Kick-ass Email Marketing Strategies

Using email as a digital marketing strategy is a wise choice according to marketing strategists. According to Pardot data, 73% of marketers consider email marketing a core necessity in their campaigns. Moreover, 20% of marketers said that their primary revenue sources are linked directly to their email operations.

Today, email is one of the preferred forms of communication. This leads to most marketers choosing email marketing to effectively improve leads and increase converts. Take the lead from big companies and those who are already ahead of the game and improve your strategies as well.

Benefits of Email Marketing


#1 Low-cost

Sending emails doesn’t incur a high cost. As long as you have already built an email list, you won’t be spending a lot of money or time on an email campaign. Through automation, you reduce the effort and still manage to reach a large number of subscribers. Unlike ads, you don’t have to pay every time you get a customer to view your emails.

#2 Simplified targeting through segmentation

Since you may use your analytics segmentation when sending emails, chances are your target audience is already formed as a group. Segmentation helps in personalising your content, your strategy and your messages. This tailors the product or service based on the needs of the customer, their location and their preferences.

#3 Easy to create

Emails are easy to create. Marketers usually work with templates and tailor them based on the offer or message being sent and the receiver.

#5 Easy to track

Email marketing is easy to track. It allows email marketing software to track open, click through and conversion rates with each email you send. This helps to make your campaign easier to manage.

#6 Easy to share

Once you send a new email to your list, sharing is easy. Email you send can be forwarded. This gives you the chance to spend more time on other strategies in your campaign. But it doesn’t mean that you can start neglecting your email campaign.

#7 Global

Email helps you send one message to thousands of people across the world within seconds, making it one of the easiest marketing solutions.

#8 Fast

If you have an immediate need to get your message through to your audience, email is the way to go. As long as the recipient has an Internet connection and a device to read it from, communication will be instant.

#9 Good ROI

As we mentioned, marketers consider email a primary revenue source. This makes email an effective avenue for most marketing strategies which in return may give back your much anticipated ROI. ROI for some is the ultimate measure of the success of your marketing strategy.

Kick ass tips for improved email marketing


#1 Introduce email early

Build trust early by making sure that you start introducing email early to your customers. In no time, your customers will get the hang of things and will anticipate mail. This is as long as your targeted audience were also the part of the segment that is interested in your products. People are usually more engaged during the timeframe of their first purchase.

#2 Make email mobile friendly

A large part of Internet access today includes the use of mobile. Now, making your emails mobile friendly will lead to better converts. Some emails which are not mobile responsive may lead to a fast loss of customers.

Making it mobile friendly means simplifying your email designs and content or employing a platform that will tailor your email to the device of the end user.

#3 Make email consistent

Like all other digital campaigns, updating your customers regularly will help a lot. Consistency helps in improving results. This show of consistency will give consumers the chance to be reminded as long as the message is pertinent to your business and to the customer’s needs.

Consistency and frequency helps establish better relationships between customers and businesses.

#4 Use your analytics

Analytics can help you use your email effectively. Use past analytics to build your current email marketing strategies or use your analytics to predict future trends in your field. It can be leveraged to anticipate customer needs. Analytics is the standard in different industries using internal and external sources.

Through analytics, you can identify the best models, content and offer a combination which can generate the best response from consumers.

#5 Get email sign ups from Twitter

Did you know you can now get email sign ups from Twitter? This awesome strategy means your customers need not move away from their favourite social media platform. Your customers can now add their email addresses on your profile. Businesses can generate an email sign up link, shorten it and add it to their Twitter profile in the Settings menu. On the profile tab, paste your copied link in the “website” field and hit save.

#6 Turn homepage into sign up form

Making your homepage your sign up form is one way to leverage your website’s capacity to gather email subscribers. Make sure it’s something catchy. By leveraging this, some companies have doubled their blog sign ups.

#7 Re-engage inactive subscribers

You can always prod inactive email subscribers. Remind them of the products you are offering or remind a customer what your company is all about. You can further personalise this by including only customers who haven’t logged in or opened their emails for 60 days.

Inactive subscribers are usually just too busy to communicate. However, this may be a result of failed tracking – they may very well be active but your analytics failed to notice. So check your analytics every so often and look for irregularities.

#8 Ask readers to unsubscribe

Inactive email subscribers only add to the inflation of your analytics. When you weed out those who are not participating, your overall list quality will go up since you will be left with your active participants. This will increase your open rates, click rates as well as conversion rates.

Those who are disinterested will simply leave while those who are interested will be reengaged due to the reminder.

#9 Personalise emails as much as possible

Through analytics, you can check your customer needs based on their past activities on your website and you can draft new email strategies in order to re-engage them or to prod them to check your website.

#10 Automate your emails

Automation is the new thing in the world of digital marketing. Although not all processes in marketing can be automated, several processes – including content scheduling and email sending – can benefit from this.

You can start automating general emails which contain information meant for an entire segment or many segments. Personalised emails may need further scrutiny before you send them out using the automation tool. Automating emails may be subject to several lapses but if you do it right, it can be a good way to reach out without much effort.


You can start your email marketing efforts by establishing a good email strategy and using templates. Check out several tips over the Internet while you develop yours along the way. Although not all tips will be tailored to your needs, you can always find a way to use them to your advantage.


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