Calamari Oil: Slowing Down The Aging Process

Omega-3 fatty acid has gained more and more popularity over recent years as people are finding new ways to manage and improve their overall health. For many years, salmon has been marketed as the primary source of omega-3 fatty acid, with krill coming in 2nd  place. In 3rd place is the relatively new squid or calamari oil.

Most people understand the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in the body, but there are still a large number of people who are skeptical about its sources and the supplements that offer the essential fatty acids. And with this skepticism comes the question of how beneficial is omega-3 to the aging process.

Who would refuse this this calamari dish? Image credit:
Who would refuse this? Image credit:

Calamari Oil Defined

Calamari oil is sourced from food grade squid and contains the highest source of DHA. Calamari or squid oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids or polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which are essential in normalizing one’s metabolism. There are 3 types of omega-3 fatty acids, one is found in plant oils and the other two are found in marine oils. These are alpha-Linolenic acids (ALA), which are found in plant oils, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both found in marine oils. Krill oil and fish oil combined would still not equal to the Omega-3 fatty acids found in calamari oil. Squid oil is specifically rich in DHA, which is good for your total health, brain, skin, heart, eyes, and nervous system.

Or this calamari marinara. Image credit:
Or this calamari marinara. Image credit:

The most environmentally- friendly and highest source of Omega-3 is calamari oil. Among the other sources of Omega-3 with DHA content, calamari oil has the highest substance at 470mg/g, next is algal with 350mg/g and then fish with 120mg/g. A recent study shows that older women with Omega 3 fatty acids in their blood system are likely to have less shrinkage of the brain. Brains most commonly decrease in size among aging women, but people with dementia are also severely affected. Its benefits have made the need for Omega-3  crucial. Because of its high demands, fish have become endangered and this is where calamari comes in. The life cycle of the calamari or squid is shorter and they multiply quicker than any other sources of Omega-3.

To put it simply, omega-3 fatty acids are the good fats and these kind of fats are essential in normal body function and are recommended for daily intake.

10 Calamari Oil Benefits In Slowing The Aging Process

1. Lowers Or Stops Inflammation

These essential fatty acids are rich with enzymes that combat chronic inflammation and fight coagulation. Chronic inflammation plays a big role aging-related diseases and premature aging. Resolving, Lipoxins and Protectins in omega-3 help in lowering the chances of chronic inflammation.

 2. Lowers The Risk Of Developing Heart Disease

Many studies and researches have found that omega-3 can lower the chances of developing heart disease. It can also prevent atherosclerotic plaque which can lead to heart attack or cardiac arrest.

3. Lowers The Risks of Developing Cancer

Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to lower the production of enzymes that promote cancer growth and suppress the formation of new vessels required by the cancer cells to grow. Take note that omega-3s are not a total cure for cancer. The symptoms and side effects of people already suffering from cancer will be alleviated with a normal intake of high concentrations of omega-3s.

4. Reduces Arthritis And Other Arthritic Problems         

Arthritis is caused by inflamed tendons in different joints in the body. Now, as mentioned earlier, omega-3s are effective anti-inflammatory aids so they will reduce the side effects and symptoms of arthritis sufferers. It will also lower so the risk of arthritis development of people not yet inflicted with the disease.

5. Alleviates Fatigue                   

Based on research, 500,000 Americans are suffering from chronic fatigue and adult women are most prone to it. According to the Hammersmith Hospital in London, chronic fatigue may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This results in poor metabolism of phospholipids. By taking omega-3 fatty acids regularly, chronic fatigue can be a thing of the past.

6. Enhances Memory

As we age, the gray matter of the brain decreases. This results in poor memory and possibly, learning disabilities. 60% of the brain is composed of omega-3 fatty acids. If there’s insufficient fatty acids, the myelin sheath that surrounds the brain cells and the nerve will not suffice. Studies have shown that people with low omega-3 levels in their blood have a lower brain volume as compared to people with higher omega-3s in their blood.

7. Prevents Dry Skin, Eczema And Hair Loss

Some of the most known effects of omega-3 deficiency are dry skin, eczema, rashes and dry patches and hair loss. Insufficient omega-3 also contribute to brittle fingernails. If taking calamari oil supplements are expensive for you, you can just enhance your weekly diet by including squid or calamari dishes to your diet.

 8. Enhances The Immune System

Regular intake of omega-3 fatty acid helps enhance the body’s immune system. The long chain omega-3s helps boost the immune system and immune cells. The immune cells are enhanced by DHA and EPA, which calamari oil is a very good source of these PUFAs.

9. Helps Enhance Blood Circulation

Omega-3 is known for its blood-emulsifying properties. Omega-3 thins the blood, encourages good blood circulation and prevents unwanted blood clots, high blood pressure and promotes a better heart rate.

10. Lowers The Risks Of Developing Depression And Other Mental Illnesses

Countries with high consumption of omega-3 are 60% less likely to develop depression in their lifetime as compared to North American countries where consumption of omega-3s are very low. The essential fatty acids in calamari oil help in increasing the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin helps in improving the mood and mental health of an individual. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to help lower the risk of developing age related mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Image credit:
Image credit:

Calamari oil and other omega-3 fatty acid supplements are essential for the body’s overall health. Most experts advise to have it naturally by enhancing your diet with squid dishes or other seafoods rich in omega-3. If you prefer to have supplements instead, consult your trusted doctor to prevent any conflicts with other supplements or medicines you’re taking.


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