Fun and Unique Donut Recipes

I love donuts. But I have to admit, I can only eat one in a sitting since I can’t stand too much sweet! But what if there were donuts flavoured unlike the usual ones? Would you eat a bacon donut or a donut made from mashed potato?

We compiled some of the most unique donut ideas for you, complete with links to their original recipes. Bon Apetit!

All About Donuts

Did you know that there is a National Donut Day in the US (5th June)? It certainly is the best time and excuse to eat your favourite donuts for the whole day!

In the US alone, there are about 10 billion donuts produced each year. The word “donut” is the popularized version of its original name, doughnut. We have the Dutch people to thank for donuts.

#1 Matcha Tea Donut

Matcha, a finely powdered green tea is a staple in most tea ceremonies in Japan. With matcha, you don’t only take in the brewed tea water but the whole leaves as well, thus you get more benefit in terms of nutritional value and anti-oxidants. For tea lovers, a donut in this flavour is awesome.

You will find the original recipe on Craftsy which outlined four major ingredient for the matcha tea glaze. Do your usual donut dough and top it with your finished glazed after.


Image Credit: Craftsy

#2 Baked Maple Bacon Donuts

This one is definitely NOT on the healthy side, what with all the bacon. But who can resist?

What you need to do is prepare your batter and bake it. Then prepare the glaze. Check out the baked maple bacon recipe from Shutterbean for the recipe.

Glaze your donuts and sprinkle your bacon bits over it.


Image Credit: Shutterbean

#3 Turkey Donut

We’ve covered tea and bacon, now let’s check out this turkey donut made by the awesome team at Fast Company.

This recipe is great for after thanksgiving, making use of turkey leftovers. But if you love turkey, you can do this any day you want. The one featured below is a donut turkey recipe made with a yeast based and sweet potato donut filled with cranberry, walnuts and pineapple jelly. Its glaze is made of sweet potato topped with smoked turkey and candied walnuts.

This savoury donut is perfect to munch on in front of the TV or as a snack for your guests.


Image Credit: Fast Company

#4 Apple donut

This is one of the most creative donuts on the list. It’s partly healthy and that’s some assurance we need. But of course, there’s always the art of substituting “unhealthy” ingredients for the healthy ones.

First, you need to cut the apples and make a hole in the centre (imagine your canned pineapple slices, that’s how it should look). See how to do it perfectly at Joy the Baker. The recipe made use of double batter, using a base batter of milky cinnamon sugar and crispy panko bread crumbs.

Dip the apple in the base batter and then roll it in the bread crumbs. Fry or bake the apple slices and sprinkle powdered sugar over them while hot.

apple donut

Image Credit: Joy the Baker

#5 Ice cream donut

What better way to beat the heat than eating something cold? This donut ice cream sandwich is just plain awesome and is the best thing for summer. All you need for this one is a plain donut (either buy from a pastry shop or make yourself). Cut the donut in half, fill it with your favourite ice cream flavour, cover like your regular sandwich and enjoy! These can be easily stored in the freezer to save for another day.

ice cream donut

Image credit: Craftsy

#6 Tiramisu Donut

This one is a combination of your Krispy Kreme donut and coffee tiramisu. The complete recipe can be found at Willow Bird Baking.

This one is another summer treat for you and your family. The ingredients include eggs, powdered sugar, choco malt powder, espresso, rum, tiramisu cheese, vanilla extract, krispy kreme donuts, cocoa powder and your favourite garnish. Check the website for the specific instructions on how to do it. This one looks mouthwatering!


Image Credit: Willow Bird Baking

#7 Gourdough Donuts

This donut seems to be the most sinful-looking among them all with its dripping chocolate and added toppings. Basically, it’s made of chocolate fudge, marshmallow cream, chocolate chips and brownie chunks. This gourdough version is from Something Swanky.

You will need the usual donut dough, oil for frying, chocolate chips, whipped cream, marshmallow cream, chocolate syrup and some brownies. This, as advised by the author, is best eaten right after you’ve fried the donut and put on the toppings. Nothing beats a freshly baked donut!

This recipe can tempt even those who aren’t fans of sweets.


Image Credit: Something Swanky

#8 Sour Cream and Garlic Donut

This is my kind of donut! Its final taste is not too sweet, light and cakey. It’s an easy recipe that you can do at home whenever the inspiration hits you. The original recipe from The Kitchn made use of onions, scallions, garlic and sour cream. Fry it in a deep, hot pan of oil and serve hot.

When serving, you can opt to add some sweet sugar sprinkles. This donut would also go nicely with an iced green tea.

sour cream and onion

Image Credit: The Kitchn

#9 Mashed Potato Donut

Looks like your ordinary, glazed donut, right? Stop the comparison there, this one’s for the potato lovers; it’s made from mashed potato. Make your usual mashed potato and combine with sugar and add all other ingredients to complete this savoury donut. For the sweet glaze use sugar, some heavy cream and a dash of salt.

The result? This donut that you’ll want to eat right off the grill. Check out Idaho Potato’s perfect Mashed Potato Donut.

potato donut

Image Credit: Idaho Potato

#10 Another Bacon Donut

Strips of bacon are laid on top of a simple maple glaze on rectangle donuts. The salty and the sweet taste of this recipe makes it a classic donut to die for.


Image Credit: Craftsy

#11 Shortcake Donut

You’ve never seen a donut as pretty as this one. All you need is the ingredients of a strawberry shortcake sandwiched between two donut halves. Glaze it with a pinkish sugar glaze and add some colourful sprinkles.

shortcake donut

Image Credit: Craftsy

Some of these recipes aren’t meant to be consumed daily. Make them for you and your friends every other weekend or when it’s time for celebrating!


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