Avoid These 14 Career-Destroying Habits

You might not be committing a huge blunder that is sure to get you fired, but maybe you’re guilty of a few certain little offenses which will later accumulate and end up ruining your chances for a promotion or cost you your job.

In the world of careers, those who work on Wall Street and in the field of finance in general are said to have some of the worst work habits out of all! Their work practices are taxing and this includes long hours of work. This results in early retirement from the finance field with professionals jumping to different careers in media, consulting and other unrelated professions.

Long hours spent doing work, regardless of levels of productivity, may result in strange sleeping patterns as well as problems in physical health and psychological health.

According to Rick Mayers of Talent Zoo, people commit these career destroying habits throughout the course of their career life but they rarely realize that they are doing it. He also said that self awareness is the first step to never again committing these habits.

Let’s discuss some of these career-destroying habits.

#1 Procrastination


Have you ever had a co-worker who was given a task a week before but only finishes it the day before, the day of, or the day after the deadline? If this happens constantly, he or she might be exhibiting signs of chronic procrastination or the habit of delaying work “for tomorrow”. There will always be a procrastinator within all of us. But once it starts to happen constantly and affect work, then this can be the start of something lethal for your job and career. Procrastination makes work pile up which may lead to cramming and poor work output when the time comes.

How to avoid it:

If the work you need to do can be done in an hour or so without getting in the way of your other tasks, then do it right away. If you can reply to an email in the next two minutes, then compose that reply now. If you can make that return call right away, do it.

#2 Negativity

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Saying to yourself that you can’t do the job you’ve been presented with makes the job look even more un-doable. Often at times, perceiving a job to be difficult makes it more difficult to do. But facing assigned jobs with enthusiasm and a positive attitude makes everything possible. Also, negativity may also show in the form of fear over new ventures, and it can be about social relationships within the company. In the long run, negativity may impede work success and even your hopes for promotions.

How to avoid it:

Accept all things as a challenge. Meditate and push all your pessimism away to get the job done.

#3 Slobby Dressing


No matter how good you are at your work, the way you look or dress can undermine your authority and credibility. Dressing carefully can channel the correct attitude towards the work you are doing or the person you are talking to. Slobby dressing may communicate that you don’t care. For this, experts advise that you keep your closet full of clothes that will dress you for the job you want and or the one you currently have.

How to avoid it:

Every other pay day, make sure you buy a pair or two of the clothes suited to your career. To avoid just pulling on anything you slept in, prepare your ensemble the night before so that no matter how short you are on time, you will still dress the part the next day.

#4 Lying


White lie or not, it’s still a lie and it’s one of the biggest blunders you can make in your career. Lying, especially to those who are in a higher position than yourself, can make you lose your credibility if not end your career right away. As much as possible, tell the truth (or the closest thing to it).

How to avoid it:

Tell the truth. Avoid situations that you know will push you to lie.

#5 Tardiness


Who likes getting up early in the morning to go to work? Maybe people work for Google or who’ve been assigned a job in the Caribbean. However, for most of us, waking up early is a universal stress. Some companies have flexible office hours, but what if your company keeps strict office hours? Punctuality might be your biggest problem now. Once you accumulate several late days, you might catch the attention of those who are in charge for all the wrong reasons. There are several scenarios for this situation; you’ll get reprimanded, suspended, fired or your promotion will be halted.

How to avoid it:

Sleep at the right time the night before, set your alarm clock and get up to exercise the next day. Make this a habit and avoid night outs during weekends.

#6 Ignoring Co-workers


Your co-workers can make your time in a company worthwhile. However, if you choose to be the lone wolf, the loner or the self proclaimed outcast, then you might pass up the chance to forge some worthwhile social or business connections. These connections can lend you the help and the information you need later.

How to avoid it:

Know your co-workers and strive to be well liked throughout your company. Even if you are not that keen on small talk, try to stop for a short time to say hi and ask how they’re going. Join in at big lunch tables and try to hang out with them during weekends.

