What Drives Women to Get Breast Augmentation

Every day, numerous breast augmentation procedures are being performed all over the world. But, what has driven these women to undergo breast augmentation? How high are the numbers? What are the risks?

In the US, a total of 286,694 breast augmentation procedures were performed in 2014. That number is still rising despite the fact that it carries with it a “burden of judgment and dismissal” as Huffington Post states. The number of procedures has also seen a rise in the UK and in Australia as more and more alternative implants and procedures are being licensed as safe to use every year.

Top Reasons for Breast Augmentation

Here are the nine most popular reasons why women opt for breast augmentation:

#1 Increase Breast Size


Although different body figures are widely celebrated now, more women are still equating breasts as one of the symbols of femininity. Aside from that, it also is one major operation chosen by those who are undergoing gender reassignment.

The change in size itself is often the main reason why many opt for the procedure. Other benefits that come after are considered a bonus, i.e improved confidence, feeling sexier, etc. Although there is always a debate as to the limit of the size, what is recommended is usually dependant on your body type. Your body type will dictate the size of implant that you can have without damaging your back or putting your health at risk.

#2 Correct congenital defects


Some women are born with congenital effects affecting different parts of the body. Some may have breasts that are deformed, some may have imbalance in size while some have problems with the nipples and their appearance.

These problems can be corrected through minor to major breast augmentation procedures. A separate nipple procedure sometimes referred to as aureole procedure, can also be done in form of reduction or reconstruction. In Australia, the average rough estimate of an Areola Reduction is $5000 AUD.

#3 Correct changes after childbirth


After childbirth, there are many changes that a woman’s body may undergo. Extra fat can gather around the belly while breasts suddenly become saggy or shrink in size after birth. This leads women to have breast augmentation. It is one of the most common procedures for new mothers.

These bodily changes after birthing often undermine confidence and self-esteem leading women to seek a procedure. Breast implants, breast lift or a combination of these procedures are often done by clinics.

#4 Reconstructive breast surgery

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There are various surgeries that may affect breast appearance. Most common of which is mastectomy. Mastectomy is the procedure of removing breasts partially or totally. It is often done to fight breast cancer or the spread of cancer cells. Some undergo the procedure as a preventive measure while others are advised by health professionals to take this course since it is the most likely solution to stop the spread of cancer cells in conjunction with other treatments like chemotherapy.

The most famous mastectomy was done to Angelina Jolie in May 2013 after she was found to have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene which gave her an estimated 87% risk of breast cancer. She had her breasts removed and underwent breast reconstruction afterwards.

Breast reconstruction procedures aim to rebuild the breasts by using an implant or tissue taken from another area of the body like the stomach or the buttocks. Although it may not be as sensitive as natural breasts, reconstructed breasts will have symmetry and similar contours like the natural ones under clothes.

#5 Balance breasts

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Women are burdened by imbalance of breast size. Breast augmentation by the request of the client can be done to create symmetry and remedy the client’s woes.

Imbalance of breast size cites congenital reasons for its appearance or surgery involving breasts. Accidents are also known to be a possible reason why breast symmetry is affected.

#6 Increase size after weight loss

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After weight loss, most women find out that their breast size may have shrunk in size together with other body parts. Since breasts are made of fatty tissue, the shedding of fat of the body will affect the breasts as well. Thus it is estimated that for every 15 pounds you shed, you lose one cup size too.

For those who have been used to their usual bra size, the sudden size change may be a bit disheartening. This often leads to women trying to get back to their old bra size through augmentation. Those who experience drastic weight loss are usually more elligible for the procedure.

#7 Look good in certain clothes

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Although as we said there is a greater tolerance of different body type today, many are going for the voluptuous trend embodied by Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. Gone are the days of heroin chic body type that many starve to achieve, although we are not shaming those who have this natural body type.

These women often are seen in television and all over the internet parading well-filled clothes. Now, although some clothes look good with small cup size, many clothes and occasions require curves.

#8 Improve self-esteem

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Curves can often improve self-esteem. And if it boosts your confidence, then it’s usually worth it.

Our society puts emphasis on body image. And everybody wants to keep up. Self-esteem usually comes with being comfortable with your body and being confident in your own skin and who you are. And, according to a survey, women admitted to having a better sex life after undergoing breasts augmentation.

In a survey presented in American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), it was found that there were increased feelings of sexual satisfaction and sexual arousal after the procedure. Although this is contested by Psychologists to be the effect of women somply trying to justify the procedure, it still achieved the goal of improving confidence and self-esteem.

#9 For a special occasion

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Although not widely used for a reason as the ones above, some women prepare for special occasions by having breast augmentation. Some may opt for the temporary breast augmentation while others opt for the more permanent procedure.

Occasions like weddings or important parties prompt some women to undergo the procedure. For example, most brides want to look their best during their special day. A breast augmentation can be done weeks before the big day or even a day before the wedding.

The latter procedure is popularised as a lunch hour procedure (can be done in a matter of an hour, even during your lunch break). It involves saline injections into the breasts and can increase breast size. After 24 hours, breasts may return to their normal size with saline being flushed out of the body as urine without even affecting the surrounding breast skin.

Things to Remember When Getting Breast Augmentation

If you’re contemplating a breast augmentation procedure, first have a read our past article on the ugly side of cosmetic surgery brought by medical malpractice and black-market procedures.

Now, before the surgery, what are the things to remember? Here are a few pointers.

  1. Undergo a procedure when it is recommended by a competent doctor.
  2. Finalise your mind. Go for the procedure if it’s what you really want.
  3. Do research on the procedure, the clinics near you offering it and doctors who will be doing it.
  4. Prepare your money. Insurance doesn’t handle these kinds of procedure unless it involves conditions affecting health.
  5. Have somebody with you as a support throughout the planning.
  6. Prepare yourself psychologically and physically.
  7. Prepare for the downtime it may incur, plan it well with proper leave from work.
  8. Decide on the size and type of implant well before the procedure date.
  9. Try 3D imaging where your photo will be reconstructed with your chosen breast size. Check if you are satisfied with it before proceeding.

Talk to your doctor about breast augmentation surgery, and get all the facts before making a decision!



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