Awesome Theme Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Some corporate events need not be too formal and stiff. Whether it’s a brainstorming session for a new company strategy, a meeting for an upcoming product launch or a celebration party for hitting a sales target, you can still add a bit of fun to your event through themes. Theme events are a surefire way to get the message across while giving your guests a blast.

A well planned party should be unforgettable. A theme for that event can add a touch fun and can set the perfect mood. Your theme of course depends on what your event is.

Are you having a celebration? Do you want the event to be fun or formal? So, which theme will help you achieve your event goals? That’s where we can help!


This blacksmith theme is awesome. The best way to make it authentic is to choose the right venue of course. Check out all the details in the pictures below. This specific event pictured below is an actual Blacksmith workshop, but if this idea intrigues you, there are definitely ways you can incorporate the idea into your own event.


The lighting and the set-up creates that perfect workshop feel with a touch of class. You can play some live music as well while your guests get comfortable for the main event of your night.


Here’s another view of the theme and the venue:

Low900Linnet_121003_6860-EditSo, do you think you’re up for this theme?

Photo Credits: Lassez-faire


Rodeo themed events are pretty common but it’s still a crowd puller. It’s fun and can be very easy to set up. You can even ask your guests to dress the part. Channel the wild west theme through these hay seats:


Or this cowboy food station complete with hats and scarves for your guests:


For entertainment, add some cowboy crooners:

508cd37870713.preview-620Photo Credits: CowboyWestProductions, IHeartNapTime, HeraldExtra

Casino/ Las Vegas

Casino and Las Vegas themed events are always a hit (minus the real showgirls of course). The clue here is to focus on the details. Add in some sparkling casino welcome signs, LED lights and costumed servers! Check out the ideas below.

Put in some authentic card dealing tables and some slot machines. Since this everything is just for the theme, you can limit the bets to make sure everyhing is just for fun.


You could also opt for this casino themed dessert table complete with cards and dice:

Casino Party Finished Table

Then throw in some showgirls for the authentic Vegas feel. This option should be planned well, according to how formal your event is. You can specify the costumes to be worn if your event is a bit too formal for a normal Vegas number.

gold and white showgirlsPhoto Credits: ButterscothShop, EncoreEntertainment


There is nothing that can awe us as much as a circus or an exhibition can. Employing this as a theme at your next corporate event will get you alot of nods and delights from guests. Here’s some inspiration for you:

ATP900031211_ATP_Swimming_Australia (29)

And there’s not only one, but two acrobats!

ATP900031211_ATP_Swimming_Australia (27)

As another option, you can set everything up outside and erect real circus tents complete with local circus performers. You can limit the tent size and number for your convenience.


This Hollywood theme will only need a few things to lend it authenticity. Include some fake Oscar statues, a red carpet to welcome guests, the Hollywood sign, movie reels for decor, black and white balloons and of course some walk of fame stars.

Here’s the staple Hollywood sign:


Plus this ultimate walk of fame on the red carpet:


For an additional touch, you can use movie admission tickets as invitations.

Photo Credits: MazelMoments, Themers

20’s Blast

Feather Boas and a black and white theme can give your party a Great Gatsby feel. You can ask your guests to don some cloche hats and flapper dresses. This event nailed it:


As did this one:

20sPhoto Credits: PartyConnections, ParadymEvents


Disco? DJ’s? How about both of these things at your corporate event? For years the disco theme has been requested for parties across the globe. You can throw in some glittery decor, disco lights and perfectly positioned food stations disguised as bars. This one completed the disco look with a checkered dance floor:

900ATPNetwork 7 Christmas Party 2009 2

Throw in a DJ booth complete with your guests’ favorite hits. You can make a list of songs they want to hear ahead of time by asking guests to name their favorite songs on their RSVP cards.

56b22c3ede1eda5754fd903d0ba14bafPhoto Credits: Laissez Fair

Arabian Nights

From the food to the venue, there are many things you can do if your choose Arabian Nights as your theme. Throw in some cushions, low Morrocan sofas, low tables, silk lined walls, a Bedouin tent inspired ceiling and of course some flame effects. Some table lanterns and belly dancers can complete the atmosphere you want to achieve.

This event has achieved a perfect Arabian Nights theme:


Add decor like this beautiful lantern and gold threaded table cloths:


Complete the theme by serving Mediterranean food. This Moroccan spread for example looks fantastic:

Moroccan SpreadPhoto Credit: LondonPartyVenue, CreationsinCuisineCatering, Suiyingk


A slow-trickling fountain, bamboo decor and dimming lights from overhanging lanterns are just a few options you might try for a Zen theme. Complete your event with a menu offering oriental delicacies and this’ll be your best party ever.

The settings below can serve as your inspiration:


chinese-wedding-spirit-for-your-decorationPhoto Credits: BluePeakTents, WeddingsonFrenchRiviera

So you haven’t decided yet? Maybe you can have your choosing from our suggestions above. Goodluck!


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