#7 Chattering


Chattering about things that aren’t that valuable to your work can reduce productivity, plus you might be labeled as the gossiper of the company. Chat and talk about important or work-related matters. When you talk about things not related to company and work, make it short or do it during lunchtime.

How to avoid it:

Focus on your work and be sensitive when the person you are talking to is also trying to finish his or her work. Every time you have the urge to chatter, eat a small candy. Choose the sugarless ones!

#8 Social Media Overindulgence


Social media overindulgence during work isn’t advisable. It takes your mind off of your goal for the day and it immerses you in the digital world instead of having valuable conversations with the people around you. Some companies employ filters among their internet system to stop employees from accessing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube. But even then, employees may still have their own phones which reminds us that it is the employees themselves who hold the key to be able to curtail this problem of social media addiction.

How to avoid this:

Limit your social media use and time to evening hours, when you’re not at work. Close your phone during work time or let it just ping you for important notifications like call, text and emails. Or you can filter your own access yourself.

#9 Temper


Sometimes unmanaged tempers can cause you to lose your cool and deal over-defensively with situations. Those who are unable to hold their temper may find themselves at the center of fights and conflicts.

How to avoid it:

There is an easy way to resolve misunderstandings which doesn’t require shouting and rage. Sit down, breathe in and breathe out, calm down and check who you are talking to. Then lay down your points in calm manner. When your co-worker is the one showing some temper, then it’s very recommended to remain calm as well.

#10 Inefficiency


Inefficiency may lead to work left undone or work done imperfectly. Often inefficiency is caused by a lack of focus, cramming, stressing over deadlines and poor health.

How to avoid it:

Outline the quality of the work you want to achieve plus the steps you need to achieve it that level of quality. Next, do the work ahead of time to avoid cramming and to be able to have time to review it later. Ask for the opinions of others and always do things with a high quality of work in mind.

#11 Lack of Email Etiquette


Not only email etiquette, but etiquette in the whole workplace as well. This includes dressing the right way, talking politely, respecting seniors and retaining this behaviour all year round. In regards to emails, reply curtly but don’t be rude and too terse since words can be misconstrued in writing.

How to avoid it:

Make a pre-outlined reply email which is both polite and not too dismissing. Make sure that it will cover the reply you have in mind while not appearing too terse.

#12 Rudeness


We talked about rudeness above already, but let’s now examine it on its own. Rudeness is universal. We can be rude whenever we are angry or disgruntled. Managing emotions is a good way to avoid rudeness towards your co workers and even bosses. Although we must admit that some people are just born rude. Even then, just try to stick to your own plan. Rude people can be very easily disliked in a workplace.

How to Avoid it:

Whenever dealing with people, see the universal goodness in them. And when anger threatens you, breathe in breathe out before dealing with the situation calmly.

#13 Disorganization

disorganizedDisorganization can lead to inefficient work and low quality output. Keep tabs on what you do and what you need to do with the help of digital organizers. Even a simple calendar will do to keep you reminded of important dates. Use folders to organize your work and papers. Good organization skills can help you along with a promotion, remember that.

How to avoid it:

First, organize your desk physically to declutter your view and your mind. Then start to come up with an everyday routine. Start working on things that need urgent attention. List down what you have accomplished for the day and check if you can surpass it the next day.

#14 Refusal to learn new technologies

refusaAll industries today are leaning towards modernization and everything is seeming to shift towards computers and the internet. There are some people who view this as something that isn’t vital which makes them refuse to learn. Many companies today replace manual work with machines where possible, or employ new technology to aid in work. To be able to manage this modernization, it may require some training. You need to open yourself up to the idea of learning some new skils to be competitive over other prospective employees.

How to avoid it:

Every day is a learning day. Why close yourself off from new technologies when you can use this to improve yourself as a worker? It will be hard at first but think of all the great possibilities that can come from this.


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