How To Make Your Coffee Extra Tasty

What would the world be without coffee? Many people consider coffee the world’s most important beverage. Coffee has been grown and brewed by our ancestors for thousands of years and our love for the taste of coffee has not waned even over many centuries. Almost every country around the world has their own way of enjoying a cup of coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur or a daily just-get-me-my-coffee-fix kind of person, there are many ways to enjoy your coffee and increase your appreciation of the dark brown nectar.

The mildly stimulating effects of caffeine in coffee is what gets drinkers going. Caffeine and the taste of coffee is what appeals to most people; it’s mildly addictive. If you’re a long time coffee drinker, you will surely know coffee comes in a complexity of flavours. For some people, their choice of coffee is a mark of their taste and individualism. A cup of coffee is a celebration of life.

Image credit: trophygeek via Flikr
Image credit: trophygeek via Flikr

But have you noticed that when you make your own coffee brew, it doesn’t taste as delicious as something you buy in a cafe? Are there ways of improving your homebrew to make it taste like something expensive or something a master barista could whip up? It depends. If you have the moolah to spend, you will be able to afford all the expensive contraptions to make a really great coffee. If you don’t have the money, we’ve provided some helpful tips later in the post to ensure your coffee still tastes great.

Why Doesn’t Your Coffee Taste Like Coffee From a Cafe?

There’s a few things you need to make that perfect cup of cafe-quality coffee. They include:

1. Equipment

As mentioned earlier, you probably don’t have the adequate equipment to brew and make really good coffee. It’s not expensive equipment which always makes good coffee; it comes down to the engineering, the design and the expertise behind the equipment. Is it justified for you to shell out $1000 for an espresso machine? If you’re Bruce Wayne, perhaps, yes. But if you’re an average Joe, a quality French Press will do the job.

2. The Coffee Grind

Again, it’s about the equipment. It’s great if you prefer to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself. There are many available quality coffee grinders designed for home use. Some cheaper grinders produce unwanted heat during the grinding process, greatly affecting the coffee flavour. Plus, the grinder can give an unequal grind profile. Even so, we think it’s better to have an unequal coffee grind than none at all!

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3. Water

Cafes use quality filtered water and it makes a lot of difference. Water from the tap is fine, but do an experiment with 2 batches; one with tap water and one with filtered water and taste the difference.

4. Fresh Coffee Beans

Freshness always counts. Experts advise to buy coffee within two weeks of roast date to get the maximum taste. This can be hard if you’re buying from a 3rd party retailer. Buy small amounts of whole coffee beans to make sure that you’re brewing within the freshness period.

What You Can Do To Make Your Coffee Delish

Although there will be coffee snobs that may disagree with some of these workarounds, drinking coffee is still an individual choice. Just like drinking wine or drinking scotch, there is no wrong way to drink coffee. The most important thing here is how you enjoy your brew. You may not make cafe-grade coffee and you may not have the money for expensive Italian equipment but take advantage of what you do have. Some traditionalists like it black, some with just sugar or a sweetener, but you can do many things to make your coffee really tasty and close to that cafe coffee taste.

Here are some things you can add to your coffee for a whole new experience:

1. Flavoured Creamer

Coffee mate is a well-known creamer, but did you know they also offer flavoured creamers? They have hazelnut, French vanilla, chocolate or Hershey’s flavoured creamer. Depending on the quantity of your coffee, just one serving of these flavoured creamers will surely make your coffee delicious.

2. Butter

What? Butter? In a cup of coffee? This concoction is called “bullet proof coffee” invented by successful entrepreneur Dave Asprey. Wellness aficionados and the Paleo crowd swear to the effectiveness of this coffee as a morning drink. They say adding butter to coffee provides energy to the body.

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3. Flavoured Syrup

Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, The Coffee Beanery and other coffee desert shops use flavoured syrup in making their coffee mixes. Buy a few bottles and check out some coffee recipes over the Internet and you’re ready to drink!

4. Salt

Salt is a good seasoning for any food and it also works in coffee. Salt softens the coffee’s bitterness. Some people add salt while they ground fresh coffee beans, some add it directly into their cup of coffee. While traditional coffee lovers may frown on getting rid of the bitterness, salt can make cold brews and other iced coffee mixes taste even better.

5. Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate are very good by themselves, but what happens when you mix them together? Hands down one of the best marriages of flavours! Although it may be a bit weak because it doesn’t have a shot of espresso, this mixture is like happiness in a cup. Add some mint for a refreshing taste.

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6. Cinnamon

Good ol’ cinnamon. Add a dash of cinnamon over your regular coffee with cream and it will become heavenly. The sweet aroma of cinnamon and the robustness of the coffee is like a party for your taste buds. It’s a minor addition but it can do wonders to your brew.

7. Liquor

If you want to spike your coffee and get a bit of a kick do it with brandy, scotch, an Irish cream liqueur or vodka. Whatever alcohol you choose, it will surely put a good spin on the taste of your regular coffee.

8. Egg

If you’re a Rocky Balboa type, add raw egg to your coffee. This concept originated in Scandinavia and you’ve got to be open to new experience if you’re going to make this one. The egg clarifies the coffee, leaving a nicely coloured beverage for you to drink and enjoy.


Not having an expensive coffee maker is no longer an excuse! You can still enjoy your home-brewed coffee. You just need to have a quality coffee grinder, coffee press, coffee beans and good water. Enjoy your coffee!


  1. I have yet to try the bulletproof coffee but I’ve been seeing it a lot on the internet lately. I’m really curious about the taste but I think I might just like it.


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