from a wooden sea-saw

SeeSawImage source: playgroundology


14. You burnt your bum or the back of your legs on a metal slide

SlideImage source: Preservation in Pink


15. You loved getting creative with Fashion Plates 

fashion platesImage source: Etsy


16. You set Test Match up in your living room

Test MatchImage source: The Wasted Afternoons


17. You taped your favourite song off the radio

tape recorderImage source: Pinterest


18.  KB was in the fridge

KBImage source: Spakatak


19. You got up at 6am to watch The Thunderbirds on Saturday morning

VirgilImage source: thunderbirds.wikia.com


20. The Curiosity Show amazed you every Friday afternoon

CuriosityImage source: The Daily Telegraph


21. Golliwog Biscuits weren’t considered offensive

BiscuitsImage source: Museum Victoria


22. You watched Fat Albert during the Hey Hey It’s Saturday morning children’s program 

Fat Albert

Image source: Fotolog


23. Flower seats and baskets were normal bike accessories for girls

Sissy bars and floral seats

Image source: Gumtree


24. You know the relationship between these two

HB Pencil Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.40.28 pm

Image source:  Top Makeup Brushes Wal and WikiMedia


25. You held on for dear life when playing on this 


Image source: Strawberry Lemonade


26. You pegged a playing card to your bike spokes


Image source: democraticunderground.com


27. Your Funk & Wagnells filled a bookcase

Funk & Wagnells

Image Source: eBay


28. All the girls had rainbow coloured streamers hanging from their handlebars


Image source: Pinterest


29. You loved eating a Sunny-boy 

Sunny Boy

Image source: Pinterest


30. You licked your Paddle Pop stick to win a prize

Paddle Pop

Image source: island republic


31. You know someone who wore JC’s


Image source: Pinterest


32. You can still sing along to the closing tune on Young Talent Time 


Image source: Pinterest


33. You didn’t get to the shops before midday on Saturday then nothing was open again until Monday


Image source: Wikipedia


34. You made daisy chains your friends

Daisy chains

Image source: Attic 24


35. You always finished the chocolate strip first in the tub of Neapolitan ice cream

ice cream

Image source: Moxie Fab World


36. You hoped Miss Helena would say your name when she looked into the magic mirror


Image source: Linny J Creations


37. You nearly broke your neck with these

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 2.23.25 PM

Image source: Etsy


38. You impressed your friends with boot roller skates

Boot skates

Image source: Etsy


39. You had to go to the chemist to get your film developed and waited weeks to get them back


Image source: Daniel Bowen


40. You were the legend of your street if you had a green machine

Green machine

Image source: retro thing


41. The milkman delivered milk bottles to your front door


Image source: abc.net.au


42. The garbage man threw your rubbish into the truck


Image source: cclc.vic.gov.au


43. You hated it when your record skipped

 record player

Source Image: kinta valley audio


44. Your Mum used olive oil to clean out your ears


Source Image: Pinterest


45. You marvelled as you watched Mrs Marsh get it in

Mrs Marsh

Image source: peteracross.wordpress.com


46. You remember Madge the Manicurist soaking in it


Image source: You Tube


47. You rugged up for Cracker night every June long weekend and filled your pockets with Throw Downs


Image source: asampler


48. You wore a calculator watch

Calculator Watch

Image source: Gizmodo


49. You thought Ponch and Jon were cool


Image source: Soda Head


50. You had a Captain Marvel comic


Image source: My Comic Shop


51. You know what time of the day you saw this

Test Pattern

Image source: You Tube 


52. On the odd occasion you were up late enough you would hear God Save The Queen playing before the ABC channel stopped transmitting for the night


