Baby animals can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Their small size, playfulness and cuteness will make even the toughest people weak at the knees. Baby animals are simply irresistible! Check out these cute pictures of baby animals that will put some warmth in your heart.

1. Hi! My name is Cthulhu Jr.

2. That puppy was this tall!

3. I’ll just sit here and eat my ice cream.

4. I may stink from time to time, but how can you resist my cute face?

5. Some people say I look like Snoop Dogg. I say Snoop Dog looks like me.

6. My name is Sonic and I can run as fast as the Flash. Just give me a few months to grow up.

7. I know I’m adorable.

8. I’m happy to just rest here for a little while.

9. Look deep into my cute eyes.

10. Shh! I’m camouflaged.

11. Just wait, I’ll get bigger one day.

12. Mustaches are in. Just ask my hipster friends.

13. I can hear what you’re saying over there.

14. Mom, I need a hug.

15 Aaaaaahhhh, this back rub feels good.

16. Man, I’m so tired!

17. I’m way too tired for this.

18. It’s been a month and they still think I’m one of them.

19. I’m a furball of happiness.

20. Do you like my new blue shirt?

21. I’m cuter than a teddy bear.


23. Mum, leave some for me!

24. Alrighty, just one tree branch at a time…

25. Stare into my eyes and you will know what love is.

We hope you enjoyed these super cute baby animal pictures! Which ones brought a smile to your face?

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