A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Meticulous House Cleaning

There is an easy way of doing things but the easiest seems to be the tricks developed by lazy people. For the duration of the article we will be using the word “lazy” and turn it into something positive. So to all lazy gals (or guys!) out there who hate the whole-day fuss of cleaning but still want a clean and spotless house, here’s your guide.

Benefits of a clean and decluttered house

A clean and a decluttered house can benefit everybody. It is advantageous mentally and emotionally. This has always been a fact. Here are some of those benefits:

  • It makes cleaning in the future easy.
  • It makes it easy to find items you need.
  • It allows you to breathe.
  • You improve your health.
  • You save money.

And of course it allows you to invite friends in your house anytime you want.

You don’t really need to be a hard worker to clean your house, just a wise one. Here are some tricks to keep house chores from stealing too much of your time.

The tricks

#1 Use socks as dusters

If you have woolly socks, put them to good use. Wear them while you walk around the house to dust off the floor. If you see some dust: one swipe and you’re good to go. It’s really lazy but it can do the job without the effort and thought of mopping or sweeping.


#2 Use lint rollers to dust

You know how lint rollers go. It can be an effective tool to remove dust in harder to wipe areas like textured house fixtures. Swipe it off your furniture, your sofa, your lamp and everywhere where dust decided to stay.

Image Credit: Laurie Chipps
Image Credit: Laurie Chipps

#3 Use furniture polish to make things spotless and shiny

Your furniture polish is the easiest way to make your house look squeaky clean and shiny. A swipe of it on your table, refrigerator and any other surface you can think of can make your house magazine ready. Do it before expecting a guest and they’ll think you’ve put so much effort into your housecleaning.


#4 Use shower gel instead of soap

Why clean it when you can prevent it? Shower always accumulates soap scum. When you don’t have all the time in the world or just a plain hate constant cleaning, you can minimise the need to scrub more often by replacing soap bars with shower gel. Shower gels come in a variety of scents which can make your shower feel really good compared to soaps and it does not accumulate the scum. But first things first, you have to start with a clean bathroom in the beginning.

shower gel

#5 Clean the blender easily

If you love food and cooking you probably use kitchen appliances often. Blenders are great tools but many people find it a pain to clean. I used to clean my blender by sponging it with soap, filling it with water, covering it and shaking it. And since it didn’t get clean in one go, I’d have to do it again.

Try this instead: right after blending, add soapy water, turn it on for a second and rinse. It’s as simple as that.


#6 Use a mug of water and vinegar to clean the microwave

Instead of spending time soaping and wiping after, clean your microwave the easy way. If you use your microwave often you know that it can accumulate crusty residue. But one really easy step to do without sweating yourself out is to pour water and vinegar into a mug (some would add in lemon), put it in the microwave; turn it on for 4 seconds and voila! Wipe off any grime and no more struggles.


#7 Use the dishwasher to clean things

When it fits, it sits! There are tons of things you can put in the dishwasher to save you time and effort in cleaning. Your children’s toys, your shoes, your keyboard, and a whole lot more. As long as they are washable and they won’t be damaging the machine.

Image Credit: m01229
Image Credit: m01229

#8 Use cooking spray in your glass shower door

Cooking spray prevents food from sticking to the pan right? What about using it in your shower? Soap scum and water drip is a common problem in showers. However, if you use the spray on your shower door, the water will  slide right off.


#9 Vinegar for shower heads

Often you may find your shower head accumulating the usual water stain. For lazy people, scrubbing it can be a pain in the neck. However, there’s a sure-fire way to clean it. During the night, attach a plastic bag filled with vinegar. It will loosen the accumulation overnight. You can just remove it the next morning, turn it on and just go on with your usual showering.

Image Credit:Lifehacker
Image Credit: Lifehacker

#10 Drain the drain easily

Would you rather sit down and binge watch your favourite TV series than de-clog the drain? You’re not alone. De-clogging takes time but by dropping four tablets of Alka-Seltzer down and adding one cup of vinegar, you’ll be done in no time. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse with boiling water.

Image Credit: Wikimedia
Image Credit: Wikimedia

#11 Remove fridge odours

Remove fridge odours by cleaning it out. But if some smells stays the same, many swear by the effectiveness of charcoal. Charcoal absorbs odour when placed directly in the refrigerator. Simply place the charcoal in a bowl or in a perforated bag. A cup of baking soda can also do the job. This is really effective after a power outage draws out the smell.

This natural way of making your fridge odour-free is better than commercial deodorisers you can buy. You can take the charcoal out and repeat the process to totally eliminate the smell.


#12 Avoid bringing in more things

The more things you bring into your house, the more things to organise and declutter. Avoiding the urge to buy unnecessary things.

But if you really need to bring in new things, make sure you take something out as well. It’s the same with clothes and shoes. Once you shop for new ones, take out the old ones you are not using.


#13 Focus on rooms most used

What are the rooms that you are using the most? Which has a heavy traffic every day? These are the rooms that need your attention. The kitchen for example and the bathroom may require more of your cleaning prowess since it entails health issues if left unclean. They are both used every day too.

Aside from that, the living room can also host lots of clutter since it is being used by the whole family. Bedroom decluttering duty can be assigned to their occupants. And scheduling everything to give everyone a fair share of chores is also recommended.

And skip rooms seldom or not used! Just schedule them once or twice a month if you have no time. But if you can spare a couple of minutes every weekend, a good old dusting and vacuum can keep away the build-up.


#14 No shoes in the house

This one needs to be agreed on before implemented. If you want the greatest advantage when it comes to cleaning, stopping the traffic from bringing in more dust and dirt into the house is fair enough. You can install a shoe rack in the doorway and buy some slippers for house use.

No shoes in the house is easy to implement but requires a bit of practice before it becomes a routine to everybody in your home. Plus, if your home has flooring which is prone to abrasion, like wood, the no shoes policy can help maintain the lustre of your floor.


#15 Have plants inside

Plants do not only serve as decorative pieces but also help in the cleaning process. You may find yourself spraying air cleaning products everyday but with plants, you won’t need to do it that often. Plant helps clean the air, it relaxes people and it keeps the house pretty without trying too hard.

Potted plants need to be taken care of every day. They need to be watered and be out in the sun. Make sure you choose the right kind of plant for your environment.


#16 Buy furniture that is easy to clean

Yes, there is such a thing as furniture that is easy to clean. Some furniture may require solvent-based or water-based cleaners. Some can be washable while some may require dry cleaning. Leather is a favourite for many since they can be cleaned in a wipe. But no matter how easy it is, you still need to consider who will be using it. If you still have small kids, try to choose colours like black or grey which hide harder to remove stains.

If you aren’t keen on leather, you may choose to have fabrics that are treated to become stain repellent. Water can run-off this fabric without seeping in. These options though may be a bit pricey but you can save a lot of time and effort in the cleaning process.

Another tip for sofas: use slip covers. After a week of use, you can chuck it into the washer and have it ready to be used again.


#17 Turn work into something enjoyable

You can use the cleaning time as a family affair. You can employ games and even put up rewards. Small kids will see this as play while teaching them a sense of responsibility at an early age.


If you can’t avoid the lazy days, take advantage of them with our lazy tips!

Don’t work hard, work smart.


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