iPhone 6: The Rumors And What We Can Expect

Since the beginning of the year, there have been rumors of a new iPhone to be launched this year. Well, the rumors may be true because tech insiders have provided information in accordance with the latest reports from Apple; that the new iPhone 6 will be unveiled on September 9th. There has been much speculation surrounding the company recently, and everyone is wondering what will be seen when Apple CEO Tim Cook showscases their latest creation.

Although nothing is totally certain, we might be making way for two bigger iPhones. Nothing is confirmed or denied by Apple. With the unveiling on September and with the official release date that will follow soon after, expectations are very high. With so many brands now in the smartphone market, which is now being dominated by Android smartphones, the competition and the hype surrounding the unreleased iPhone 6 is already hot on the grid.

Image comparison of current Apple handheldproducts and the soon to be released iPhone 6. Image courtesy of www.macrumors.com
Image comparison of current Apple handheldproducts and the soon to be released iPhone 6. Image courtesy of www.macrumors.com

Many are saying that the iPhone 6 will be the device of the year, although some are remaining skeptical until they see and hold the actual phone. The new iPhone 6 will make a lot of changes over their last model, the iPhone 5. It is also considered one of the most important tech launches Apple has ever had since it has been a long time since they unveiled a top product.

What To Expect

Rumor has it that the company has focused on the phone’s screen size, which will no doubt be bigger than its predecessor. The iPhone’s screen size has grown significantly starting from 3.5 inches to 4 inches with the iPhone 5 and for the iPhone 6, it seems that two screen sizes may be available – 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. These screen sizes will bring the iPhone up to par with top Android and Windows phones that have adopted large display screens. The company has stated that they have acknowledged the demand of the consumers for phones with large displays. Apple is expected to unveil the two screen sizes on the said date, but there are still some disagreements on the exact launch date of the 5.5 inch smartphone. The two screen sizes may have enhanced resolution of of 1704 x 906. This will give the 5.5 screens a pixel density of 365  and the 4.7 a pixel density of 416. The iPhone will also feature a sapphire screen, a slim bezel and a thinner metal chassis.

It is also speculated that the new phones will have 128GB built in memory. Other speculations are curved screens and the reappearance of a fingerprint sensor and maybe even iOS 8.

Appleinsider also claims the new iPhone 6 will have a 15% improvement in battery performance over the iPhone 5S and just like other iPhones, it will not have a swappable battery as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and other Android phones. Improvements are also expected in the phone’s camera, speaker processor and the phone may include NFC (near-field communication chip that will allow mobile payments).

Apple has done many tests on the sapphire glass, comparing it to the Gorilla glass that is a popular choice among many high end smartphone manufacturers. There are several videos showing the hardness of sapphire glass through tests including stabbing, bending, hitting and scratching the display, proving its durability. Although sapphire will be used for the home button and the camera lens, some experts and analysts have stated there is not enough sapphire glass being manufactured in the supply chain. This is according to many leaks surrounding the iPhone 6.

With the launch of iPhone 6, we have a new cometitor against other smarphones on the market; the Samsung Alpha and Samsung Galaxy 5 have waterproof features and a heart rate sensor; the HTC One M8 is an equally stylish handset that features an aluminum backplate and top notch speakers.

Samsung Alpha Vs iPhone 6

Now, based on the reported specs of the soon to be released iPhone 6, many tech experts cannot help but make some comparisons about Samsung’s soon to be released metal-cased Alpha this coming September. We all know that Samsung and Apple are in fierce competition, so by the time Alpha is launched in September and the iPhone 6 is unveilled in the same month, it will be a head to head battle between the two. How will the two smartphones match up? Let’s try to compare based on what we know so far.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Image courtesy of www.mobilechoiceuk.com
The Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Image courtesy of www.mobilechoiceuk.com

Phone Display

Both devices are expected to feature a 4.7 inch display. One advantage of iPhone 6 as mentioned earlier is that there will be 2 display sizes available. With this screen size, the iPhone will enter phablet-sized territory which most consumers are aiming for right now. Although apple is entering the phablet territory, Samsung is already known for releasing big screen phones for the last two years, thus Samsung already is established in the phablet ground. In terms of resolution, the iPhone may have an edge over the Alpha. As mentioned, the iPhone will feature 1704 x 960 resolution which will give a density of 426 ppi. Alpha will only have 1280 x 720 pixels with 320 ppi but Samsung will surely take advantage of their AMOLED technology in wooing the customer who is keen on resolution.

Phone Construction              

This is the first time that Samsung will release a smartphone with an all-metal case, which is a good thing. However, the iPhone may have an advantage over Alpha because it will feature a protective screen made of sapphire glass over Samsung’s use of Gorilla glass. One possible downside for sapphire glass is the high demand for it. Not many companies are using sapphire glass, thus supply may be very limited.

Weight And Size        

Based on the recent leaks, Alpha will have higher points over the iPhone regarding size and weight. The Galaxy Alpha is about 0.26 inches or 6.7mm thick, with a length and width of 5.21 x 2.58 inches respectively and weighing 115 grams. The dummy units of the iPhone 6 have suggested that it will be bigger with 5.59 x 2.85 respectively. The weight of the iPhone is still unknown, but it may be around the same weight as the HTC One M7 at 143 grams.

Chipset And Processing Power

Samsung will run on an Exynos 5 Octa 5430 chipset with 2GB of RM while the iPhone will use their own A8 processor with the same RAM of 2GB.

An iPhone 6 sample. Image courtesy of http://www.valuewalk.com/
An iPhone 6 sample. Image courtesy of http://www.valuewalk.com/


The Samsung Alpha may go for 32GB of hard drive storage while the iPhone may go for 64GB. Points for the iPhone on storage.


While we all know that the camera rating can only give some indication of the phone’s quality, the iPhone 6 may have an advantage over the Alpha. IPhone may have a 13megapixel lens while the Samsung Alpha will have a 12 megapixel camera. It is also speculated that the iPhone camera can capture 1080 video and will feature an optical image stabilization. These features will surely make taking pictures a delight. Samsung will try to counter these features by providing High Dynamic range for their cameras.

Battery Life

All these nifty features will have no use if battery life is poor. Apple iPhones are not known to have good battery life. This is evident on the Samsung advert, where they poke fun at iPhone’s poor battery life. Speculations have surfaced that the new iPhone 6 will have a 2100mAh battery which is a significant step up from the iPhone 5s. The Samsung Alpha will have no issues regarding power consumption, as usual.

Everything that is mentioned in this article is based on leaks and speculations from many tech experts. The true worth of the iPhone 6 will not be proven until the phone is released and properly tested by experts and consumers like you! Until then, let’s be content with all the iPhone teasers for now.


Feature image courtesy of www.macrumors.com



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