7 DIY Projects for a Fabulous Room Makeover

Fabulous makeovers often come at a price and although interior designers charge a great deal, doing the redecorating yourself is also a challenge. But your house really needs a makeover, so what should you do?

Do it on your own with some help from Internet experts, of course! You can create simple decor to add something new to any room in your house. These DIY projects will give you something to busy yourself with and after the makeover, you can proudly boast of your creations.

Benefits of Room Makeovers

Home makeovers always have positive benefits, especially to those who dwell in that home. Here are some of the benefits of DIY room makeovers:


Often, one of the goals of a room makeover is to decrease clutter and to organise things. When you declutter, you get rid of all the unsightly things or belongings that have little use to you. It does not only keep everything organised, it also affects your state of mind. Organised rooms can lead to a serene and focused mind.

New look

Creating a new look – whether it’s for yourself or for your home – symbolises new beginnings. It’s like going on a vacation and seeing a new hotel room.

New motivation/inspiration

New look means new motivation. A decluttered room with new decor can fuel motivation and be your inspiration. It gives you something to look forward to!

DIY Projects

#1 Frame clock design

Don’t you hate those photo frames collecting dust on counter tops, the cabinet or on your corner table? Here’s a creative display solution you’ll love. It helps you organise your photos, plus it looks very clever!

Image Credit: Uppercase Living

#2 Twig candle holder

Tired of the usual candle holders from home stores? Why don’t you try this DIY that will only require a glass candle holder and cut twigs from your backyard. Attach the twigs to the glass with a glue gun. Uneven space between the candles will allow soft candle light to pass through, creating dreamy and dim lighting. Plus it looks good as a decorative piece too.

Image Credit: Itskriative
Image Credit: Itskriative

#3 String chandeliers

Ever envied those string chandeliers from restaurants and craft stores? These can be very pricey in stores. However, they’re actually very easy to make at home. When you’ve got some free time, simply gather your needed materials and do this project. You’ll need lots of string in your choice of colours, glue and balloons.

Inflate the balloon, soak your strings in diluted glue and wrap the entire balloon in strings. After it’s covered, simply hang your balloon to dry. Once dry, pop the balloon carefully remove it from your string structure. And voila, you now have a great decorative piece you can use as a chandelier or put it in a bowl as a centrepiece for your coffee table.

Image Credit: Fabartdiy
Image Credit: Fabartdiy

#4 Rope and tire ottoman

This project may require lots of time but you can do it within a day! All you need are ropes, plywood, and glue. First, you have to shape the plywood to the shape of the tire. The plywood will cover both holes of the tire. Glue the plywood to the tire with furniture glue and drill some nails in to ensure it is secure. When done, cover the entire tire with rope. You can coat it with lacquer afterwards so it holds in place.

Image Credits: Homesthetics

You can place this outside your home on your porch, backyard, or in your tree house.

#5 Rope basket/bins

Laundry baskets are usually plastic and unsightly. However, you can easily give them a new look by adding some rope.

This project is as easy as taking out your glue and some colourful rope. Wind the rope around the basket until fully covered. Use alternate colours for a cool effect like below.

Image Credit: IHeartOrganizing
Image Credit: IHeartOrganizing

#6 Fabric frame

These days it’s hard to find good paintings at an affordable price to decorate homes. Instead of hunting for artworks, pick your favourite fabric and the perfect wall. You will need a stretched canvas, staple gun and fabric. Mount the fabric onto your canvas using the staple gun. Make the fabric as taut as possible. Hang it in your chosen area afterwards. You can also brush the fabric with a lacquer to make it stronger and last longer.

Image Credit: RealSimple

#7 Rustic timber mirrors

Instead of your usual boring mirror, try to give it character by using wood as the frame. Give it some sanding and lacquer and mount your mirror to the back of it. The rustic look will give your room some character while you mix and match other decor around it.

Image Credit: DIYncrafts

Other Tips for a Room Makeover

Here are a few other tips to make your makeover a success:

#1 Move your furniture

A slight shift in your furniture can give life to the empty corners of your room. Take out the furniture you don’t use. The shift in the arrangement will give your place a refreshing look.

#2 Repaint or wallpaper your room

Making your walls a bit exciting can create a good ambiance inside any room. Wallpapering or painting will do. Experiment a little and you’ll be surprised by the result.

#3 Add houseplants

When you put plants inside your house you are not just adding something green, you are also purifying the air around you. Small plants are best on windows so they are in direct sunlight. If you have very narrow windows, bigger plants will help you breathe easily.

You can choose plants from your local shops or you can plant your own. Choose a good pot for decorative purposes and make sure you take care of your plant every day.

#4 Install floating bookshelves

Save space by using floating bookshelves. This is done through hidden brackets and adding screws which gives excellent support for heavy materials. They are not only functional but also quite beautiful if you have plain walls.

You can arrange your books in whatever manner you want on these floating bookshelves. Group them by colour, size, author or genre. These bookshelves aren’t only for decorative purposes, they are great for organising things as well.


Make sure you have a plan for the rooms in your house before you start redecorating. You can get ideas over the Internet, decide on a colour palette, and change your room decor around to keep you inspired. Good luck!


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