Breakfast has always been and always will be the most important meal of the day, scientifically speaking (and because your mum says so). Breakfast is the meal that breaks your long fast when you’re sleeping. As soon as you wake, your body requires fuel to let it run and the energy to make your brain and body function at 100%. Some of you may not be used to eating breakfast and go on a food splurge at lunch. Yes, it can satisfy your hunger when you go on full attack at lunch time, but you’re probably beginning to get cranky by 11am and you cannot concentrate on anything but food. If you have your breakfast this will not happen!

Some of you may be used to having just milk and cereal, toast, coffee or juice in the morning but have you ever wondered what kind of breakfast other people are having around the world? Let’s see what some people around the world are eating for breakfast!

1. United Kingdom

The UK eats sausages, ham, baked beans, mushroom, hashbrowns, toast and butter, fried eggs and black pudding. This breakfast is usually washed down with a cup of tea.

2. Cambodia

This dish is a typical breakfast in Cambodia. It consists of soup, rice noodles, sliced meats, bean sprouts, fried garlic and chilli flakes.

3. China

The breakfast in this big country will depend on the region but typically, a Chinese breakfast will consist of different dim sum and porridge.

4. Cuba

Breakfast in Cuba is a simple fare. It commonly consists of sweetened coffee with milk and a pinch of salt, a Cuban bread with butter cut up and dunked into the coffee.

5. Brazil

A typical Brazilian breakfast will include ham, bread, butter, cheese, fruit juice, coffee or milk.

6. Israel

Freshly-baked bread, olives, a variety of soft and hard cheeses, jam, butter, coffee or milk. Red wine is optional.

7. Indonesia

Nasi Goreng consists of rice, fried fish, fried egg and bean sprouts. Goes well with hot coffee or tea.

8. Colombia

Colombia’s traditional breakfast is called Changua, a soup made from milk, scallion and egg.

9. Australia

Toasted bread with butter and Vegemite, or Weetbix. Don’t forget the coffee or tea.

10. Poland

It is known as Jajecznica, this polish dish consists of scrambled eggs topped with kielbasa, potato pancakes and vegetable salad.

11. Lebanon

Manakish is a flatbread that is flavored using za’atar, tomatoes and cheese.

12. Hawaii

You’d be surprised that a typical Hawaiian breakfast consists of fruits and a bagel. Yes, it’s true and surely it can all be burned off after a few minutes of surfing.

13. Germany

This is one protein-filled breakfast. sausages, cold meats, cheese, bacon and freshly baked bread will surely give you the needed fuel for the day.

14. Venezuela

A common Venezuelan breakfast is made up of a flat corn bread called arepa, which is stuffed with cheese, chicken, fish and other meats.

15. Wales

The Welsh enjoy simple toast with lots of bubbly melted cheese and Worcestershire sauce. Wash it down with a chilled pint of stout and you’re all set.

16. Thailand

Pork porridge with Chinese doughnuts, pork blood, meat, deep fried pork intestines stuffed with minced meat. This will go well with lots of fried garlic and fresh onions.

17. Philippines

Garlic fried rice, fried eggs sunny side up, fried salted fish, local sausage or corned beef hash, salted tomatoes, tocino or tapa. Whatever the combination, this is one hearty breakfast to keep you going.

18. Japan

Traditional Japanese breakfast includes rice, miso soup, pickled vegetable and fish. Simple and satisfying.

19. Italy

Most Italians start their day with a cup of capuccino, biscotti or a roll. Simple, but a classy breakfast.

20. Mexico

This hearty plate of deliciousness consists of beef strips, baked beans, fried eggs, chilaquiles, tortilla and cheese. A bit spicy but it will surely wake your senses.

Now that you’ve seen some world breakfasts, tell us what your usual breakfast consists of.

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