How to Address Double Chin Problems

With the popularity of selfies today, you can’t help but be conscious of what’s mirrored in your phone’s front camera. Fine lines, crow’s feet, signs of jowls, the list is never ending! But what can ruin a perfect selfie most of the time is your chin. Yes, the hated double chin!

Double chins usually occur when there is excess fat in the neck and chin. However, some medical reports indicate a double chin could be linked to several hidden health dangers. It is associated with sleep apnea syndrome, hyoid bone degeneration and pneumonia.

In this article, we will try to address double chin problems and what to do about them.

Double Chin Culprits


Double chins don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. Causes can include culprits such as:

  • Genetics. Yes, it’s in your genes! Your mother or father’s genes may be dictating that double chin. Sometimes, skinny people have it too.
  • Weight gain. When you increase your weight certain parts of your body may follow.
  • Bad posture. Slouching may also increase the likelihood of your double chin becoming visible.
  • Age. As we age, some parts of our body may give in to gravity. Skin loses its firmness and droops.

Facial exercises for double chins


Not to worry – every flab problem has an equivalent exercise. An all-over body weight loss plan can benefit your double chin, but these facial exercises are simple and won’t require you to go to the gym. Here are some common  facial exercises to try:

  1. Open mouth. Open your mouth as wide as you can. Stick your tongue out and try to touch your chin with your tongue. Count to 10 and repeat 15 times. This exercise will tighten your neck and chin muscles.
  2. Chin lifts. Stand straight and look ahead. Slowly raise your chin towards the ceiling and make a kissing pout. Count to 10 and repeat 15. As with our first exercise, this will tighten your neck and chin muscles.
  3. Hanging head. Lie on a bed and let your head hang over the edge. Then slowly raise your neck to your chest. Count to 10 and slowly take your bead back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.
  4. Roll your neck. Stand straight and look to your side, your chin in line with your shoulder. Roll your head downward and repeat the action for the opposite side of your neck. Repeat.
  5. Platysma exercise. Platysma are the muscles from your jaw to your neck. To exercise this area, stand erect, pull lips to your teeth, making a frown. Hold for 10 seconds, rest and repeat.
  6. Tennis ball. For this face exercise, you will need a tennis ball. Place a tennis ball against your throat, held in place by your chin. Press the ball tightly then release. Repeat 10-15 times.

These exercises are often advised to be done regularly to achieve maximum results. These simple face exercises go well with regular all-over body exercise and a healthy diet. Check out Livestrong’s other double chin exercises.

Posture and Chin


Bad posture can give the illusion of heavier weight. Standing and sitting straight may help in creating a thinner “aura”. The effect of good posture may not only be skin deep, rather, it may also help with better digestion.

In the office, try to make your chair posture-friendly by investing in an ergonomic chair. This won’t make a double chin vanish, but it’s certainly a healthy a start.

Will losing weight get rid of your double chin?


Gaining weight may result in the accumulation of fat anywhere on the body. Often, fat will first appear in the torso, the arms, thighs, and your chin. Getting rid of the extra kilos would reduce a double chin.

Beginners might like to start with simple exercises like jogging and running 3-4 times a week. Other people may go to a professional trainer for help. Getting a gym membership can be very beneficial but it can also take a lot of courage for some. Having someone to go to the gym with you or finding some kind of motivation (like a new pair of jeans a size smaller) may help as well.

A sedentary lifestyle is often blamed for weight gain, and it’s the truth. When paired with a poor diet, health may suffer. Other alternative physical activities may include yoga, martial arts training, dancing and pilates among others.

Surgery for double chin


For double chins, surgery is a last resort option. Those who have lax platysma muscle, excess fat in the neck or a recessive chin may qualify to undergo surgery.

Surgeons will make an incision under the chin, ensuring any scarring will stay hidden afterwards. The underlying fat will be exposed and then removed directly or targeted through liposuction. Sagging skin will be tightened after fat has been removed. Other patients often opt for chin implants to improve chin prominence. After the surgery, patients will be required to wear compression clothing.

Non-evasive Techniques


Non-invasive techniques are more popular today since they require less pain and less time. These techniques may include ultrasound skin tightening and facial rejuvenation among others. These techniques often leave no scars and require no downtime for patients. Ultrasounds work by improving the superficial skin layer, exfoliating and smoothing it.

Another non-invasive technique is vacuum technology. The technology makes use of a vacuum-like device that penetrates deep tissue, improves blood circulation, helps in drainage of the lymphatic system and breaks up fat packets. The result is long term tightening in the chin and a better defined jawline minus the turkey neck.

Other Tricks


Aside from the methods we mentioned above, your double chin can be hidden by wearing the right make up or the right clothes. These tricks include the following:

  1. Wearing v-necks. V-neck clothes may help elongate your neck drawing away the attention from your double chin. If v-neck shirts aren’t available, unbuttoning your top button may also create the illusion of a thinner neck.
  2. Make up the right way. Make up can thin you up when used correctly. You can contour your face the right way and add highlights to your jawline to give the illusion of a nice jaw. Blend foundation perfectly, invest in contour creams and hold that chin up!
  3. Chew on sugar free gum. Chewing gum helps work out the jawline, thus increasing the chance of toning your jaw muscles.
  4. Massage neck with DIY remedies. Use cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, egg whites and glycerin. The cocoa butter can improve skin elasticity when massaged into the neck. Wheat germ oil also has the same effects. Egg whites and glycerin improve skin health and tightens skin as well.


You can address your double chin problems in so many ways. Most of these exercises and tricks can be done from the comfort of your own sofa, however, some double chin cases may need to be addressed with surgeries and non-invasive procedures.



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