Fun, Money-Free Weekend Activities For You and the Family

We all love weekends. They symbolise the start of our freedom from work and school and it’s a great time to rest or do some fun activities with the family. While some may opt for a quiet weekend, most families may look for ideas to spend it wisely and get everyone together.

The best kind of weekend, in my opinion, is a money-free one! Here are our awesome cost-free weekend activities for the whole family:

#1 Board games in the backyard


Put a twist on your usual weekend games with kids. Take your board games out to the lawn, under the shade of some trees. You can devise your own ways to give rewards to the winners. Keep refreshments at hand. No need to worry about any admission fee, just enjoy the outdoors with a game!

#2 Walking tour of your neighbourhood

There are so many things to see in your neighbourhood that can pique the interest of your kids. Try pointing out all the usual spots like the grocery store, the park or the local schools. If your town has a library and a park, you can tour around those too.

#3 Write snail mail


Snail mail isn’t very common anymore but it can be a good way to bond with kids and teach them the beauty of this lost practice. Write to a relative in a different town or country, bring the kids to the local post office and have them hand in their letters.

#4 Play sports

Sports are even more fun when played with your family. Bring your family to the nearest public football field, basketball court or tennis court and teach the kids about the value of sports and fitness while you bond together.

#5 Visit your local library


Try to make a weekend reading day. Visit your local library and steer your kids towards some interesting books. Let them pick their reads and either read it to them back at the house or go straight to the park and read it to them there.

#6 Hold a yard sale

Yard sales hit two birds with one stone – you get to get rid of all unnecessary things around your house plus you organise an activity for the whole family for the weekend. Let kids choose the things they can let go and raise the funds for something worthwhile like school supplies. It’s also a great way for your family to meet neighbours!

#7 Picnic in the park


Everybody love picnics, especially kids. It’s a cheap way to spend the weekend. Pack your picnic basket with food from your pantry and have your lunch in your local park. Bring extra entertainment like books and games in case you decide to stay after eating.

#8 Campfire in the backyard

After dinner, organise a small campfire or bonfire for kids to enjoy and to toast marshmallows if you have the space. You can do side activities like telling stories around the fire or play instruments while everybody sings.

#9 Grill party


Grilled foods are simply the best. For starters, you can grill unique foods for kids to eat or let them do their own grilling (with your supervision of course).

#10 Visit a nearby zoo or museum

Your town might be hiding a local zoo or museum you can visit for the weekend. It’s one way to help your kids learn and explore. Zoos can offer kids insights about the animal world while the museum can be good for history and science.

Some local zoos and museums are free for locals so this can be a good option for a cheap yet educational experience.

#11 Bake


Why not do some baking with the family this weekend? You can make cookies and cake made of whatever is available in the pantry. Just make sure that it’s all healthy. Supervising this can be fun plus it helps your kids get in touch with their creative side. Make sure you keep an eye on anything that may cause an accident, while still giving kids leeway to be as hands-on in the process as possible.

#12 Go fishing

Fishing weekends can be a scarce happening among families these days. But if there is a nearby lake or river, you can bring the whole family for a quiet and relaxing fishing experience. You can make it a contest too as to who gets the most fish for the day.

#13 Go to the beach


There’s nothing as exciting as spending the weekend frolicking in the sands and getting some (but not too much!) vitamin D under the sun. Building sand castles can be the highlight of the day for kids while adults can look forward to some time to swim. If beaches are a bit far from your place, a poolside family party would suffice and can still give the same good vibes.

#14 Gardening

Instead of spending time indoors on computers and gadgets, make a family plot for a vege garden to grow. Assign each family member their plot to cultivate and let them choose their own plants. This can be a good habit-forming activity since this will require constant caring, watering and cultivating. It’s spending time together and it can also be a valuable learning experience.

#15 Dancing day

If you’ve exhausted all the best possible ways to spend the weekend, why not challenge the family to a dancing competition? Learning new dances with the kids can be fun. You can start with hip hop for the first weekend and move on to something more complicated the next. It’s one way to sweat it out and let loose. It’ll help kids release some extra energy and can be even more fun if you have a game like Just Dance to play along with.

#16 Build a fort


Build a fort in a bedroom or lounge room for play time and for learning. Join the kids inside and do some worthwhile activities like reading or colouring. Your kids will enjoy the fort and the extra activities.

#17 Spa day

A natural spa day can be awesome. You can start gathering all the ingredients form your pantry and organize a little spa party with your kids. Since all ingredients will be natural, it will be okay to include the kids. But of course you can’t blame them if they start eating the ingredients.

#18 Volunteering


To instil the value of caring among kids at a young age, why not bring them to places where they can volunteer. A church charity drive can be a good idea. Visiting and offering to entertain the elderly in a nursing home is another option as well. Let kids be aware of good values and the value of caring from a young age and they will remember it forever.

#19 Organize a treasure hunt

Kids love games, especially treasure hunts. Since it’s the weekend, invite their school friends over and get them to form teams. Let them seek out clues inside the house and in the surrounding lawns while giving rewards for every answered clue.


See? You can definitely have a fantastic weekend without paying too much. Whatever you choose to do, you’ve organised it well and you’ve given your family another memorable weekend with you.

After this, they will be looking forward to more fun weekend experiences and in no time, they will be forgetting the televisions and electronic gadgets in favour of the outdoors, learning experiences and fun games. Enjoy!



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