Image source: Archives QLD


53. You laughed along with the Banana Splits

Banana Split

Image source: eBay


54. You knew who your friend was when things got tough

HR Pufnstuf

Image source: Mikeys Puppetry Blog


55. You happily rode your bike with your friends, no helmets

no helmet

Image source: Business Insider Australia


56. Your family dressed in matching terry towelling clothes

Terry Toweling

Image source: stylingyou.com.au


57. You had a bowl haircut and didn’t care, because everyone else had one too

Bowl hair cuts

Image source: portraited.com


58. Your dragster bike with gear levers was your pride and joy


Image source: aussieveedubbers.com


59. You watched the Paul Hogan show and wondered what was wrong with Strop


Image source: news.com.au


60. Big bubbles were no trouble with Hubba Bubba


Image source: Flickr


61. You knew someone with these


Image source: Etsy


62. Serious decision making was made with Eeny Meany Miny Moe – without thinking twice about who got caught by the toe

Eeny Meeny

Image source: Tumblr


63. You know who this is

Life Be In It

Image source: inthefrontroom.blogspot


64. It wasn’t unusual to walk through saloon or swinging doors in someone’s house

Saloon doors

Image source: Pinterest


56. You remember the bionic sound Steve Austin made


Image source: Christmas History


66. You wanted to pat Woodrow


Image source: YouTube


67. You wondered if other parts of Skylab’s debris were going to fall on your house


Image source: history.com


68. You played tricks dialling 199 on the phone, making it call back


Image source: eBay


69. You got the best-selling Christmas gift for 1979


Image source: retro.mmgn.com


70. Your Mum cooked meat and three veg 7 nights a week

Meat and Veg

Image source: Bake Bike Blog


71. You swapped football cards with your friends at school

Footy Cards

Image source: eBay


72. Every parent had a Bank Card


Image source: Wikipedia


73. You know who Starchild, The Demon, Space Ace and Catman are


Image source: Follow FM


74. All of the cool places had Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Image source: Arcade Museum


75. You thought the Fonz was cool and didn’t think it was weird that he hung out in the toilets with school kids


Image source: mike cronis blogspot


76. You remember bucket seat belts

Bucket seats

Image source: www.impalas.com


77. Your Mum smoked Alpine Lights 

Alpine Lights

Image source: Blurbs from the Burbs


78. You jumped on your vinyl trampoline after squirting it with dish washing liquid

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 3.04.36 PM

Image source: Bateman’s Bay Post


79. You couldn’t wait to buy a 20c bag of lollies


Image source: tooaskew.com


80. Ankle socks with pom poms stopped your socks getting sucked into your sandshoe


Image source: Pinterest


81. You think 1979 smells like this

Coconut Reef Oil

Image source: reefsun.com.au


82. You remember Oil of Ulan looking like this

Oil of Ulan

Image source: Suburban Jubilee


83. Your Mum’s favourite cologne was 4711


Image source: Etsy


84. This looks familiar 


Image source: www.vacuumland.org


85. You cheered Skippy for knowing what to do when someone was in trouble


Image source: nomnompaleo.com


86. Your first camera looked something like this


Image source: filmphotographyproject.com


87. You remember public telephones looking like this

phone box

Image source: Flickr


88. You spent hours clicking through your View-Master


Image source: Pinterest


89. Someone you know had a Holly Hobbie bedspread

holly hobble

Image source: Flickr


90. You styled Barbie’s hair and did her makeup


Image source: Pinterest


91. You saw Betsy Clark illustrations everywhere

Betsy Clark

Image source: Pinterest


92. You pretended to smoke a packet of fags


Image source: Murder By Media


93. You loved sitting in one of these

bean bag

Image source: Houzz


94. You know what these are


Image source: Indulgy

95. You carried around a lucky rabbit’s foot


Image source: Pinterest


96. You loved sitting in the booth at Pizza Hut

pizza hutImage source: Pinterest


97. You begged your parents for Crazy Foam

Crazy Foam

Image source: Tumblr


98. You took your leather hippie purse everywhere

Hippie Purse

Image source: Pinterest


99. You drank Tang

tangImage source: Cracker Night


100. You knew the Benny Hill Show theme song

The Benny Hill Show_cadre.jpg

Image source: dbsvantage

Have I missed one of your favourites? Join the conversation below!

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  • OMG this is awesome. So many of these bring back amazing memories!

  • I feel old hehehehe

  • Berin

    Pickle, onion. Not pickled onions lol

    • Kylie B

      Haha, good point Berin! Thanks, I’ll fix that. 🙂

  • Tara

    This is a great list! So many memories! My other two memories was “clocking” orange electronic game Donkey Kong, and watching this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sn1UqbbbqQ

    • Ooooh Donkey Kong! Another classic – I loved that game too.

    • Kylie B

      I love that clip Tara, thanks for sharing! And yes, Donkey Kong was a huge hit in our house too. I have a feeling my older brother (now 42yrs) still has it! Haha.

    • r-kaye

      I had ‘Greenhouse’, and I remember playing ‘Oil Panic’ as well. I loved Butterfly Ball and had completely forgotten about it! 🙂

    • Amber

      I loved watching The Butterfly Ball every afternoon on Channel 2!

  • David Allwood

    You missed REDSKINS, couldn’t go to the pool without buying one

    • Loved REDSKINS!

    • Kylie B

      It’s mentioned in #6 David. I’d always choose a redskin over a milko!

    • dave stone

      Hey what about Mates, you would get 2 for 1cent, ,,, hang on 1 cent now thats gone too.

      • Kylie B

        Nice one, Dave!

  • Roelen Fernandez

    The 70’s! Have not been around that time yet but I do remember seeing some of the items during the 90s.. 🙂

  • Stuart

    Absolutely fantastic list – I could relate to every single one of them apart from 15 (but I was a boy and my sisters must not have had one). I loved 21 – with some care and sticky tape you could even repair broken ones. Pedantic point but 34 – JC sandals – the picture is not of a JC sandal. They had 4 criss-cross straps, 2 each side and the ankle strap.

    • Kylie B

      Thanks Stuart! I had so much trouble finding an original JC sandal, you wouldn’t believe the time I spent! Haha. If anyone finds one please post! I’m so glad you enjoyed the rest of the list. 🙂

      • Guest

        Weren’t they more like this?

      • Sandy Carty

        we didn’t call them JC !! but these sandals were the trend in my School years (Victoria 1974 -1979) lol

        • Kylie B

          Haha,that’s them! Love the pic Sandy! I had sandals (and brown socks) just like that.

          • Nicci Blake

            Grew up in QLD and called them Roman sandals too. Wore white or no socks lol! They were my favourite shoe lol

          • Cath

            Looks like a pair of socks got into the boiler and are no longer brown. Your mum made you wear them, and you got into trouble at school for not having the right socks on!!

          • Cindy Patmore

            Yeah, we called these JC’s

        • 57from57

          We called them Roman sandals in SA.

          • Jo.

            We called them Roman sandals in VIC too. 🙂

          • Agnes

            In Melbourne we called them “Spartans”!

        • Karen Green

          This looks like one of my school photos! You didn’t go to Minimbah, did you?

        • Gillian van Niekerk

          I think that was basically standard primary school uniform?

      • Tracey

        The real JCs were a bit like these but of course they were most often worn with socks! I can’t believe they sell these shoes now (saltwater sandals) and they’re about $60! Every time it see them I have flash backs of JC’s!

        • Carolyn Compton

          NZ school children wear the roman sandals as their uniform right up to yr 13…..still….and it’s colder than Aust.

