Why Batman is Essential To The Justice League and The DC Universe

DC Comic’s Batman has rocked the comic world since 1939 and since then, the character has gone through many changes and has gotten bigger and more important role in the whole DC universe. Just like any superhero, be it Marvel or DC, many helped shape their comic universes, but none of them is as heavy an influence as Batman.

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To understand the myth of Batman, we have to understand his roots. All of the comics and movies and currently the TV Series “Gotham” have shown how Bruce Wayne was when he was a boy. He’s not that special and just another spoilt rich boy. The murder of his parents changed all that, his conviction changed his attitude towards good and evil. Not only did he have a reason behiund hisr vengeance on the criminals of Gotham, but he also had a reason to be afraid.


Bruce Wayne chose the bat as his symbol, which is the thing that he feared most. He wants to have that same effect on all the criminals he encounters and Bruce has become what he’s afraid of – an angry and dark vigilante. Only his training and self-control stop him from becoming a cold-blooded criminal, which is what he hates most.

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The reason why Batman works is that Bruce Wayne/Batman is an angry man, full of bitterness and repressed vengeance. In the early iteration of Batman in Action Comics, he used to really kill criminals, but due to comic censorship, this part of Batman was removed.

Batman is a special character because of the conflict between his ethics and his anger. Batman can hurt, maim and brutally beat anyone and has done so but he doesn’t kill. If you remember, watched and read “The Killing Joke” Batman doesn’t want to kill the Joker, but he wants to stop him and help him reform.

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Superman is the good guy who wants to save the weak and helpless human race, Spider-man is a nice kid with some guilt issues, and Captain America is too good to be true until he switched to Hydra.

Batman is one of the most human and flawed of the superheroes. With no supernatural powers, he walks the line between being a superhero and being a brutal villain. He saves and helps people in his own and decisive way, but he also wants to badly hurt people as well. Sometimes, the lines are blurred and everyone can sense that one wrong move and one wrong look will make the Batman a criminal like his nemesis the Joker.

Is It Possible For The Justice League To Go On Without Batman?

Well, it can be possible, but it will be very difficult for the team. Yes, Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are practically gods, Cyborg, Flash and the Green Lantern are enhanced metahumans, but still, Batman is unique because he’s still human with no powers.

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He’s the master of strategy, he has his brains and the respect of other superheroes and he has the training to technically beat them into submission. Batman is and will always be a great asset and main leader of the Justice League. He helps the other members to be on their toes, keep them start and be aware of what’s coming.

Why The Justice League and The DC Universe Needs Batman

Batman is a very effective teacher of morals. He has taught many DC characters about what is right and what is wrong, what is pure and what is immoral. He taught Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) to keep his ego checked, he taught Barry Allen (The Flash) that the world doesn’t spin around him.

As the Dark Knight, he taught many Robins to be his sidekick and to grow as effective crime fighters as well. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne were all taught by Bruce to be effective Robins. Batman has served as a great teacher of morals and has commanded great respect from other heroes as well. If he was not part of the Justice League and the DC universe, many characters would not be as good as they are.

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Batman keeps the team together and works as an effective fighting machine. He has contributed largely to almost every battle with the use of his extreme intellect, tactics, and brawn. He can always come up with different fool-proof plans in taking care of a situation.

In fact, Batman has a contingency plan for the members of the Justice League in case members go rogue. He has a plan to beat everyone and has ways to have the upper hand and make the others weak, either physically or mentally. Batman has actually beat every one of them and if he’s not a member of the league, the team would surely lose many battles.

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Yes, Tony Stark is wealthier than and as smart as Batman, but it is more than that. He cannot be replaced and he’s the complete package. He has wealth, a genius level intellect, an expert in many forms of martial arts, the will and the spirit to keep on fighting and the ability to intimidate and scare his opponents.

The conflict between his own goodness and evil is so complex and relatable. He has lost his faith in the law and the judicial system and many people feel the same way these days. The Batman always struggles with the idea that he himself can go rogue at any moment, and many people also feel the same way. Batman is the people’s hero.

One on one, Affleck’s Batman could beat Bale’s Batman into a pulp. What do you think about Batman? Let us know in the comments.

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