Increasing Your Return On Investment Through Personalised Content

Every person wants to have personal connections to other people. No matter the situaion, a personal approach and connection can go a long way, especially if you want to build trust with other people. The essence of building trust can be applied to almost every aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional in nature. Touching base with other people is a good way to build a foundation. This holds true in the business sector, specifically in marketing. It seems like every business owner, site content writer or anyone that communicates with others professionally seems to focus on an informal approach as the best way of connecting with people.

The truth is that people will remain people, regardless of whether they are your employees, your clients, your customers or your business partners. If you as a boss or a manager want to build a closer and stronger relationship with people to make your business grow, you will have to learn to develop personal connections with all the people you want to touch base and communicate with.

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A personal approach can be defined as treating someone as equal to yourself and talking freely as if you were talking to your friend. Of course, this also means that you should be polite and courteous. It may be awkward but doing so will show your personality while doing business.

Of course your customer, clients and business partners are not actually your friends as of yet, and there will be limitations on how far you can go. And while there is obviously a need to treat them as people, you are not required to tell them your personal life. You also need not be extremely informal because it will surely annoy people and make you seem unprofessional. There are some instances when it is appropriate to have a personal approach:

  • Your blog or website – writing in a casual and easy tone will be more readable
  • Email – if people read, see, and feel a human through the content and writing, the battle can be considered half won
  • Your marketing strategy – a direct address and personal approach should show signs that you care about your clients and customers
  • Your external communications – if you are selling something that is targeted to higher management, you still need to remember that they are still customers. Being responsive and attentive will get you points and a possible sale

A Personal Approach to Using Your Website

Businesses and other organizations have been utilizing the furthest reaches in marketing to make their brands and services known. With the onset of wireless and mobile connection, there is a larger chance of engaging potential clients and customers on your website and with your product. And with the tested improvements in developing and creating websites, it is not enough to have new content as often as possible to drive website engagement and sales. A dynamic web experience is one of the best ways of encouraging customers to convert, buy your product and be loyal to your brand. Just like personal, live connections, there should also be personalized content to make a true and lasting engagement possible. As a business, how can this be achieved?

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Build Awareness        

Your website’s content should be created and built for your target clients. It should provide the necessary information that your site’s visitors will be compelled to share. You have to make sure that your content will reach your target customers wherever they are. Whether you’re reaching out through email, social media, blogs or news sites.

Engage Customers

It is important that you provide your customers with the information they need and want. Your content should always cater to your customer’s needs. Find out what your customers require so that you can move through your sale cycle. Know the inquiries that need to be answered and the complaints that need to be addressed. Ask for their feedback, ask for any topics that they would like to be featured and know what kind of information they are looking for.

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Be A Leader

Being a leader in this area entails diverse sources, high-quality insights and new perspectives. Your site will be the THE source for readers, even for the topics you are not necessarily an expert on. You also have to be strategic in your choice of channels to get the best results. You don’t have to waste time posting on sites or on topics that your customers and readers are not interested in.

3 Ways Of Enhancing Your ROI Through Content

1. Maximize your Search Engine Optimization, Leads And Web Traffic

Enhance your SEO without sacrificing value for your readers. Optimizing SEO is a very helpful tool because your target customers will not find your content if the phrases or keywords are not included in the article or titles or tags. Although Google does not put importance on keywords, but rather on relevant content, SEO is still one of the best methods to make your site visible over the internet.

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2. Maximize Your Content Engine                       

Your readers will always want fresh and relevant content daily. Yes, this can be difficult especially if your budget is limited. You need to find a workaround and balance the demand for new content with available resources by adjusting your content. Curated contents can give your site a good sense of variety. This will also give the organization credibility through leadership with third party sources and egocentric marketing.


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3. Promoting Any Existing Content

Promoting any existing content will surely help in improving your content ROI. There are many publishers that put up and publish great content, but move on to the next campaign too quickly thus the content does not reach its full potential. Maximize the quality content in different forms. Change the e-books into webinars, the webinars into infographics, the infographics into quality blogs, the blogs into effective social content and curate the related content. This will help you attain a wider readership across many more digestible formats.

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Content personalization will bring great benefits not just to your organization, but to the users and customers as well. The customers will feel empowered, understood and appreciated. There was a study that stated 3 out of 5 consumers will feel more positive about a brand when the marketing messages and other outreach methods have a personal touch that they can relate to. About 60% also agree that websites which personalize customer experience find it easier to find the products that are more interesting to them.

Every consumer wants comfort, convenience and a sense of belonging and not be treated as just unimportant buyers. And with personalized content, yout organization will end up on top with increased return on investment and the users with a better, faster, bigger and a more personalized experience that will surely keep them coming back.


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