        • Noni

          My JC sandals were a little different to the photo’d one here. Mine criss-crossed at the front – not the big front cross-over pictured! I also remember the black vinyl school shoes that came into fashion when I was in about 2nd form (year 8) around 1975. They were all the rage. They had a cream/white rubber sole that was sort of dimpled.

    • Margaret Howse

      Yes. That annoyed me too lol

  • Hospitaller

    You missed the oil blob and glass fibre lamps and beanbags – every cool house had those. And waterbeds. Men had sideburns and chest hair and wore body shirts – thank God those went out of fashion!. Women wore plantform shoes and purple flares were really cool, man. People did TM and there were the Orange People and Hari Krishnas. And it was really cool to be stoned all the time.

    • Beanbags, yes! Nice one. And in our house I remember our dogs used to sleep in them and then whenever I’d sit down in one I’d get covered in dog hair. Definitely a strong 70s memory.

    • Kylie B

      #93 is a vinyl orange bean bag! In fact, we had one just like it! Love the other suggestions, thanks Hospitaller. 🙂

  • Amanda Hovenga

    Buckle Bags!

    • Barb Dwyer

      and crab pots (big beach baskets)

    • Sharon Thurston

      With keyrings attached all over them ☺

      • EJ

        OMG ring-pull chain belts and hat trims!

  • Slartibartfast

    Most of them – the $100 note actually came out later. You forgot Mr Squiggle, the Butterfly Ball and the very first anime, G Force.

    • Mr Squiggle – that’s a beauty! Totally reminds me of the 70s.

    • Gillian van Niekerk

      G Force!!!!! love these memories.

  • MyBusiness-MyLife

    And shag pile carpets

    • Kylie B

      Usually in a lovely shade of green or brown. Haha, thanks for the memory!

      • MyBusiness-MyLife

        Haha, yes Kylie, normally a “lovely” lime green or dark brown with rust/orange flecks though it. I had a white wool shag pile in my bedroom and walk in robe – didn’t look too bad for the early ’70’s though. 🙂

  • gee jay

    transistor radios and i thought we had cracker night on on empire night or the nearest sat nite to it ?weekend

    • Kylie B

      Is Empire Night a Victorian thing? I haven’t heard of it (I’m from NSW) so I had to Google it. I wonder if each state celebrated Cracker Night on different nights? Can anyone else remember??

      • Irene Chernenko

        Empire Day became Commonwealth Day in the 1960s and it was marked in schools by pageants on the second Monday in March. Not a public holiday and I don’t remember crackers that night, which were let off on the Queen’s Birthday holiday in June (in NSW).

        • sloopy

          We used to get a half-day holiday from school on Empire Day (1960s)

  • gee jay

    yea just to explain myself properly on the cracker night thingy i grew up in NSW and what i can remember of cracker night or guy forks night when it was legal! back in the mid sixties prob early seventies? because we are part of the commonwealth we celebrated some time round the month of may that i can remember was a celebration of australia being a part of the British rule it was called empire day its a british thing .

    • sloopy

      Can’t be sure (it was a long tome ago) but for some reason May 24 comes to mind as the date for Empire Day

      • Rusty

        Correct – it later became Commonwealth Day and in Victoria we also had crackers on Guy Fawkes Day (5th November)

    • Larry

      It was Guy Fauwkes Nite, November 5th. Was in memory of naughty Mr F blowing up the Parliament Building (or at least trying to)

  • 21st Century Cynic

    Little bottles of milk at school, usually warm by morning assembly time, and the one kid who handed back the one he had put chocolate into… probably aktavite or Quick…

    • Kylie B

      Nestle Quik! Yes, I’d forgotten about that!

    • John Piggott

      After failing at slope cards, Cuisenaire rods, marbling, colouring in and putting the mats out, I was a very bad milk boy and used to take the lids off to add snails or spittle.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for an amazing list! Was nodding and laughing to 95% – and that family portrait could be ours! Except dad wore body shirts, open half way, hairy chest (everyone loved them then!) … And because he was really cool, a silver medallion and platform shoes!!

    • Kylie B

      It was a classy time Jackie!

    • Larry

      Oooops! Sounds just like me back then. *blush*

  • Gazukes .


    • Kylie B

      I had to Google that one, Gazukes! I don’t remember that at all!!

      Your comment did remind me that Big Macs came in styrofoam boxes! Who else remembers that?

      • Fi

        Maccas burgers originally came wrapped in a foil covered paper, and you could get a cheeseburger deluxe. They also sold chicken and fries in a box that was supposed to look like a wicker basket, it was red and brown. We also had Hardy’s for a while, and Henny Penny!

      • johnh

        Listen to the solo on Bowie’s “Space Oddity”; the Stylophone’s most famous moment.

  • Shelltox

    Slinkys, frisbees, superballs. Scratch ‘n sniff t-shirts, cheesecloth maxi dresses. White zinc cream. Swami Sarasvati in a leotard presenting a yoga show. Humphrey B Bear. Green vs red frogs and musk sticks. Flocked velvet bedroom posters in black and neon. Abba “Arrival”. “Ripper” LPs (I remember the ’76 cover had a girl’s bum with ripped satin shorts). Playing British Bulldog. 5c lemonade icy poles, Golden Gaytimes or Street’s Heart. Man, wish I was back there now.

  • Leanne

    The Brady Bunch, David Cassidy and the Partridge Family, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cabaret, Love Story, Batman with Adam West, Indian bangles, bongo bags, float dresses, surfoplanes, Block Out, Pot o Gloss.

    • Mark

      Gilligans Island

    • Kylie B

      Yardley’s Pot o Gloss!! I’d forgotten about that. Thanks Leanne!

