Guide to a Perfect Wedding Reception

Contrary to the popular term “June bride”, it’s not always June that sees the highest number of brides and grooms tying the knot. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, March got the most “I do”‘s in 2012. That same year, a total of 123, 244 couples got married.

Setting aside these statistics, we must say that the wedding day should be one unforgettable day for both the bride and the groom. But what does it mean to have an awesome wedding and reception, with minimal mistakes and planning problems? We gathered the best tips to help guide you to your perfect wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Tips

#1 Plan it months before


Nothing beats a well-planned wedding. It minimises the chance of things going wrong. Wedding planners, if you want one, would be the best idea to iron out all the things that could go wrong at a wedding like taking care of the venue, the vows, the reception, the food and all other smaller details.

Planning out things ahead of time will help you also help you snag your chosen dates since venues and rentals are often booked ahead by other planners too. If you’re rushing to find the things you need they might already be unavailable and often are priced more than they should be.

#2 Be mindful of time


Time is essential. And there’s just so many things that will pop up at the last minute. Those things that will need time to be perfected, do them ahead. Do the big parts of your wedding planning months before. Don’t procrastinate, if you can send out the invitations now, do it. Attend to details systemically. List them all in a notebook.

During the wedding and the reception, don’t make your guest wait! It’s one blunder you should avoid. When there is an unavoidable delay, prepare some diversion activities such as oversized board games, photobooths, etc.

#3 Keep reception activities minimal


Sometimes you may be carried away by all the suggested wedding activities. Keeping the reception activities minimal may help you focus on the things that are important. Lessen unnecessary speeches, and just choose the best songs for performances.

This way you will not be putting on hold the meal and do away with boring speeches. At the end of the activity you can choose to extend for an open-bar party or encourage guests to dance.

#4 Plan your music


Speaking of music, choose your songs appropriately. When creating a playlist, choose songs that are dance-worthy and fun. Choose some classics and some new tunes everyone will know. Although you should also include some romantic tracks since it’s your wedding and you’re celebrating love!

#5 Light ’em up!


The lights can add to the drama you want to project for your reception. Check out your options well before the event. Make sure it’s romantic but not too dim and not too glaring. For videographers, you may try to talk about lighting issues prior to the event to get the best possible shots. A room that is too dark may lead to blurry videos.

When it’s time to dance, however, guests are more likely dance if the lights are dimmer. After the scheduled speeches and cocktails, you can take it further by adding in the disco or strobe lights and let the guests dance the night away.

This also applies to outdoor weddings. During the day, light is no problem but night weddings outside should also prepare to achieve the wanted effect for photos.

#6 Make sure room temperature is comfortable


Again, prior to your event, try to check the temperature of the reception venue. If it’s summer, then check if the air-condition can adequately cool the room even if it’s packed with people. If the weather is chilly and cold, check if you will need a heater or something to warm up your guests. Although it’s you who will be the star of the night, making sure that your guests are comfortable is still required.

With temperature consideration also comes your food. The more chilly the weather, the faster your food cools too. Make sure you talk this out with your caterer.

#7 Make sure your entertainment is spot on


What music would you want in your reception? A jazz ensemble? A rock band? A country duo? Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that embodies your style and would surely entertain you for the night.

But wait, entertainment doesn’t just mean live music. A photobooth and fun games are also possible entertainment options. Suggestion include giant Jenga and other puzzle games that can encourage socialisation among guests.

#8 Think of unique food ideas


Aside from the entertainment and the overall atmosphere of your wedding, the food you serve will surely be remembered. Caterers usually will offer you various options. You can ask for their specialty or simply request the food you want. You can opt for food themes and add other food stations aside from a sit-down meal.

You can be creative with the way you will be serving guests. Some modern weddings include food trucks and other fun serving ideas. Make sure you put up one station for kids if there are children attending.

#9 Finalise the guest count


You can’t perfect the event unless you have a clear estimate of the number of guests. Asking your guest to RSVP will give you a rough estimate of the number of food to order with allowance of extra numbers in case somebody tags along. To be sure though, keep track of your guests and contact them personally if you have the time.

#10 Think of creative ice breakers

There are plenty of things you can do to help guests be at ease before or during the wedding reception. One example is the paddle game. This works best for a small wedding reception. The closest friends and family of the bride and groom will get to join the bridal table in the game. They will be holding paddles with the faces of the bride and groom and will answer question like “who’s the best cook?” by raising the appropriate face. This provides comic relief and is a good story to talk about later.

Other recommendations include the Wedding Bingo GameWould You Rather, and Who am I.

Good luck and have a happy marriage!


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