Increase Employee Engagement Using An Intranet

Many CEOs and managers are constantly wondering how they can make their staff more engaged in order to improve collaboration. One answer is an intranet! Intranets have become essential to the management of any business or enterprise.

Today, business intranets are not that different from social networking platforms. With the introduction of many user-friendly features, intranets have proven to be an essential tool in improving employee management and engagement. Not all intranet systems are the same and they are most effective when implemented correctly and when used correctly by everyone within the organisation. If you have already implemented an intranet system within your organisation, how can you make your employees use it effectively and as it was designed to be used?

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When employees feel that they are part of an organisation that values their work and contributions, productivity it sure to be high and the company can expect a rise in ROI as a result. It can also be said that employee morale is directly linked to the company’s performance and productivity.

This being said, there are still a lot of top managers and CEOs that don’t realise the importance of employee engagement and collaboration. Again, your employees want to feel that they are as important as your other top level employees. You can make this happen by implementing an open channel for communication, interaction and collaboration. Employees who are engaged in their work and take advantage of what an intranet has to offer will likely do a better job as compared to other employees.

Employee Engagement Defined

Employee engagement encompasses personal attitudes and behavior towards work. Many of these attitudes are based on the intentions or ideas of an employee. These ideas may include job satisfaction, commitment to the organisation, discretion, being proactive and the intention to stay longer and be promoted within the company.

There are a few ways to improve employee engagement and collaboration within your workforce:

1. Making Everything Simple

One of the good things about the modern intranet is that it can be customised, tweaked and configured in many ways, giving the enterprise the ability to build a social community using the system. Complexity can be applied to some technologies, but simplicity is usually the best way to go for an intranet system. A simple and user friendly intranet will attract the workforce to use it and will prevent any confusion which can promote high collaboration and engagement rates among employees.

2. Executive And Upper-Management Support

An army can be defined by the officer who leads and supports them. If an officer is weak, the army he leads will also be perceived as weak. If a leader has strong and effective leadership skills, his army will be also be perceived as an effective unit. This principle also applies to top managers and CEOs. Leaders shape the behavior and beliefs of their employees. An officer or senior leader should always be present and reachable in order for engagement and collaboration to happen. An intranet system can enable leaders to quickly communicate and collaborate with the wider workforce by exchanging new idea and feedback. A leader should know how to effectively communicate with different departments and set goals to reach an attainable target. An intranet can provide a good platform to deliver these ideas and messages effectively. Blogs, chat rooms and social media accounts can all be used as tools within the company intranet.

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3. Creating Surveys

Traditionally, surveys were used to engage employees, but some enterprise don’t take advantage of them anymore. For some people, doing surveys still holds some ability to engage and collaborate with employees. A properly-designed and time efficient survey is a good tool that will let you know if your workforce is enjoying your company intranet or not. To get the most honest answers, design the survey with straightforward but open-ended questions, encouraging personal answers. This will ensure that the answers you get are truthful and useful at the same time.

4. Making It Flexible

By consolidating all information and tools into a single portal, you and your employees will be as productive as needed but still remain accessible to other employees. An intranet system can provide communication flexibility through video tutorials, instant messaging, central document storage or online meetings. Having the freedom to manage time is a good way to increase employee engagement.

5. Providing Them With A Platform Where They Can Speak

An intranet can give your employees a platform where they are able to express their ideas and share what they think about certain matters. They can raise pressing questions or share opinions in a professional way, enhancing communication and engagement with their peers. An intranet can break down barriers and provide a free, respectful and engaging environment for ideas, opinions and answers.

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6. Providing Useful And Relevant Content

Encourage your employees to share relevant and useful content in the enterprise intranet. It can be an article about a certain product or technique, it can also be a knowledge-based article about certain processes that pertain to your industry. It can also be tutorial videos, wikis or blogs. When an employee has something useful and interesting to share, encourage them to share on the intranet. If you’re a top level manager or CEO you can also share your insights, ideas and knowledge. If your employees find that you’re sharing your knowledge and wisdom with them, they will be encouraged to do the same.

7. Show Your Employees That They Are Part Of Something Big

Let your employees know that they are part of the grand plan of the company. For an employee, there’s nothing like feeling that they are part of something big. Let your employees in on the loop and make them feel important.

8. Making Your Intranet Entertaining

Making your intranet employee-focused will do wonders, but making it entertaining willl make it even more fun to use. A long day at the office can make anyone drained regardless of what they’re working on. If you want your intranet to be more social and build more communities, it should have some form of entertainment. If you want your intranet to have a more social vibe, it should provide chat rooms with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You can entertain your employees by posting funny videos, funny caricatures or comics relating to your industry. You can also encourage employees to have their own channels or chatrooms dealing with mutual hobbies or a particular interest. This way your employees will feel that they are not just there to work, but also to have fun and get to know their coworkers as well.

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If you’re a team leader, a top level manager or the CEO of the company, make a point of being available to your staff in both a professional and social capacity. Make it easy for them to reach you by providing easy access to your enterprise intranet. Working out all the kinks of an office intranet isn’t easy, but you’ll be rewarded with higher engagement levels in the long run.


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