  • Jo

    One of my favourite things from the 70’s were, “Treads”. They were sandals with a woven leather upper and a tyre tread sole. Hence the name, Treads.

    • Kylie B

      I remember Jo! Good for the beach 🙂

    • Gpc

      Remember the Skyhooks album with the pic of a severed finger from a female fan.

  • shane


    • Kylie B

      Thanks Shane, all fixed!

      • Buai

        Youz guyz forget the 20 thousand Australians who lived in the colony just to the north, during the 60s. We ‘went south’ for a few weeks every two years, to be immersed in Aussiness. TV shows were Ripcord, Casey Jones, Hogan’s .., Here’s Lucy, Amos n Andy, Land of the Giants. All forgettable humbug except for Star Trek.. Toys I remember were Sketchograph, and those frisbees on sticks.

        My father made up a large wood slab with the Sketchograph fixed to the lower left. Anyway, upon returning to out plantation, the houseboy used the Sketchograph to liquidate a burglar who was trying to steal his Commonwealth Bank money tin. Probably the most unusual use the Sketchograph was ever put to!

        • Chayah

          Also writing hundreds of lines when we misbehaved in class- like “empty vessels make the most sound”

          • me

            Triple Treat icecreams with marshmallow. Please bring them back.

  • Guest
    • Kylie B

      Of course! 😀

  • Nikki Purple May
  • astrolin

    Very great list but I question the green Telecom phone in number 87. I dont think those phones came in till the 1980s. The public phones in the 70s were black and had an A button and B button. I think when connected you had to press the button to talk. Also the cords were not metal. A lot of the time people cut the cords. The picture used for the phone has a metal cord to protect cutting. I dont think that came in till the 1980s.

    • astrolin

      Just looked it up. I was wrong. The green ones did come in during the 1970s. I still remember the black ones in the red phone boxes. They had two silver buttons on them.

  • Leah Gibbs

    Best article ever, so many great memories 🙂

  • RexDaddy71

    Great list, but don’t forget PEZ!!

  • Niawithnat

    The spider plant was in macrame hanger…possibly your mother went to macrame lessons!

    • Kylie B

      Hahaha, yes! Much like this pic.
      Image: Etsy

      • Auzlad

        Hahaha, on my Dad’s back porch still 🙂

  • When I saw the ring pulls on the soft drink cans I thought of how we used them on our fingers as rings. So many good memories here – thanks!

  • Amber

    What about The Butterfly Ball on Channel 2 every afternoon. I loved that!

  • Ray

    Also remember Lumberjack jackets.

  • alfonso

    Thanks for the nostalgia of a simple, happy time Kylie ☺

  • Fiona Loper

    don’t forget the zinc cream on the nose and “squeak” leather sandals

  • This is so. much. fun. The Curiosity Show was my favorite!! I’ve bookmarked to come back and re-read. 🙂

  • David Larkham

    So many memories, where does one begin?

  • Brett Stewart

    Crystal Cylinders T-Shirts. Zinc on the Nose. One-Day Cricket! (Great list BTW!)

  • Beth Vogelzang

    My memory: Cheesecloth blouses and dresses….

  • Terry Burns

    Where are the Midford Kung Fu or Convict Pyjamas!!!?????

    • Roslyn MacDessi

      My dad used to make them!!!

  • Tony

    Guys wore suede desert boots – we were allowed to wear them to school. They wore out twice as fast as normal shoes. KFC foam surfboards, “surfer sam” wooden skateboards, cobber chocolate lollies being 5 for 1 cent. Wagon wheels being big!

    • Optional

      Desert boots, stovepipe leg grey Levis and Lumber Jackets for school uniform in 1975! But Cobbers were never 5 for 1 cent. They were the expensive ones. maybe 2 for a cent I think.

  • James

    Hogan’s Heroes, F Troop, Gomer Pyle, Dr Who, Countdown, so many more and I believe it’s Holly Hobbie, not Hobble. My sister was into it. 🙂

    • Kylie B

      Thanks James!

  • dave stone

    Was recently working under a school building and found small cardboard
    mik cartons, wow memories , yes we had to drink our milk.

  • Movin On

    You know what Hobbytex and Macrame are….

    • Kelly

      Yeah, Hobbytex was huge! All the mums would go to a neighbour’s place where they would have lessons and buy different coloured Hobbytex tubes. The mums used to make cotton covers for our school chairs with pockets in the backs for our books and our names in Hobbytex!

  • Movin On

    You knew who Miss Jayne was and what “Upside Down Miss Jayne” meant.

  • Jen

    Great list! I’d add:
    You called things grouse.
    Ham steak and pineapple was considered a great meal.
    You bought smurfs from your local BP
    Your parents drank mateus, lindemans, or minchinbury on special occasions
    You ate choo choo bars or toffee apple bars.
    You ordered a hot dog and a stick jaw toffee on special lunch day at school.
    Your big sister had thongs with grass soles and velvet straps
    Your nylon flares got caught in your bike chain at least once.
    You remember riding on red rattlers.
    Welcome back Cotter!

    • Kylie B

      Love those memories Jen, thanks! I remember pestering my parents to fill up at BP all the time. I never did collect them all. 🙂

    • Smurfs!

    • Sarah Bennett

      I remember the smurfs and the red rattlers. What I find really scary is that a lot of the things we used in the 70’s are in my local historical museum. My 10 yr old niece finds things like a telephone with a cord attached to the wall and a manual typewriter (which I learnt to type on) absolutely hysterical

    • Fi

      Those thongs were called slaps!

      • NBBBMO

        OMG that’s right!

