30 Mindblowing 3D Tattoos That Look Real

Tattoos are awesome. They open up a whole new world of art. And it’s not just a modern fad like so many believe it to be; it has its roots in ancient times where it symbolized beauty, bravery, status, art and more.

Various cultures from around the world exhibited their love for tattoos. They were part of old cultures everywhere but have now been integrated into mainstream society. These tattoos ranged from small secret marks on the body to big prints of art that were visible to the public.

Tattoo Generation

First let’s learn the basics about the tattoo industry.

The modern generation has been said to be the most marked generation. Back in 2000, the National geographic estimated the American tattooed population at 40 million. In 1960s, Boston and New York Banned tattoo and tattoo parlors since it was deemed that they helped spread hepatitis which had gone into an uncontrolled outbreak. But all this has changed now.

In Australia, 40% of people got their first tattoos starting at age 26. Between 2009 to 2014, the average growth rate of tattooing in Australia was raised by 4.7% per year. The age Bracket of 20-39 years old is the most tattooed age in the country. However, 1/3 or 34% of Australians say that they regret getting their tattoos. Read more here Aussies and Their Tattoos: a Love-Hate Relationship

30 Mind-blowing and Awesome Tattoos

Tattoo #1 Ripped Skin Reveals Chinese Characters

This tattoo looks amazing. However, we don’t really know what the characters mean.


Tattoo #2 Maple Leaf

This maple leaf looks ready to be plucked off the ground, except that its inked on someones shoulder!
maple leaf tattoophoto

Tattoo #3 Secret Weapon Tucked in a Garter

Okay. I can’t explain this one but it looks like a sewing kit, a tattoo needle/gun all tucked in a lace garter.


Tattoo #4 There’s a spider on your neck! Oh, wait…

Yeah, it’s just a tattoo. And since it looks so real, it sure is one way to freak out arachnophobics.


Tattoo #5 Hyper-realistic Tears

Complete with the right glisten and shine. Impressive but not as mind-shaking as our next tattoo #6.


Tattoo #6 Four eyes…

The eye tattoo in #5 is awesome aesthetically. This one is impressive as well, but its make you think whether this is a true tattoo or one of the games the internet plays with us… Can’tvsay this is something I’d want to get tattooed!


Tattoo #7 BW Photo

A lot is going on in this photo. One thing is clear, it generates fear and awe as well as a breathtaking new take on the modern art of tattooing.


Tattoo #8 This carved leg

Except that it’s not really carved of course. It’s just a perfectly detailed tattoo designed to look like a wooden carving. 3D tattooing at its finest.


Tattoo #9 Garters never go out of date

And now one is on this lady’s legs permanently.


Tattoo #10 Whole back portrait

We can only make guesses about how did this guy came up with this tattoo idea. Was it a portrait of someone he loved? A heartbreak? Or art for art’s sake? We’ll never know, but we can be in awe of its beauty.


Tattoo #11 Tattoo script gets a twist

No matter what this script says, one thing we know is this tat is perfect!


Tattoo #12 Birds out of the sky

This tattoo is beautiful! The pop of color, the birds, the location of the tattoo… it speaks for itself.


Tattoo #13 Warrior Arm

This man lookslike a warrior straight out of the pages of history books, hardened by time and immortalized by the tattoo artist. We love the cultural reference here and silently wish this tattoo came out of this man’s personal history and not out of a whim.


Tattoo #14 Another ultra-realistic piece

We’ve got and elephant tattoo here so life like it’s ready to spring forth from this man’s back.


Tattoo #15 Going travellin’

This pretty tat boasts of travel and the world.


Tattoo #15 Fear looks real

The literature reference here seems to be Little Red Riding Hood. Did I get that right? The wolf looks menacing and Red’s fear and anxiety is translated onto the skin canvas perfectly.


Tattoo #16 Another map here..

Seems like maps and travel references are popular among tattoo enthusiast. This one below’s an old map peeking through a torn compass. Would have loved to have this one.


Tattoo #17 Snarling leopard

Or maybe a jaguar…


Tattoo #18 Cyborg tattoo, anyone?

This tattoo is a nod to the steampunk genre. Cool, isnt it?


Tattoo #19 There’s a bone peeking out…

… and a camel too!


Tattoo #20 Water drop

It’s just a water drop but it looks three dimensional, so it’s grand..


Tattoo #20 A gorgeous eye

Well, nothing affects us more than the depth of an eye. And here’s a piercing example.


Tattoo #21 Slithering inside your skin..

I never was a fan of reptiles but I must admit this looks so realistic it makes your skin crawl. Pun intended.


Tattoo #22 Tying up your… feet?

That looks so real you might not even have to put shoes on.


Tattoo #23 Pretty ribbons on your ankles

Except they’re not ribbons at all!


Tattoo #24 Love matters..

Thus it gets to be emphasized together with all other virtues in this mind blowing 3D tattoo.


Tattoo #25 Another portrait..

With some cultural reference.


Tattoo #26 Well, hello to this painful ordeal…

This is exactly the tattoo’s point; make it look real by making viewers feel it.


Tattoo #27 Butterfly on the shoulder


Tattoo #28 Another portait with amazing detail…


Tattoo #29 And another one that looks painfully real..

It looks so real it becomes a visual torture to the untrained eye.


Tattoo #30 Stawberries on the foot

The detailed execution of this strawberry is awesome. The seeds and the shadow makes it look real and good enough to eat. But maybe not…



The art of tattooing has come a long way since ancient times. It has taken various forms and not only expresses one’s self but also the ingenuity and talent of the artist. Of course there are thousands of tattoo fails amidst a hundred perfect ones, but that’s where everything starts.

But the best advice about tattoos – think a hundred times before getting your current fling’s name or portait anywhere on your body because you can get over a heartbreak but the ink will require you thousands of dollars and much more pain before you can get your tattoo removed.



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