Can Superfoods Help You Lose Weight?

The superfood fad seems to be living up to its name after all! For this post we will be discussing the possible benefits of superfoods when it comes to losing weight. So sit back, read and lose weight!

What is “superfood”?

Although not a medically accepted term, superfood is a popular term that is used to refer to foods that are healthy, low in calories, high in nutrients and are said to be beneficial in terms of aiding certain diseases. These superfoods contain anti-oxidants and other noteworthy compounds that help the body in various ways.

Most superfoods are fruits and vegetables although some marine life – fish, calamari and krill – containing high levels of omega-3 are also considered “super”. These superfoods are usually eaten fresh, included in recipes or taken as supplements.

Some packed and processed products in your grocery store are probably marketed as superfoods. Although this may be true, some regulating bodies around the world do not allow discriminate labelling unless supported by scientific evidence. No wonder the buzz word “superfood” gains so much attention.

Researchers are continuously studying superfoods and their benefits. Superfoods are known to help reduce the risk of CVD (cardiovascular disease), help fight diabetes and even keep the brain healthy. However, it is also said that superfoods can help you lose weight. Given the right diet and exercise, supplementing with superfoods can help you attain your ideal weight.

16 Superfoods that can help you lose weight

#1 Almonds

Almonds are one healthy food known to be filled with essential nutrients. A few decades back, these nuts were shunned for their fat content. But it was later discovered that the fat contained in almonds is actually good for the body. Rich in vitamin E and B, fiber, and the PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

Almonds can fill you up for hours and not make you feel hungry. They’re included in the famous paleo diet and are great for a snack throughout the day. Almond-flavoured ice cream doesn’t count!


#2 Cayenne

Spice might not be everyone’s thing, but it’s good for losing weight. Cayenne contains capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound that makes peppers hot and aids in weight loss. This compound boosts the metabolism of the body to burn more calories during activities. It also induces sweating, releasing toxins from the body.

Adding a dash of cayenne to your meals can help increase blood flow in the stomach, helping you digest food efficiently while absorbing more nutrients. They’re a great addition to most of your home-cooked meals.


#3 Chia

Chia is a crop from the ancient Aztecs who discovered its benefits. A strength food, it was often used by messengers of ancient times to power their long journeys and increase their endurance. Although these seeds are small, they pack a punch with lots of omega-3, protein and fiber. Since they are tasteless, you can add it to any food you are having without affecting the taste. Health enthusiasts add Chia in their smoothies, sauces and cereals.

Chia is high in fiber, which will make you feel fuller for longer. It also encourages slow digestion when you eat it with other meals. Its omega-3 components also help those who work out since it helps promote muscle growth. Chia seeds can also be found in powder form and are often used as an egg substitute in baking.


#4 Avocado

Avocado is one of the best things to happened for your quest of weight loss. Although it is quite fatty, its oils are healthy and will reduce hunger and increase your ability to absorb nutrients.

It is filled with fiber, vitamins C and B, amino acids, carbohydrates and magnesium. Since its caloric, half an avocado a day can be good for your weight loss and your overall health.


#5 Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea contains amino acids and other compounds that boost energy and alertness. It’s purported to be the oldest energy drink and was drunk by samurai in Japan in ancient times.

The taste of Matcha green tea, unlike its other tea counterparts, may differ since you are drinking the whole leaf. It is packed with anti-oxidants and includes the powerful EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). Matcha helps you stay calm, lower your cholesterol and prevents diseases.


#6 Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains healthy fat. Its fatty acids are best for metabolism and to help you burn calories even when at rest. It increases your energy and is a good substitute for all other oil you may be using to cook your food.


#7 Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a known fat fighter. Eating half a grapefruit before a meal helps people lose weight. It contains only 39 calories and has cancer fighting compounds in the form of liminoids and lycopene. They taste good and look even better so it’s not hard to include this in your diet! Check out the refreshing grapefruit concoction below which you can’t say no to.


#8 Sardines

Omega-3 is a supplement that helps the heart, the blood, the brain, and just about everything else. For the fitness buffs, omega-3’s top benefit lies in its capacity to help you lose weight. And what healthier way to get it than from fresh sardines?

Sardines are filled with protein that keeps you full and helps stimulate the metabolism. Its omega-3 content is known to reduce muscle soreness for those who work out, thus extending work out time. It is also famed since it helps you recover fast, burn fat and slow down muscle loss.

But if eating sardines is too much for you, supplements are the next best thing.


#9 Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one healthy food that can benefit the body. It packs protein but with less sugar. A good substitute for sour cream, greek yoghurt will reduce your fat and calorie consumption. So instead of snacking on fries and hamburgers, pick up a Greek yogurt and enjoy!


#10 Olive oil

Instead of high-calorie salad dressings, olive oil can do the job without risking your weight loss routine. Olive oil can also be a substitute for other cooking oils (unhealthy and fattening) and it’s very good for the heart.


#11 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar contains an enzyme that helps the digestive system while promoting weight loss. It is usually taken before meals, added in water. The organic and raw vinegar is recommended since it helps the stomach digest food properly while enabling the body to absorb more nutrients.

Another point for apple cider vinegar is that it can help suppress your appetite, stopping you from getting too hungry between meals.


#12 Broccoli and Kale

Including green in your diet is a must! Broccoli and Kale are definitely the “it” greens in the superfood world right now.

Both can fill you up while giving you a pack of nutrients and fiber. They’re good additions to most of your recipes and you can start innovating by making them your main pizza and salad ingredients.


#13 Quinoa

Quinoa is now one of the most famous seeds. They are less dense in calories than Chia seeds and rank low on the Glycemic index score. Check out Bioglan’s ultimate recipe for Breakfast Quinoa with Chia. It’s a must try!


#14 Oats

The amount of fiber in an oats breakfast can help in your weight loss goals since they help boost the body’s metabolism. Oats will keep you fuller for longer and it’s one best things to start your day. Sprinkle some Chia over it or eat it with a bunch of healthy berries as pictured below.

Oats contains minerals and anti-oxidants. They do not only help you manage weight loss, it can also be a good way to manage cholesterol levels and protect the heart. So make sure you add oats to your weekly grocery list from now on.


#15 Tomato

Whether you think tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, it’s something you can have every day. Tomatoes are good for the body as they contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. But it is also beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight. They’re low in calories and contain lots of fiber.

Eat them on their own or throw them into a salads, pizza and or pasta.


#16 Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries – these berries are high in nutrients and easy to snack on or include in your daily recipes.

These berries are not only filled with anti-oxidants but they are also responsible for breaking down fats and sugars in the body. They taste really good and are amazing as an addition to your salads. Berries help reduce mental decline during old age. Among all other fruits, berries are of the highest health value.



Some of these superfoods could be your life saver when it comes to losing weight. However, you can’t just eat them and expect to lose weight the next day. Remember, losing weight is a process and you need to work hard for it. Good luck!



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