    • Tracie McGregor

      the thongs with grass soles and velvet straps were call slaps!

    • Gillian van Niekerk

      and had a water plant in the mateus bottle.

    • EJ

      And Advocaat! And Creme de Menthe!

  • Talkative_mime

    Kingswood Country?, Night John boy, night Paa…

    • Kylie B

      Kingswood Country just misses out! It was first aired in 1980. The Waltons however are spot on. Thanks Talkative_mime!

  • Here’s a few things that needed to be on this list:
    Hornby HO train sets
    This Kentucky Fried Chicken ad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YtAVIGq1ko)

    If you were in Vic, Santa’s land on the rooftop of Chadstone shopping centre
    Metric being introduced
    Colour TV being introduced
    Channel 0 – 0/28 – 10
    Number 96

    • Kylie B

      I don’t remember that ad, Glen. But KFC advertising has come a long way! I don’t remember Hornby HO Trains either!! Thanks for adding them to this growing list. 🙂

    • Diane S Sylvester

      This is the first time I’ve seen this ad in 40 odd years.
      I have been known “Hugo said you go and I said no you go” and nobody knew what I was referring to and here it is.

      • There were follow-up ads in an attempt to form some kind of ‘series’. One featured a dog with a bionic eye. (We used to sing “… with his bionic eye, he’s starting to die”.. we were seven years old OK?)

        • Diane S Sylvester

          Ha ha ha. Considering I didn’t even have a television, I don’t know how I knew this ad. Didn’t see the follow-up ads. 🙂

  • Kylie j

    My additions: Spokey dokeys, peaches and cream barbie, bubble o bill,  toobs, the sun and the Herald newspapers, different strokes, early bird show with marty monster, it’s a knockout, crimped hair,  ra ra skirt, slip and slide, Nelson, the proclaimers, bros, full house

    • Kelly

      That was all in the 80s, totally different to the 70s

  • Kylie j

    And hypercolour t-shirts

  • Some of those are 80s Kylie J but great retro memories none the less!

  • JOEY

    Life was simple then,it was beautiful and we didnt have mad religious extremists wanting to blow us up….

  • Handy andy

    Metro gum ….. what about Metro gum. Also those Yes & No books with the magic pens. Slime and the much improved Slime with Worms.

    • Kylie B

      Oh yes! I used to love those magic pen books! Nice one Handy Andy!

  • Guest


  • Carol Wolter

    Marbles at primary school & Roman sandles we could wear to same school in Newcastle NSW.

  • GenX

    Charlie’s Angels (and Farrah Fawcett shampoo and conditioner), string crochet bikinis, macrame, getting “the cuts” (the cane) at school, The Brady Bunch, (including all the classic lines like “Mom’s favourite VASE (rhyming with CHASE)”, when “regular” meant the opposite of constipated and anyone who used it to mean “normal” was an American; when KFC was Kentucky Fried Chicken (cause it’s so finger-lickin good); 1 and 2 cent pieces, juice poppers being the most amazing invention “Pop, pop, poppin the juice”; Richie Rich comics; your parents had wide collars and wide ties; the Womens Weekly actually came out weekly and everyone knew Ita Buttrothe had a lithp; Countdown!!!!!!! Triple Treat iceblocks; buses and trains with windows that opened and no aircon (cars too for that matter); having an usherette show to your seat at the movies….so much more I’m sure!

    • Kylie B

      Fantastic inclusions there GenX, thanks!

  • HarryTheHat

    The coolest, swingiest parents in the suburb had Afghan hounds and shag pile carpet.

  • HarryTheHat

    … and shag pile carpet.

  • HarryTheHat

    … and getting around on one of these was a form of transport around the rumpus room

    • Kylie B

      Gold! I loved them. Plus the term “rumpus room”. You don’t hear that much these days with new homes. 🙂

    • sue Caddy

      I can still remember my twin sister stabbing me with a biro while I was hopping around on this … she missed my leg and put a hole in one of these lol …. and did you notice biro !!!!! isnt a word ha ha har

  • HarryTheHat

    You remember these two and wondered by they were missing body bits.

  • HarryTheHat

    Some men wore safari suits.

    • Kylie B

      Lol, is that a young John Howard? Funny.
      I remember my Dad wearing a light blue safari suit. And he had really long, bushy sideburns!

      • HarryTheHat

        I fear the return of safari suits one retro day, Kylie. And yes, that was Johnny in cool mode. Funny, his wife Janette was my English teacher in about 1976 and she was an ultra-dag there.

  • Steve Taylor

    One of my memories from then is being sent up the shop about a mile away with the shopping list and a five dollar note safety pinned to my shirt to go and buy the fruit and veg and bring it home. Being picked up by a stranger and dropped home, them him and dad sharing a long neck to say thanks.
    Simpler days, friendlier society you called a spade a spade and dealt with it there and then not in the anti discrimination court.
    And don’t forget Aunty Jack fading to colour on the ABC ( snuck out to watch that and copped hell for it, totally worth it though ). Much simpler time specially as a teen, can we have them back ?

    • +1 for Aunty Jack!

    • Andrea Neill

      When I owned a small grocery store about 9 years ago. Graham Bond came in. I was omg it’s Aunty Jack. Not one person in there knew who I was talking about! I was disgusted!

