DIY Mother’s Day Gifts (These are Totally Fun to Make!)

Every 10th of May the whole world comes together to celebrate Mother’s Day. In the US, this occasion produces sales of up to $20.7 billion a year. Some of these gifts are bought online, some are bought in stores and some are made from scratch!

DIY crafted gifts are very personal and require some effort. Are you up for this challenge? Here’s a collection of awesome DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can start making right now.

#1 Painted wooden bracelet

braceletImage Credit: Meddio design

Wooden bracelets are pretty on their own, but for Mother’s Day you can make them even more special with some personalised painting. You can buy wooden bracelet in local jewellery or knick knack shops. Buy some non-toxic paints to work with.

You will also be needing some small brushes and a few designs in mind. You can go abstract like the picture above, or paint objects that have great significance for your relationship as mother and child. For older kids, you can make the design more elaborate and even add in some other materials like stones and sequins.

#2 Personalise a coffee mug

how-to-paint-your-own-mug.WidePlayerImage Credit: videojug

Greet your mum in the morning with a DIY mug and her favourite hot beverage to beat the cold weather.

There’s two ways to do this; by hand or digitally. You can do a collage of photos or paint on some cool designs. Lots of stores now do printed mugs, so this gift will be ready in no time. Your second option is to do the painting yourself!

Buy some white mugs and non-toxic paint for the ceramic. You can then start to express your love for your mum with this classic DIY idea.

#3 Yarn wrapped vases

imagesImage Credit: articleascraft

Flowers in a bouquet is a very predictable gift (although you shouldn’t refrain from giving flowers during this day). To make it more creative, take a few of these flowers and put them in an awesome DIY vase.

This vase will require some old wine bottles (or other bottles with a pretty shape). Then start buying some yarn in varied colors. You can use alternative threads used for cross stitching as well but that would require more time. Start at the neck of the bottle, securing the end of the yarn with glue while slowly rotating the yarn around the bottle, adding glue along the way.

You can also add other designs after the bottle has been covered by yarn. Add in some water and a stem of your mum’s favourite flower.

#4 DIY foot soak

blog_Sore-Tired-Muscle-Soak-Recipe-BoxStalker-CrossFit-ApparelImage Credit: Pure Strength

It’s time to give your mum some pampering! This DIY foot soak is cheap and refreshing.

What you will need is one mason jar and these ingredients:

  • 2 cups epsom salts
  • 1 lime
  • zester
  • peppermint essential oil
  • lime essential oil
  • food colour (green)
  • ribbon and label

Mix the first five ingredients in a bowl and add a few drop of food colouring. Make sure everything is mixed well. Transfer the mixture into a mason jar, cover it and start to design the jar with ribbons and other scrapbook decor. Inlclude a cute reminder as to how it can be used or simply tell your mom to scoop from the mixture and put in a basin big enough for feet soaking. Use warm water for ultimate relaxation!

#5 Lotion bars

All_Natural_Lotion_Bars_DIY_RecipeImage Credit: Natural Beauty

If your mom is a lotion fan, then this Mother’s Day DIY gift will make her happy! It’s so perfect for cold winter nights and is just plan handy. It can even be made into different shapes you mother will surely love.

Ingredients include: 4.5 oz of beeswax, 4 oz shea butter and 4 oz coconut oil. Combine these ingredients in a hot pan or a double boiler. Stir it from time to time until it melts. Pour the mixture into your chosen molds. Try making flowers, squares and circles for variety.

Allow the molds to cool and harden before you pop them out. You can transfer them to a pretty container ribboned and signed in time for Mother’s Day.

#6 Photo monogram letter

sink-happy-monogram-collageImage Credit: Surf and Sunshine

This one’s so easy that even kids can make it. All you have to do is cut out a huge intitial of your mom’s name from thick cardboard. Print out photos of happy and nostalgic memories and collage them all over the letter.

Line the edges with some colorful ribbons or cords. and attach a hook to the letter so your mum can hang it up!

#7 Pouch made of zippers

Colored-Zipper-Pouch-DIY1Image Credit: All Day Chic

This case or purse can be made out of zippers and some thread. Using seven 7-inched zippers, place each with sides touching and unzip each zipper so you have room to sew. Try to align the colours in a rainbow or use different gradients of your mum’s favourite colour.

#8 Cloth covered journal

4184662412_e65fd8f361_oImage Credit: LikeFlowerrsand Butterflies

This one is easy as well. What you need to do is to buy a hard cover journal from a bookstore near you. Then choose fabric designs to cover the journal. Make sure the design has significance or importance to your mum.

Glue all the corners and the edges of the cloth to the inside cover, make sure it looks clean. You can add in some scrapbooking materials to the design like sequins, buttons and plastic flowers.

On the first page of the journal, remind your mom how great a mother she! Every time she opens it she’ll think of you.

#9 Apron with handprints

Handprint-Flower-Apron-for-Mom-for-Mothers-Day-at-B-InspiredMama-650x650Image Credit: B-inpsired Mama

Mums like receiving things that are practical and usable. Of course, you can always couple these useful gifts with pampering gifts as well (like a gift certificate to a spa).

This next project is easy to do and can involve even the young ones. You’ll need a plain apron and some fabric paint and paintbrushes. Be ready to get dirty a bit messy!

Put the apron on a clean and flat surface. Start to outline a base design. If you’ve got young kids in your family, ask them to brush paint or dip their hands in paint and transfer them to the apron. Finalise the design by adding other crafty things to it.

#10 Mason jar sewing kit

indexImage Credit: Craftshub

This mason jar sewing kit is genius! It includes a pin cushion on the lid and can be personalised and customised to match your mother’s favorite colours and designs.

Simply buy a mason jar and attach or make a pin cushion for the lid.

Only a few days to go!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of rushing out to buy something at the last minute, why not get started on one of these DIY projects for your mum. Make some extra time for your mum on this special day and treat her!


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