Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition & Cosmetic Surgery

Over the past few weeks you’ve probably heard the hullabaloo over Bruce Jenner’s surgery and transition to Caitlyn Jenner. While the process of transition is not unknown, this particular process has been given wide media coverage due to Jenner’s popularity and Hollywood presence.

With her Vanity Fair cover issue, Caitlyn Jenner has highlighted three things: the transgender world, cosmetic surgery and the power of acceptance. Now we will get to know Caitlyn and how she was propelled to stardom, her coming out and list of possible surgeries one would have to undergo for feminisation.

Who was Bruce before Caitlyn?

Bruce Jenner was an Olympic track and field champion. Before the fame, Jenner suffered from dyslexia and played football but had to switch to decathlon after a knee injury. He took home the gold medal in the 1976 decathlon event during the Summer Olympics in Montreal. He set a world record that was not beaten until 1980. He was unofficially labelled as the world’s greatest athlete for Olympic decathlon. Jenner was later awarded several prestigious awards.

After that, Jenner became well-known in American households after he endorsed household products and acted in several shows. Later on, Jenner married Kris (after his first two marriages) and was still married to her when the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” took off and gained the family a huge following. They were together for 23 years until they divorced in 2015. Jenner also came out as transgender. This month, Jenner’s journey found a new beginning as Caitlyn. Jenner has dropped the “he” and adopted feminine pronouns. She is now tagged as the most famous openly transgender person in the world. Lately, she has given interviews about the surgery she underwent.

Caitlyn Jenner procedures and surgeries

Although Caitlyn Jenner made a choice to transition, she decided not to undergo sexual reassignment (in transition it is advised that reassignment should be done after one year of transition) and pointed out that her sexual preference isn’t that important at the moment.

However, full gender transitioning was already part of Caitlyn’s plans even back in 1980 when she started hormone therapy. Here are some of the procedures Caitlyn Jenner underwent:

#1 Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures around the world. It involves the removal of fat from a deep layer below the patient’s skin. In Jenner’s case, this was performed on various parts of the body to help in the shaping process; especially in the waist.

Liposuction is invasive and may require hospital time. After liposuction, skin usually fits to the new size but may also lapse back to the original state. In the case of the latter, excess skin may be removed surgically or through other non-invasive skin tightening methods.

#2 Body contouring

Body contouring removes excess sagging skin and fat. This is beneficial after a substantial amount of weight loss. It can be done on the face, the chest, the tummy and the legs.

#3 Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most noticeable procedures Caitlyn underwent. Although she was already developing breasts due to hormone therapy, her breast augmentation became complete after an added augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation usually consists of implants in the breast or through fat transfer. This procedure increases breast fullness.

#4 Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery was performed on Jenner for the purpose of lifting the upper eyelids, removing excess skin and reducing bagginess of the lower eyelids. This smoothens the skin around the eyes and reduces wrinkles which occur with age.

#5 Brow bone reduction

Brow bone reduction is one of the many procedures that greatly affected the feminisation of Caitlyn Jenner’s face. Prominent brow bones often signifies a masculine look. Brow bone reduction and contouring eliminates the horizontal ridge of bone running along the forehead. Females tend to have a flatter forehead.

In Jenner’s case, the brow bone reduction contributed a lot in achieving a more delicate and feminine look.

#6 Cheek implants

Cheek implants includes the insertion of fillers in the cheek creating a more contoured cheekbone. The implants create a fuller look in the upper cheek.

Caitlyn’s cheek used to be flat and lacked definition. With the implants, the volume created a more defined cheekbone and resulted in a more feminine look.

#7 Lip augmentation

Lip procedures such as augmentation, lifting and shaping allowed Jenner to get fuller, more feminine lips. On her famous magazine cover and all over current media, Jenner’s lips have been given more emphasis with the use of lipstick and contouring.

#8 Tracheal shave

This is probably one of the biggest moves to reduce any “left behind” masculinity. It is one of the most common procedures among transgender people. The procedure involves the reduction of cartilage in the throat. It is commonly known as the Adam’s apple reduction.

#9 Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is one of the major players when transitioning. Jenner took oestrogen while also taking antiandrogens to inhibit further testosterone production. These are available in the form of gels, pills or injections. The shortest possible time for feminine effects to occur is two to three years from the first intake.

#10 Rhinoplasty

Nose shape also contributes to the way gender is perceived. Jenner now has a nose that softens her overall features. Now, her nose is reduced in size and a bit upturned.

These procedures were not done in a month timeframe. She prepared for the transition for years and each procedure was done a safe amount of time after each other. Her psychological preparation is certainly something to be inspired by.

How this affects the transgender world

Caitlyn Jenner’s widely televised transition somehow opened the world to a whole new level of acceptance. Since the family’s reality show is known in almost every household, the coverage of her transition opened up discussion and contemplation and gave hope to those still in doubt of facing their gender issues. In the aftermath of her transition, Caitlyn is trying to advocate the value of self acceptance and listening to your own true feelings.


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