  • Christine N Dave Taylor

    Hot chips served in newspaper, suede jacket with long leather tassels, surfboards without leg ropes, EH Holdens …

  • Robyn Mcgee

    What about a mouth full of big charlie bubblegum and then a face covered in it…

  • submitkulho
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  • Shell
  • Shell
  • Alan Nicolle

    David Cassidy and The Partridge Family, Smash ’em up Derby, Surfer Sam skateboards, surf mats, lilos, Tracker board shorts, Miller shirts, Dropouts shirts (But Mum! You DON’T tuck them in!), corduroy, Bata Scout school shoes with the compass and animal tracks, Hardy Boys novels, Donny Sutherland’s Sounds Unlimited on a Saturday morning,The Super Flying Fun Show with Miss Marilyn, Cartoon Corner with Skeeter in the afternoons, Captain Scarlett…

  • Tracey

    Click Clacks. Until they were banned in the playground. Skipping: “Up the Mississippi if you miss a loop you’re out” and Knuckles. We used Clag Glue and coloured with Cray Pas crayons. Baby Thumbelina. Terrific trip back…Thanks

    • Kylie B

      “Up the Mississippi if you miss a loop you’re out”, that’s so funny Tracey. I had forgotten all about that one! Do you remember the one about the racing car? It went around the coooooooorner! Where you jump out, run around the person who’s turning the skipping rope and then you jump back in. I can only remember that one line. :/

      • Adele

        Went something like “Racing car, racing car number 9, losing petrol all of the time, then it flew around the cooooorner and slammed on the breaks, but the breaks didn’t work, so it flew around the coooorner….” not sure how it ended.. I think usually with someone getting out!

        • Kylie B

          Thanks Adele!

  • Toots

    as a teenager string bikinis, topless sun bathing, hitchhiking, surf mats, and dry roots and micro minis, lace-up boots and green ginger wine 🙂

    • Merilyn

      And Blackberry Nip..

  • Andrea Denis

    We drank from the garden hose, or jumped over the sprinkler on hot days and there were no water restrictions. We played street tennis, we went down to the creek and swam in it and didn’t catch any diseases but caught tadpoles, frogs, fish and eels. We had firecracker night and all the kids knew each other from a 10 block radius. We got the cane at school and lived through it and most of us grew up to be decent human beings for it!

  • Bec Bec

    Shanana show, the smurfs, wacky racers, snagglepuss Saturday Morning cartoons. Hey Hey it’s Saturday on a Saturday morning. Getting dragged around the shopping centre so Mum could pay all the bills…… In cash.

    • Kylie B

      Oh yes, Bec, Penelope Pitstop in her pink outfit! Haha!

  • Jan

    Tie dyed T-shirts & cheesecloth blouses. Patchouli oil.

  • bill

    the magic roundabout,father jim mclaren,surfer sam skateboards,the sullivans,ding bats,ward pally austin top 40,countdown ,super flyingfun show,space 1999,bogarts…etc etc etc

  • Shane

    When a showbag cost 20 cents.

  • Shane
    • Kelly

      I’m pretty sure this ad was from the 80s, you can tell by their clothes and hair styles

  • Chris

    Who could not forget watching The Brady Bunch

  • jules

    Vanilla paddlepops!!!!!

    • Kelly

      You just triggered my memory, I loved vanilla paddle pops! Does anyone remember Winks or Orange Frosties?

  • Anna Godess

    Bluebird jewellery. I lost one of my bluebird earrings and was crushed. I spent an entire day looking for it, which seemed to go for about 3 years.

  • Sydjazz

    How could you miss hey hey it’s saturday. Daryl and ossie. Humphrey b bear, fat cat, playschool john and benita

  • Sue

    Pogo Sticks, Click Clacks (where you would bruise all up your arm), Knuckle Bones, Collecting Coke Bottle Tops with pictures inside and ripping into a fresh box of cereal to get out the plastic toy

  • Rod C Craven

    Douglas HiFi cassette players – the spherical ones in burnt orange, avocado or white. Treads, Connies, Ugg Boots, Scoops, World Series Cricket, Frankenstein Jr & The Impossibles, Number 96, K-Tel/Majestic Records compilations, K-Tel Record Selector.

  • Jo Pratten

    Love Italian Style or Love Greek Style was a show on telly showing songs food segments and travel scenes for the particular Country . You went to the movies and there was a short film and intermission before the main feature

  • Jane

    Wow . Great list.
    Vellour jumpers, cords, midi skirts, maxi skirts, clogs, smocks, body shirts, skinny rib jumpers, baggies, wrap around skirts, furry jackets, chemise’, miller shirts, Levi sneakers , beachcombers, kickers or strikers, db’s aka desert boots, floral skirts, treads, polo neck jumpers, windcheaters, army pants.

    I.d bracelets, Sun Up hair peroxide, Jean Nate powder and cologne, Babe powder, Spiritual Sky perfumes, pukka shells, Black and White cigarettes, Wills super mild,
    Blackberry Nip, Brandevino , Fleur Velour lounges, full gloss paint in apple green on the kitchen walls, glugs, razz’, Black Cat gum, Bug Charlie bubble gum , swap cards, Clark pools.

    Good times.

  • Macrame plant holders and crocheted bikinis. Stamp collections.

  • Sharnee

    These thongs remind me of the 70’s and 80’s, as well as treads, toe thongs and desert boots.

  • charliirosee

    I feel as though considering I am only 18 can relate to 60/100 of these that most off these didn’t change until a lot more recently, either that or I grew up in a super old fashioned country town…

  • Donna McConnell

    I remember all of these except fashion plates, and I was never allowed to have a bike as the roads were too dangerous! I got to ride my friends bikes though without dad and mum knowing (how bad was I).

