Cheap Storage Ideas

A number of psychological studies have shown that having a cluttered house or working space may affect the way we think, feel and even perform throughout the day since the things we accumulate can reflect our deepest feelings and attitudes. A well organised home or office may positively affect health and even improve job performance.

To help you organise the clutter we’ve whipped up these crazy but cheap storage ideas from some of the most imaginative people on the internet. After trying some of these, your house or office will be clean and practical. Say goodbye to clutter!

#1 Coffee can storage

Leethal-BlogImge Credit: Leethal Blog

Instead of throwing away your coffee cans after you’re finished with them, collect them and turn them into these handy storage units. These coffee cans are light weight and can be used in any area of the house i.e. in the kitchen, bedroom or the workshop.

They can be hammered to the wall or inside a storage cabinet. The example shown above is used as yarn storage. It can also hold other lightweight objects which are in need of organising like schools supplies and kitchen ingredients.

#2 Wine rack pen organiser

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-wineImage Credit: My Case Studies

If you have an old wine rack lying around, turn it into this nice organiser! Add cheap plastic cups and fill them with objects like pens, crayons or paint brushes. This organiser works will on a study desk or work desk, where you always seem to need more pens. Place the contents by colour for easy spotting or organize them by types i.e. crayons in the first cup, pencils in the next and coloured pens on the bottom.

#3 Mason jar storage

mason jarImage Credit: Portland Media & Bloggers hgtv

When in need of extra storage in the kitchen, try to utilise the space on the bottom of hanging cabinets. Mason jars are very affordable for this storage idea. These mason jars are pretty and can hold a large amount of grains, pasta and snacks which could take up a lot of space in the cupboard.

Glue a thin magnet onto the top of your mason jars and another to the bottom of the cupboard. For heavier mason jars, nail or screw the lids to the cupboard bottoms.

#4 Behind closet doors

contemporary-closetImage Credit: Other Metro Media & Bloggers Atypical Type A

There is a lot of room for storage behind closet doors. Buy a cheap shoe organiser, hang it on the back of a closet door and use it to store bits and pieces. For example, you can use it to keep socks and handkerchiefs organised. In the bathroom, you can use it to hold toiletries, saving you some space on the vanity. It’s also a great way to store your bills and receipts.

#5 Magnetic jars

18y9gr5l7qzhrjpgImage Credit: Lifehacker

These little jars are simply amazing storage for your spices. They can be bought cheap from your local supermarket plus they look creative and decorative.

Small magnets can be found at hardware stores. Glue one magnet on the inside of the lid, fill the jar with spices, close the lid and stick them on a magnetic board or on the side of your refrigerator. Print out labels for each jar; this will save you some time when looking for your different spices.

#6 Bakeware organiser

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-bakewareImage credit: Martha Stewart

Stacking pans inside of one another is one easy way to store bakeware. However, it becomes a pain when you need the ones in the middle or at the bottom. You have to dismantle your organised masterpiece and restack them all over again.

A bakeware organiser can be used to keep the hassle away from storing your pans and other kitchen wares. Buy some cheap file separator and screw them horizontally in your cupboard. Now you can pull out the kitchenware you want to use without restacking.

#7 Affordable drawer dividers

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-drawer-dividersImage Credit: BHG

You don’t need to completely remake your cabinets to include dividers. This simple ideas will help you do the job in a cheaper way. Old egg trays can help organise small pieces inside your drawer like pins and staples. Use muffin moulds for your coins and keys.

#8 Match sheets with pillowcases

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-pillowImage Credit: Martha Stewart

Instead of wishing for a new closet where all of your pillowcases and blankets could fit, keep bed sheets in their matching pillow covers. Now when you need new sheets they will be easy to grab and your linen closet will look much neater.

#9 Magnetic strips

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-magneticImage Credit: Super Woman

Additional storage boxes in the boudoir or in the bathroom can take up space. Instead of adding other storage boxes, use magnetic strips to organize little metal things like tweezers, nail cutters and bobby pins. Maybe you won’t lose so many bobby pins now!

#10 Wine rack towel holder

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-wine-rackImage Credit: Pinterest

It seems that a simple wine rack can be very useful after all. Aside from a school supply organiser, wine racks can be used as towel storage. Either hang it in your linen closet or in your bathroom. This is especially useful if you are having guests and need a lot of towels in an easy-to-reach place.

#11 Wrapper organizer

The-Chic-Home-477x700Image Credit: The Chic Home

Since wrappers should always be kept handy for birthdays, weddings and holidays, it’s nice to see them stored neatly in one place. You can use a simple clear garment bag to organize all your wrappers. Hang this in your closet or at the back of a door.

#12 Lunchbox as storage

oneilsisters.blogspot.com_lunchbox-PHOTO3-Gadget-Gear_lg_390x462Image credit: Oneilsisters

Your kids might change lunchboxes every school year. When this happens, old lunchboxes can be a good way to store things like chargers, earphones, pens and important papers. It costs nothing and it’s thief proof too!

#13 Peg board

thevintageglitterhouse.blogspot.com_DSC09863_390x348Image Credit:

Peg boards are very versatile! They can be used to organise tools in a workshop, keep sports equipment decluttered and store kitchen utensils.

Peg boards are also a good way to organise a study space. You can even attach a study lamp to the board and keep the table for things such as books and study snacks!

#14 Power strip storage

50-Genius-Storage-Ideas-all-very-cheap-and-easy-Great-for-organizing-and-small-houses-powerImage Credit: Martha Stewart

Tired of seeing your cords tangled all over your desk? This plastic mesh tray will be your lifesaver! Attach this under your desk (you might have to create a wire-hole) and let all the cords pass through. The plastic basket isn’t that expensive and you might even have something like it around your house already.


Cheap isn’t a bad thing, especially when it comes to organising. The money you save on expensive storage bins, boxes and cabinets can be used for other things like extra pocket money for your summer vacation.

For more organisation tips, check out other cool storage ideas from Get Organized Wizard’s Home Organization: Storage Tricks; Paperlessness; Home Apps; Multi-Purpose Rooms.



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