Improve your Facebook Experience

As of the first quarter of 2016, Facebook has a total of 1.65 billion monthly active users. A far cry from a million users when it first started back in 2004. Now Facebook rakes in billions from around the world.

The company has been in constant pursuit of different areas in the tech industry. While this is usually a good thing, Facebook has accumulated a handful of not-so-user-friendly features over years of layout and algorithm changes.

Facebook is different for individuals and businesses, so let’s first take a look at how Facebook operates for different users.

Facebook for Personal Use


Today Facebook is one of the most common ways to communicate. To say that it bridged the world is a cliche but it’s simply true. These days all you need is a wifi connection and you are able to call, video call and message friends and family all over the world for a fraction of what it costs to make calls the traditional way. Facebook is really beneficial in this way.

However, one negative issue facing Facebook is the threat of social isolation. Most users are getting comfortable with their own digital profiles but there are still those of us who don’t have Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts, etc. While you’d think Facebook would now be an obvious part of culture around the developed world, that isn’t necessarily the case. Another issue is the spread of false information as well as the malicious schemes made through the platform. These underhanded issues are made easy due to the social platform’s open and accessible nature.

Despite all of this, Facebook has been cited as an innovative technology that has become a gem in terms of communication, networking, research and marketing. Now, personal accounts are serving users better. And with the continuous rise of mobile technology use, Facebook is ready to be used anywhere at any time. In fact, 70% of Facebook access and revenues are directly related to mobile usage.

Facebook for Business


It’s no surprise that advertisers and marketers are flocking to the platform that houses billions of users and their personal information, hoping to use it to their advantage.

Facebook is one of the best avenues to increase exposure to potential customers. It’s paid ads are affordable and it is labeled as a way to gather more leads while lowering marketing expenses.

On Facebook, businesses get a chance to reach a targeted audience. In fact, it is so beneficial that the Queensland government acknowledged its benefits in this article: Benefits of Facebook for business.

For businesses, the ability to diversify their mode of ads is hugely advantageous. Pictures, videos, articles and even social shoutouts can address various advertising needs and even different level of interests of users. And since they pride themselves on their communication benefits, Facebook provides an easy way to lodge customer feedback or offer customer support.

Improve Your Facebook Experience


Now, whether you are using Facebook for your personal account or taking advantage of it for your business (through a profile or page) you may find that Facebook has some annoying qualities. Be it an old post of your friend’s cousin appearing on your newsfeed or an ad for something you don’t care about. There are a few ways around these aspects of Facebook.

Try out some of these tips to fix your Facebook experience:

#1 News Feed Clean-up

If you’re friends with someone or following a business page and don’t want to see their posts all the time you can hide their posts or unfollow them. If you do this whenever you see a post you don’t like or don’t care about, Facebook will remember your preferences and your News Feed will be optimised for your personal use.


#2 Take advantage of Facebook Topics

Facebook’s most recent feature, Topics, is a handy tool you should know about. This gives you the opportunity to tell Facebook what topics you care about or enjoy. Posts with the topic tags you have chosen to follow will appear in your News Feed and make the experience more relevant. You can also switch between News Feed views (you can see your entire Facebook feed or choose a specific topic and scroll through the posts relevant to that topic).

Businesses can take advantage of this by posting with topic tags. Facebook users who are interested in seeing posts related to that topic are more likely to see your content.


#3 Non-chronological News Feed

If you are seeing posts from days or weeks ago, you’re News Feed settings might be set to show Top Stories. If you want to see what is happening on Facebook in chronological order, go to the left-hand side options. The drop-down arrow next to News Feed will give you the option to choose Top Stories or Most Recent.


#4 Notification Settings

Both personal users and businesses can benefit from this one. Not many people go deep into their Facebook settings, but if you’re bothered by notifications on your phone, via email or even your web browser, it’s worth it to look into what your current notification settings are.


By customising your notification settings you’ll receive notifications only when you want to.

#5 Smart Posting

Some businesses complain about content not getting to users or their targeted users. We’ve already mentioned to use tags and topics when you post, but there’s a few other posting tips every business on Facebook should know.

  • Post links from your blog site or product pages to drive traffic straight to your site
  • Use high-quality engaging images on posts
  • Ask for feedback (be sure you have a staff member who can answer Facebook messages in a timely manner)
  • Offer exclusive deals to Facebook followers
  • Schedule posts to stay on-time and relevant on your followers’ News Feeds
  • Use Facebook Post Targeting and review the outcomes of your posts

Did we miss any Facebook features that have simple fixes? Let us know in the comments how you’ve improved your Facebook experience.


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