  • Chris.J.Symonds

    what about those shoes called Ripples? I hated flares because they got caught in my bike chain more than once

  • Jill

    Great to read through this list of memories. I remember collecting the plastic toys in cereal boxes, woodley field green apple shampoo, skinny dip perfume, bread costing 24cents wrapped in waxed paper, chrissy dolls whose hair grew by pressing a button on her back, SOS cough lollies, Perkins paste fights the loser would end up with a mouthful, globite school cases, having to do marching at primary school to distorted old recorded band music, white sandshoes on sport day and having to keep painting them with kiwi white, the school canteen selling cream buns, vanilla slice, chocolate match and soft drinks, watching the banana splits, the monkees, black and white tv, the lemon fab ad, high school kids smoking down the back of the school bus. Crazy maze chocolate bars, scorched peanut bars, chocolate frogs shaped like a real frog wrapped in foil, caramello bears, ..this could go on forever..happy times!

    • Kelly

      I think the Lemon Fab ad was the most memorable 70s ad of all. I also loved the Lime Fresh ad and Uncle Sam deodorant, very 70s! I loved Crazy Mazes too!

  • beth dumont

    how can you do an essential 70’s list & forget the super swedes – ABBA? traitor to all the best of the 70’s!!!!

  • Gillian van Niekerk

    Simon. I didn’t have one, my neighbour did. But I had Merlin. Also you might have mentioned cricket, not that I was a fan, but it was unavoidable. Lilley, Chappel, Marsh… who else?
    Mum used to sew clothes, we had matching dresses, and a one shoulder top.

  • Robert

    Golly gosh, if that don’t bring back some memories, i’ll be 74 next month and experienced nearly 97% of those things xceptin for the girly things of course.

  • Linni

    Thanks for the lovely memories I loved sunny boys me and my sister used to open them carefully and after the pack was empty we would fill them with cordial and freeze them so we could do that repeatedly until the pack became unusable.(only cause mum wouldn’t let us buy more)
    How about:
    Louie the Fly

    Twister Game
    and those jumping poles with springs on the bottom forgot what they were called

  • mtpokette

    These first sandals are more like JC’s I think this was short for Jesus Christ sandals (Jesus Christ Superstar was just released)
    The second sandals were toe sandals third picture in the late 70’s we had to have Slaps (bamboo and velvet straps)

  • Rosemary Fryth

    Playing with plastic knucklebones at school.

  • Bron Burton

    Just discovered this. Brilliant list Kylie. It’s like you walked into my house with its mission brown fence and orange tiles.

    • Kylie B

      Lol, thanks Bron!

  • Mark Pendrey

    Trading cars, platform shoes and Chopper bikes!
    Looking inside your Sunny Boy for the yellow writing that meant you won a free one.
    Lee jeans, and ripping off the leather Lee tag from your friend jeans.

  • Hank David

    I remember the public phones were black and had an ‘A’ button and a ‘B’ button & you had to talk to someone in ‘the exchange’!!!!!!

  • Leif Kelly

    Two staples for the nerds.
    6.00 every night ABC Dr Who
    12.00 noon every saturday Star Trek

  • Wendy Taylor

    i think you covered it thanks for the good memories

  • Wendy Taylor

    the kiss pic u showed made me scream not with delight we had a music store so had really big posters and i was 2 my mum had to let me stay out back whilst it was up i got in a lot of tv

  • Merrin Tischler

    Bobby Dazzler LP, Flared Hawaiian shorts, SOS cough lollies, dessert boots, those thongs with the cane sole and the velvet thong bit (cant think what they were called), halter tops.

  • Merrin Tischler


  • Mandy

    Takes me back grouse times. Bazooka bubblegum, blackcat gum, bellboy gum, Abba cards, Abba socks, Abba cushion and many more. Dolly varden toilet roll covers, white lace up knee high boots, hot pants, red,white & blue clogs, Four n twenty cornish pasties, RC cola, Tab cola, scratch n sniff t shirts, Levi slickers, Deadly Ernest on tv, The Evil Touch with Anthony Quayle. Milk bottles to drink at school my teacher brought in flavorings. Singing god save our queen at school before class. The list is endless great times.

  • Mandy

    Leif Garret, David Cassidy, Mark Holden throwing the red carnations to the hysterical girls.

  • guest

    Those thin plastic or metal bangles that girls wore dozens of at once. Donny Osmond posters on the bedroom wall. Those thongs (or flip-flops) that were a squarish shape and had thick padded velvet straps and the inner soles were woven from some sort of bamboo or grassy material. Uncle Sam deodorant (and the TV ad).

  • linda Nowell

    yes the good old days when you could walk around at night and feel safe. sherbet bombs. big Charlie gum , cough lollies like black crows an the tube with the nun on it and they were called nuns, mini skirts, tucked in turtle neck jumbers in ya stagger jeans. weary mocusons with black socks ,winter flannerlet shirt over your t-shirt. go to the print shop a get a t-shirt printed on it of your favourite band, laying in the sun to long and get sun burnt ,the good old steakie van. or mum would have cold meat and salad or vegies. oh god do I miss those days

  • Matthew Tunstall

    dont forget singing tunes to Porky Pig show!

  • Iron F.

    I loved the lava lamp.

  • Joannah Hansen

    You thought you were the coolest kid if you could convince your mum to get you these: Bata Scouts with the paw print soles

    • Kylie B

      Lol, good one Joannah! Totally forgot about those gems 🙂

  • Nick Whiley

    Played on the rocket ship and the elephant climbing frame at the park.

    Got sunburnt regularly and peeled each other’s skin (dealing with the BCCs now).

  • Adrian Heathcote

    Here’s another: You knew at least one house that had the Desiderata scroll hanging in the house.

    “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons….” etc etc

  • Jo

    Quite a lot of these are actually 1980-85… suspect the author was born in the mid 70s and the childhood she remembers encompasses the early 80s?
    But great collection, certainly brought back memories.

  • Dawn Goebbels

    Corduroy slacks and long skirts, hot pants, jaffas and raspberries, Spirograph, straw hats as school uniform, ribbed tights, the “bus kids” (those from the country) had weekly trips to the town library, the first photocopiers with rolls of shiny paper, hoola hoops, paisley, school exercise books and textbooks covered with brown paper and labels free from Women’s Weekly or Woman’s Day, walkathons, wakeathons, rideathons, sleepathons, readathons, school fetes selling fairy dolls on sticks and pom-pom rabbits and chicks, cream buns at tuckshop, Spam sandwiches, 100s and 1000s on buttered bread, sparklers and Tom Thumbs, rubbish littering the roadsides, sweetpeas or wildflowers for the classroom, my grade 3 teacher wearing Witches’ Britches which showed when she reached up to write on the blackboard, when only one child I knew had divorced parents, when “water play” was a hose or the sprinkler on the lawn…

    • Kylie B

      OMG, yes!! Free book labels from Women’s Weekly mag – when it WAS weekly! Loved those! Thanks for adding those memories to the conversation Dawn, they’re great. 🙂

  • Dot Thompson

    This is so good – it really sums up growing up in Australia in the 70s! And yep that list below added by Shelltox too – hey I remember Shelltox strips ha ha! Did you know Swami Sarasvati is still going? I used to watch that show with my Mum. Also, the correct picture of JCs sandals is the one posted by Sandy Carty below. There was another style of sandals too that were popular with girls, a bit more feminine but I can’t remember what they were called. For a while I wore platforms to school! Then wedges with raffia heels that are the same as the ones you can buy now. Some tv shows I loved – Daniel Boone, The Littlest Hobo, Casey Jones – that started in the 60s and were replayed right through the 70s. And who didn’t have posters of Sherbert on their walls!

    • Kylie B

      Some excellent additions in your comment there, Dot! Thanks for joining in the fun 🙂

  • Marina

    I mostly miss Hot Rod Icecreams but it seems that the only person that misses them is me! Wish I could have another. Also Fantales are not the same, neither are Redskins. Also miss the taste of Peters Vanilla Icecream which also no longer tastes as good either ?

  • Suzanne Spiers

    Plaited head bands, Suede alpaca-lined and fringed South American embroidered coats and jackets, Indian toe sandals, Earth shoes, Alpaca wool ponchos with South American patterns on them, Kombi vans with peace signs, Countdown, Norman Gunston Show, In Melbourne Tonight, Covering the Hills Hoist with canvas and wetting it, Swinging on the Hills Hoist when your mother wasn’t looking, manual cash registers and 1 and 2 cent coins, Checked dark and white chocolate, fondue sets and dinner parties, Mission brown paint, Magic Silver White and Magic Silver Purple hair dye and the white light that made your hair glow in the dark, coconut oil for smothering skin to help your tan along, Swan Lager, the age of adulthood changing from 21 to 18.

  • Melanie Ann

    Omg im an 80s kid and could relate to about 90% of these images!!! Amazing memories

  • J C

    I loved my Childcraft books! I wish we had kept the set that we had. I loved Golliwog biscuits, Chiko Rolls, chocolate cigarettes, my skates, riding my bicycle after school with the neighbourhood kids….ahh, they were the best times

  • astra

    Omg. How grouse is this? The view master and Hollie hobby. I don’t have my view master . I still have Holly.

  • Rose

    Brady Bunch, Lost in Space, and Gilligan’s island repeats after school. Thunderbirds with Golden Gaytimes on Saturday mornings. Razz iceblocks razing your inside upper lip. Balfours matchstick pastries (in Adelaide) and honey flavoured sugared sticky buns in school lunch bags from the tuckshop. The Skyhooks album cover that had an illustration of a half-finger a crazed fan had sent to the band (?! stared at that one in revulsion in the Target record section for ages while my mum did other stuff). Green swirly-glass vases with pointy stoppers and glass cottonball jars from Target to give mum on mothers day.. Arnotts had Swiss Cream biscuits in the late 1970s. Richard Hudnutt egg creme shampoo (was actually liquid gold!). Chokito bars I got sick of after eating almost every school day for 2 months. I had the Dragster with pink sparkly seat and sparkly gel-like handlebars – and streamers. Roman sandals at school in Adelaide. The “Tahiti looks nice” Imperial Leather posh ad.
    Anyone recall the KFC jingle from 1978? “A drive isnt funny – on an empty tummy – thank goodness for Kentucky Fried?”

  • Deb Stevens

    Loved the list….maybe include playing marbles, Jacks and for the girls, the tennis ball inside a stocking (how many know the name of?) which we would use against a wall.
    Copper tone or baby oil for those summer tans, shirred-elastic topsor anything made of cheesecloth!
    Ugh boots became the latest winter accessory to wear with our suede or sheep wool/fur- lined coates.
    Sunday baked dinners with “bubble n squeak” the next morning for brekky.
    Home made pea n ham soup (left-overs stored in tuppaware containers) and peach cobblers were a tasty treat on a cold night! Mum had a copy of Margaret Fullten’s cookbook along with a Women’s Weekly Recipe Card Library.
    The Breville sandwich maker hadn’t been invented yet but there was always the jaffle iron!

  • Tracey Shepherd

    What happened to slaps?? as I knew them to be called , velvet strapped thongs with bamboo base??
    I’d love to be able to buy them

  • Clare Landy

    COOL list. Thanks Kylie Brown. 🙂

  • Janine Wright

    Mr coles funny picture books,Tread shoes the top plated suede and the bottom tyer rubber!


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